Seriously? For Those Like @RBpundit: Does #neverCruz Outrank #neverTrump And #neverHillary?

So, last night’s primaries are over.

The field is one lighter. We’re left with an interesting question now.

By way of background, this cycle I’ve been 2 things: #neverHillary and #neverTrump. (Although I confess I underestimated Trump, so I thought it wasn’t necessary to be against him.) I have always put the latter prior to the former, for numerous reasons outlined all over this blog. I have agreed with my fellow Cobs on other issues.

I tend to think that #nevertrump comes before #neverhillary. I need a candidate who can defeat Trump, then I’ll worry about pushing that candidate over 270 EVs in the general. (Plus I don’t think Trump can beat Hillary, full stop. Even with help, which won’t come from a large swatch of soon to be former-GOPers, he just can’t do it. And even if he could he’d be a horrible president. To the point of bad that comparing who is worse Hillary or Trump is a useless exercise. They’re both beyond awful.)

At first I thought that candidate was Rubio. But he quickly proved to fizzle. I argued for his continued presence in the race for various reasons but did eventually reconsider upon learning some new math. As time wore on, it became clearer and clearer that Rubio had no path to the nomination and couldn’t beat Trump. I was fairly accurate at his final vote count in Florida.

So now we’re left with Kasich (who is mathematically eliminated for all intents and purposes) and Cruz, who still has an arguable chance. (Depending on the rules for Rubio’s delegates he has more than an arguable chance.) And yet folks are still screaming that they won’t vote for Cruz.

People like RBpundit make the point that “Cruz can’t win the general.” Debatable at best, but even granting the premise, you have to make it past the gauntlet primary to even get to the general. Rubio couldn’t do it. Now we can hem and haw all day about Trump interfering with Rubio’s rise to stardom, but it’s a moot point. Trump is no worse than what Hillary is going to throw at you in the general.

So now that your “most electable” couldn’t get past the primary, what is your game plan. And don’t give me any shit about a “brokered convention” with Rubio coming out on top, because you still need a plant to get that far and you ain’t got one. (Especially not if you’re pushing Cruz down.) I ask this not as someone taking delight in your loss (I take none) but as someone seriously concerned for what comes next.

Oh and contra the Rick Wilson plan for winning, shitting all over anyone who is on your side but not necessarily directly in your corner (like Cruz fans) only makes the problem worse. But then…he is a media guy for the “Stupid Party” so…you know birds of a feather and all that.

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  1. #nevercruz will give us Hillary and a packed leftist SCOTUS for a generation. Whatever you think of Trump he can’t beat anyone now.

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