The Nomination Must Go To Ted Cruz


I will stipulate that Trump’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for president has been entertaining. And his thumb in the eye of the mainstream media and the Republican Party apparatus has been a delightful thing to watch.

He has shifted the discussion about immigration and our borders in ways that I would not have dreamed possible just a few short months ago, and for that I am grateful…and not a little impressed.

However, I have no idea how he would govern; my guess is that it will be as chaotic as his policy pronouncements have been, and as mercurial as he has been his entire life.

All of this would be tolerable in light of his very existence being an existential thorn in the side of the Republican Party as it is currently constructed.

But…and this is a very big but…I have no idea who he would nominate to fill the current vacancy on the United States Supreme Court. Will he choose his sister? Will he choose Barack Obama (he would never accept: too much work), would he choose some well regarded liberal judge from the 9th Circuit?

That is simply too much of an unknown. Ted Cruz will nominate someone similar to himself…an originalist, or strict constructionist, or whatever you wish to call a judge who respects the intent of the framers of the United States Constitution and its 27 Amendments.

Do I prefer Ted Cruz’s foreign policy, which is boilerplate written to make people like me happy? Sure. But I am cautiously confident that Trump wouldn’t have signed the disastrous Iran treaty or given up so easily in Iraq. Are there things that Trump says that I like? Of course, but once again, he is so fickle that I would be a fool to count on his unwavering support for the 2nd Amendment or a strict immigration policy or 100s of things that he has said that sound marvelous but are not backed up by any history of similar beliefs in the past.

I am concerned by Cruz’s careful parsing of his words when he discusses immigration. And I am wary of any reintroduction of American forces in the Middle East without a clear-cut, carefully defined role that includes sane rules of engagement. But I am supremely confident (sorry) that his choice for the 9th chair on the Supreme Court will be the correct one, and for that, and that alone I would will support him.



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  1. Agree. I’ve begun phrasing it as either the GOPe wins with Cruz or they lose the General. Frankly, I’m not sure the GOPe doesn’t prefer the latter.

    Love that pic; it’s better than the JC original.

  2. I have stated elsewhere that if Obama is allowed to place a hardcore ideological leftist in Scalia’s seat, then the Congress will effectively be rendered obsolete.

    The Executive branch will legislate via fiat or via regulation from the unelected bureaucracy. And if a challenge comes to the courts, the Judiciary will make sure that any challenge to the leftist agenda is thwarted.

    Game, set and match. The 100 year counterrevolution will have been won by the Left, and America as founded will vanish.

    Everything else, crucial as those issues are, pales in comparison.

  3. I was thinking in terms of the SCOTUS nomination, but yes, Cruz must be nominated and win POTUS and then protect the originalists.

    If Cruz wins and we lose the Scalia seat, we will have a leftist judicial oligarchy, as Mark Levin has so eloquently and bluntly put it.

    But weighing Cruz’s negatives to his positives, he is far and away the best candidate possible at this time. He must win. I fear Trump.

  4. Trump has already proffered a couple of choices he would consider during the debate. They are Judge Diane S. Sykes and Judge Bill Pryor. Both are conservative judges at the federal level.

    I like Cruz, but I think he probably lose the general to the Dem. I think Trump is our best bet with Cruz as a potential VP or Attorney General. That is if him and Trump can “kiss and make up.”

  5. I am mightily concerned about Trump’s negatives…the highest of any candidate.

    And I think Cruz can soften his appeal in the general election.

    Sanders is a retard, and Hillary is a horrid, grasping harpy. Cruz would destroy her in a debate, but more importantly expose her shortcomings.

  6. You’re probably right, but they all have negatives. Be that as it may, I believe Trump has more crossover appeal than Cruz and that could be the difference.

  7. I like Cruz, personally, but don’t believe he has a snowball’s chance in heck of winning the general. The intangibles aren’t there. He would make Hillary seem almost human. But if Trump says Cruz is his guy for SCOTUS, it’s game/set/match for the nomination.

  8. In the cold light of day, if you balance a candidates negatives with their positives – and consider exactly what the negatives are, vis a vis are they complete deal killers like Dondi’s Gang of 8 sin – then really the only candidate for me is Ted Cruz.

    And he will be terrific in the general election. I don’t buy him being “unelectable.”

  9. My wish list is Cruz then Trump. But honestly do you really think that there is a judge out there who would manage to be confirmed as an “originalist”?

  10. Yes, I do. With a Cruz presidency and even a razor thin majority in the Senate, any senator who votes against the president’s nominee will be punished by the president and the voters.

  11. If CBD & Thomas Sowell agree that Cruz should be our nominee who am I too argue? Actually I’ve been a Cruz guy since the decent governors left the race. There are a couple of bozo governors left. But they are just oxygen wasters

  12. If a typical slightly informed unaffiliated voter is standing in the booth is in the least confused about the difference between a Hillary or a Cruz administration and its impact on their current situation I would posit that is not a cross over voter at all.

    Not much of a Trump guy myself but I do note he did bring a lot of hispanics his way. That says something the old guard can’t square with their pandering intentions.

    I just don’t see a middle ground in this election. We are at the precipice.

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