Not So Bold Predictions 5: The Age Of Trump

Let’s just throw some shit out there. Like Trump. Once again, a direct cut and paste from my Brother’s Facebook competition. “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Trumpy party!”


Trump: 41%
Rubio 26%+career fatality
Cruz 17%
Kasich 9%
(Early voting claims the rest for Jeb! or others.)

O-H-O-I (As Obama spells it)

Kasich: 40%
Trump 35%
Cruz: 18%
Rubio: 5%

This one is interesting, 538 actually makes it look like a horserace, so I’ll gamble that Cruz’s southern UL strategy works.

Cruz: 31%
Trump: 29%
Kasich: 22%
Rubio: 16%

And finally, the BEST STATE EVER.
Cruz: 32%
Trump: 30%
Kasich: 10%
Rubio: 7%

If Kasich does pull off Ohio (which looks likely at this point) unless Rubio pulls off a miracle (and his face the last few days shows he’s not expecting that). Trump marches slowly to at least w/in 100 delegates of the nomination if not out right winning. In part because Kasich stays in syphoning off Cruz.

If “and then a miracle happens” and Rubio wins Florida: brokered convention BABY!

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