California Supports Hyper-Regulation Of Everything, Even Suicide

The difference between allowing a suicidal person access to a gun with which to end his life, and access to a government licensed member of the medical guild who will prescribe the pharmacological equivalent, is simply the amount of regulation.

As of June 9th, Californians will be able to request life-ending medication from their physicians. Ignoring the cognitive dissonance of the state banning one form of suicide and legalizing another form, why is California in the business of suicide in the first place? Oh yes, because the Mandarins in Sacramento, a place known for its intellectual atmosphere, know best how to end one’s life. Or is it simply pressure from those who would profit…the medical establishment? Imagine the bill one’s family receives a month after offing ones-self? Self-harm consultation: $400. And the medication itself, I am confident, will be rather expensive.

A .45ACP round costs about 50 cents. An average quality Model 1911 about $400. And an enterprising gun dealer could simply recycle the same pistol. Much cheaper, doesn’t require any new laws, and there is very little chance of failure.

Yes, of course…I am mocking this. I find it disgusting in the extreme. It is not the purview of government to facilitate the deaths of its citizens, except in extreme circumstances, after deliberations by juries and significant judicial oversight. But these are the same governments that will happily allow the chemical and surgical mutilation of profoundly disturbed people, all on their own psychotic claims that they are really women, or men, trapped in the wrong body. I wonder whether California’s new law will make the 42% suicide attempt rate among transgenders a charming anachronism from an inefficient age? Maybe if we all try really hard we can help them past the 50% mark!

The idea that two physicians are all that stand between an ill patient and his suicide is chilling. Life is too precious to be cavalierly discarded on the whims of two undoubtedly politically motivated physicians in concert with a clinically depressed cancer (or other similar disease) patient.

We already have one industry devoted to death. Must we create another one to stand side by side with Planned Parenthood and its ghoulish abortion factories?