Donald Trump: The Republican Party’s Lifeline — If He Loses In The General Election

lifelineMany on the real Right (as opposed to the statist Republican elite) are positively gleeful of the remote prospect….the faintest possibility….that the Republican Party will disintegrate with another election loss in November. It is difficult to reconcile the yawning gulf between what many rank and file Republicans want from their party and what the moneyed interests have insisted upon for years. Immigration, bloated spending, passivity in the face of Democrat aggression; the list goes on and on.

Both Cruz and Rubio are seen as Republicans; one as curmudgeonly and anti-establishment, and one as mainstream. But Republicans they are, and they will live and die with the Party. If one of them gets the nomination and loses the general election, it will be difficult for the Republican party to continue as it is currently structured. Oh, they will pontificate about electability, but McCain and Romney were supposed to be electable, and those plans didn’t work out too well. They will yammer on about outreach and inclusiveness and blah, blah, blah. But their time will have, hopefully, passed, and if we are lucky a new party will be built on the bones of the old. One that returns to those quaint ideals of the Constitution, limited government, loyalty to our allies, a strong defense and territorial integrity.

Donald Trump has no such connection. He was never a part of the old-boy network in the Senate. He played politics with and gave money to both sides, and until recently had no policy positions other than “What’s good for Trump is good for America.” He is running for the Republican nomination (for now) and that is the extent of his connection with the party. if he wins the nomination and loses the general — and that is a possibility if one looks at his negatives — the Republican Party will have an ironclad excuse. “He isn’t one of us!” “We told you so, but you didn’t listen!”

It is ironic that the man whose wildly popular pronouncements about immigration makes inside-the-beltway Republicans tremble in fear that their Chamber of Commerce money will dry up, will be the vehicle to allow them to survive another four years, until they nominate another statist hack who gets slaughtered in the general election.

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  1. I think this is what people who are agitating for the destruction of the party via Trump fail to understand.
    He will in fact give the party a chance to say “told you so, persisting on longer.

  2. Are you certain of that? My *opinion* is that they will have to at minimum step back from the slap upside the head. Not my first choice however…

  3. Nah, the GOPe constantly blames the voters for its faults. It’ll just do it one more time.
    “See you stupid lugs, if you had just listened to us!”

  4. I followed over your link from AOS. First time at your website. So…for 7 years people have been cheering for SMOD (sweet meteor of death) and chanting burn it down, burn it down, around a pile of empty bourbon bottles……

    Perhaps….just perhaps, Donald Trump is the SMOD. He breaks the republican party into a million unrecognizable pieces….and wins the presidency. As a mostly lifetime republican (there were a few county commissioners along the way)….f*** the republican party AND the horse they rode in on. We get the pleasure of watching the rank and file GOP stand around a Yuge meteor crater…..going WTF>?

  5. Rush a running meme about how the elected members of the GOPe would be happy to remain a minority party that nips at the heels of the party in power like it did for decades from the 30s to the 90s.

    The members get their perks, stay isolated from the rabble and live comfortably all the while.

    Anybody have access to their GOPe leaders? I sure don’t.

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