If I’m the @GOP Heads Right Now…

I’m watching poll trends like a hawk. If they aren’t moving very much in Trump’s direction, then this election is all but over.

This isn’t a call to politicize Orlando, rather an acknowledgement that events shape political elections and this one is in Trump’s wheelhouse as it were.

But what if polls aren’t shifting? The RNC is in a bit of a bind. Offing Trump at the convention will cause a revolt, dominate the news cycle, and likely make things no better because of it. You’d have to get him to willingly walk away, which might be hard to do. I don’t think it’s impossible thought. Here’s how I’d do it:

The first thing you have to do is appeal directly to Trump’s ego. Going in and saying “you won’t win” simply will not work, he won’t believe it (any more than he realized steaks wouldn’t sell at an electronics store.) You also have to deal with his desire to be figurehead for everything (see again, Trump Steaks and his demand he be on posters in every Sharper Image.) So I’d go to him and say:

“Listen, the media is stabbing you in the back. Look at this, 49 people dead, 53 injured, and they want to spend time talking about whether you’ve offended some terrorists. If we don’t strike now, they’ll drive us off a cliff arguing over whether calling ISIS “radical” is a bad thing. Let’s pull the rug out now. We’ll work together, find a candidate, you can say you picked him. And you go out there and rail against the media trying to prop up Crooked Hillary and ignore her roll in allowing ISIS to grow. Just tear them a new one. Then you say that in this entirely unfair environment it’ll be impossible to make America great again, so you’re going to spend your time going on the offensive against the lying media to leave [candidate] to the campaign running. That stepping down is the only way to save this country from liars and cheats like Hillary and the Media. They won’t be able to stop talking about it. You’ll be on the news for weeks, if not months. This would be so historic it’d be impossible for them not to cover it.”

Now I admit this is an entire longshot. I give it maybe a 3% chance of working, a 60% chance of doing nothing and a 37% chance of Trump going even more berserk. But at this point, what does the GOP have to lose by trying?


2 comments to “If I’m the @GOP Heads Right Now…”
  1. Yeah, I pretty much believe the GOP has nothing to lose by trying to nominate someone other than Trump at the convention.

    Your strategy is good. I had also considered that if his business interests suffer (they have to some extent already), he might take himself out. Him bowing out would be the best way for all concerned.

    Even my 83 y.o. dad, who is a Fox News watcher and who likes guys like Huckabee and Newt (while hating Hillary), thinks Trump is blowing it with his mouth (and his Twitter finger).

    Trouble is that the folks around Trump are a bunch of political has-beens and leeches who will do everything they can to keep the gravy train rolling. So I don’t know if he’ll drop out or not

  2. Despite his shortcomings, Trump is still head and shoulders above the corruptocrat Hillary. If the GOP dumps Trump and installs another candidate after seeing the record numbers of people who’ve voted for him in the primaries, the GOP will have proven who actually runs the country, and it isn’t We the People. IMHO, this would be a massive mistake that will prompt the creation of a new party, something the Dimocrats would relish.

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