An Open Letter to Donald Trump

With apologies for my (lengthy) sabbatical here, I’ve decided to break radio silence in an open letter to Donald Trump containing a suggestion that would probably make him a lock in November.

The suggestion is simple: make the Democrats and their retainers eat their own cooking. Announce that if he is elected President, he will rescind all of the exemptions from Obamacare. Everyone will follow ACA to the letter. No exemptions from the Cadillac plan tax for unions or other favored constituencies. Further, he should announce that he will sign an Executive Order requiring all members of Congress, the Federal judiciary, and their families to use Obamacare exclusively, or pay a 500% tax on any expenses incurred by a private health plan, and that he will publicize the names of any such people on a “Wall of Shame” site he will establish.

As the signature piece of his “Make Them Eat Their Own Cooking” program, he will make the Democrats eat their own cooking literally. (Can you see bumper stickers saying “Make Them Eat Their Own Cooking?” I can. Probably a great investment opportunity, in fact.)

He will require the Congressional Dining Room to serve exclusively the lunch menus mandated by Michelle Obama, and further require members of Congress to dine there whenever they attend meetings of Congress.

Call it Trump’s PATCO moment. I suspect if he were to do these things, he could be the first President elected by acclamation.

(I don’t use Twitter or Facebook, but anyone who does and wishes to forward these notions to the Trump campaign, by all means please do so.)

6 comments to “An Open Letter to Donald Trump”
  1. Much as I agree, the petard that is readily foist-able is Islam and the open borders, as well as Hilary’s and SCOAMF’s responsibility for the death and misery thus wrought.

    For what it’s worth. I think this will ensure a landslide.

  2. I disagree. I think this sends the wrong message, that we can’t get rid of Obamacare even if Trump is elected.

  3. It’s psy war ops. Split the enemy forces and turn them against each other, while at the same time entertaining your forces with the enemy’s discomfiture.

  4. :shrug: I don’t think it will split anyone. The true believers will still true believe and the congress critters will do what they always do and find a way around it.

  5. I would vote for you! We need someone who fights the left at their own game. Make them eat what they serve the rest of us. Make them live by their own rules.

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