Ah…More Harvard Stupidity: It Never Disappoints.

This retard is a professor of International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government, at least that what his Twitter blurb says. I don’t know….he could be a sixth grader with a fake Twitter account, but most sixth graders would recognize the complete, unalloyed evil that is the Iranian government.

So, Stephen….get back to me when the official plank of the Republican party is changed to call for another country’s destruction, or when it calls for women to be condemned to a life behind the hijab, unless they are caught with another man, in which case they are simply to be stoned to death.

In other professions that are not perfectly isolated from reality, professor Walt would be laughed at, mocked, marginalized and then, probably, fired for being really fucking stupid.

But not at Harvard…where every moronic idea is given a full hearing, and the very silliest are trotted out to the world as brilliance, to implemented as soon as possible by the mandarins in Washington. This is, after all, the preeminent university in America. And its school of government is a leading educator of our governing elite.

William F. Buckley was correct, although I doubt even he would have predicted how bad the Ivy League has gotten.

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  1. To give you an idea of how useless the Kennedy School of Government is consider they just awarded our former Mayor Annise Parker a guest chair to profess her form of management. She had no opposing press and walked away from a $7.2 billion debt she left for Houston.

    It’s amazing what you can get done with no limits on debt and no accountability.

  2. Anyone who could witness the Green Revolution 2008 in Iran and write crap like this doesn’t belong in a college, think tank or homeless shelter. How this idiot is allowed to make a decent living is beyond my comprehension.

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