Rubio Needs To Go, But…

As usual ace makes some good points. But he misses something. I was never a fan of Rubio or Kasich, so when I say this, trust that it’s not from the #rubio4ever standpoint ace describes.

There is something to consider, at least until the winner take all states start in earnest (which is soon, but several 15th states are still proportional).  And that something is Kasich. Not in the sense that Kasich is going to come anywhere close to winning the nomination, but rather that Kasich will amass enough delegates to cut a deal with Trump.

We’ve focused so hard on stopping Trump from getting 1237, we’ve forgotten that Trump + Kasich getting to 1237 is equally as bad.


Because Kasich has proven himself to be utterly crazy. A total wildcard. I think he would cut a deal with Trump to be VP (despite his claims otherwise.) Why? He’s old, this is his last real chance at getting in the White House one way or another and he wants it so bad it’s obvious.

Once the winner take all states are the bulk of the delegates this won’t matter at all. But for the time being Kasich’s delegate climb needs to be halted hear and now.

Otherwise we’ll have this as VP

Kasich(H/T my brother @naterub for that image, I have no idea where it got it.)