Wait, which side wants to burn down the GOP?

Super Tuesday is in the books. Depending on which source you’re using, Trump has somewhere between 250 and 310 delegates. Cruz is not as far behind as I would have thought, having wiped the floor in Texas, sitting at around 200 to 250. (I’m seeing wildly different numbers on different sites, I honestly don’t know which is correct, it may be closer than I say.)

In any case, I won’t sugar coat it, it was a good night for Trump. We’re looking at a possibility Trump can be stopped, but it will take a massive effort, and we’ll have to make sure he doesn’t take very many winner take all states.

I have previously suggested a unity ticket as our last hope. In the words of AoS CoBlogger tmi3rd: Crubio. I noted several thing that must happen for this to work. Namely, it must consolidate votes without losing them. Unity means unity, and frankly this ain’t gonna fly:

(Embedding sucks so you’ll have to click on the link to see that I’m objecting to the use of the term “Trumpkin.”)

I have in the past 24 hours objected to the use of the term “rubes” for Rubio supporters, and was told I need to go after Trump name callers.

I have, and I’ll keep saying it, I’m equal opportunity “stop doing that.” If we want to create a coalition to beat Trump we have to actually create a fucking coalition. Thus to #dumptrump we cannot just stop him from winning with parliamentary tricks or floor fights, we have to actually peel his support away. The name calling, in all directions, isn’t going to do that.

The tense coalition in the GOP seems like it’s just about to break beyond repair. It may already be past that point, but I’m not ready to go down without a fight. So let’s build some bridges people, not swat at each other like the silly-ninnies in Family Guy.