Not So Bold Predictions 4: Super Tuesday (abridged edition)

I’ll keep doing this as long as my brother (@naterub) keeps running them on Facebook and I have a chance at free beer for winning. But I’m using his rules, which was only 3 states to keep things simple:

Cruz: 42%
Trump 32%
Rubio: 20%

Trump: 28%
Rubio: 26%
Cruz: 24%

Rubio: 29%
Trump: 27%
Cruz: 23%
(Kasich also does well here because RINO asshole)

Also, I’d just like to throw out as a prediction that Rubio out performs polls in VA, especially in the DC metro.

Finally, a unity ticket of SMOD and Earth may be our only hope.

I’m wishcasting in MN, I’ll admit it.

Regardless of the outcome tonight, I pray for two things:

  1. That my jar of shine lasts through the night because I’ll need it all
  2. That tomorrow we wake up to at least the sanity of at least not being at everyone else’s throats. Regardless of who wins the damage is done the party irrevocably fractured. Congrats “burn it down” set, you got your wish. Now go hug your families.


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