It was asked of me why I’m not giving full throated support for Cruz. As I alluded to in the replying comment, I have the benefit of some time to watch how things play out. Super Tuesday, plus a few weekend primaries prior to my state voting on the 15th.

And I want to be clear. As a conservative, my main goal here is to defeat Trump. Nominating Cruz, conservative though he may be is more like a “stretch goal.”


As I have stated before, I’m not so certain we’ll like the “what comes next” if we blow up the GOP. Furthermore, the nature of the two party system makes me think that we borrow from the liberals and academia and do a “long march through the institutions” rather than trying to build a new party from the ruins.

Also I agree with CBD that Trump may just be a lifeline to the establishment. In fact, I think he’ll make nice with them. It’s basically 2 groups of dealmakers. They’re going to cut a deal, Trump will profit off his presidential run by charging the RNC and his campaign rent and the like and things will go on. Worse yet, he may not actually lose to the Dems, but rather usher in a new age of populism with this constant pandering.

Either of these options is a disaster for the conservative movement. If he loses and CBD’s prediction is right, the establishment regains hold and the “long march” is ended before it could really even begin.

If he wins, and we see an age of pandering populism (which the rise of Sanders suggests is more than possible) then the establishment (which wants to win and stay at least close to power more than anything) will simply shift directions and conservatives will be a people without a party. Worse yet, the tenor of the nation will drift to the point no amount of conservative thinking can put it back on track. Populism is dangerous that way. It seizes hold and alters the course of nations.

No, if we really want to have conservatism make any actual impact we have to stop Trump here, now, and forever. Maybe Cruz is the person to do that, maybe not. Honestly I’m still not sure. I’m lucky enough to have the benefit of time and hope that unity ticket gets going before 3/15.

But then again:

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  1. If I follow and Trump is a non starter for you, then that leaves Cruz and Rubio with Cruz getting the preferential nod. That’s fine but I think many of us see Rubio to be as bad, in fact worse, an option than Trump. Trump is an unknown and I’ll take my chances if I can’t get Cruz the primary. Rubio is a known liar and continues to telegraph he will do what he and his handlers want once in office. The promotion of illegals over actual citizens is a straight up attack on this country. First, it is a vector for Jihadist into this country. Two, even if the “security” half of the amnesty/border battle were to be corrected, it is still certain death to conservatism as many that have come here do so from a background that assumes and wants government handouts. Three, and worst of all, it is destroying the notion of the US. Inbounds are no longer required to assimilate and conform to being an American but American citizens are required to push aside our institutions to accommodate a foreign culture. I’m sure I’ll be labeled a xenophobe now instead of simply being called a patriot, and that perfectly would prove my point.

  2. Honestly,

    This is naïve at best. Trump is not an unknown, he’s a self-interested reflexive liberal.
    To that end, cheap labor benefits him. Expect in the first 100 days he’d cut a deal with the dems for amnesty or at the very least continue the neglect of the boarder to keep illegals flowing. Both grant him his wants.
    I’d rather have Rubio in office with the chance to hold him to the fire to keep the boarder promise, than Trump who will simply do what he wants.

  3. I’m with Dogfish. Trump has always been a second choice for me but he dropped way down the scale in his first contest when he embraced Brainsdead and an increase in ethanol subsidies to pander to Iowa.

    I was very encouraged when Iowans didn’t completely fall for it.

    I donated to Rubio in 2010 because knew Crist was another Arlen Spector. Rubio is as good as Hillary when it comes to open borders. Doubt I can pull for the lever for him but I’ll have to make that call later if it comes to it.

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