“This Time However The Barbarians Are Not Waiting Beyond The Frontiers”

With all due respect to Alasdair MacIntyre.

Alternative Headline: “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

What’s happening tonight in Chicago is a disgrace to a free society on multiple levels.

Make no mistake there is plenty of blame to be spread around. Trump foments hate and anger, it’s his brand. In some respects it’s always been is brand. “Rub it in peoples noses how classy you are, make them feel it!”

But he is not alone. The left responds to him with more hate and anger because that’s all they know (claims of emotivism indeed!) Tyranny via shutuppery is as it were is all the progressives have to force their ideas down our throat. The crowds screaming “Fuck you Trump” are all the proof we need of their involvement.

But what’s left? What’s left when left and right populism meet and destroy civil discourse? The end of a nation is probably all that remains. Slow motion death, but death nonetheless.

I weep for what has been lost. A presidential debate is being held this year at a university I adjunct at. I was excited. When the ’08 VP debate was at that same university, it was fun merely to be around it. My university at the time held the Palin post-rally. Think what you want about her (I’m not a fan myself) but it was great to be there for it. A sort of NLCS of politics.

Now I cringe. I don’t want to be near these rallies because I can’t envision a world where it ends well.

I’m afraid to tell people my political positions (or most positions) for fear they’re react unhinged.

We are ruled by the barbarians as MacIntyre notes, we need our new and different Benedict soon before it’s too late.

Edited to add, “Go Chicago” is Trending on twitter right now, observe the horror


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  1. I don’t mind saying I want to Cruz to win. That the majorities of both parties revile him is a feature not a bug for me.

    My hunch is Trump will fall into the swamp and be great friends with the leadership of either party and accommodate them as they desire.

    Hillary will simply seal the death warrant quicker.

    Any of these scenarios is survivable. One of them desirable.

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