Counterpoint: Protest Voting In This Election Is Naive And Dangerous

My earnest but painfully deluded coblogger seems to think that this election cycle is just one more in a series of American presidential elections that will have consequences that are neither dire nor or existential, and that a protest vote is an appropriate response to two truly awful choices (I don’t count the Libertarian, who is an idiot)

He is wrong.

The confluence of a truly awful eight years under Obama, who gutted the military, alienated our allies, added huge financial liabilities as deficit, bloated government, and social programs, and the possibility of three Supreme Court choices makes this election rather important. Add to these already significant problems a resurgent Islam, Expansionist China, a Russian empire that refuses to die, and terrible social divisions in this country, and we have an election like no other in generations.

Sitting this one out with a self-indulgent protest vote is virtue signalling of the highest order. “Oh….look at me! I play in the rarefied atmosphere, above the fray.” No….you don’t. You will be suffering — with the rest of us proles — the urban unrest, the lack of opportunity, the shift from Western to non-Western thought, and the host of country-crippling problems that are just around the corner.

Am I giddy with anticipation to vote for the orange-haired buffoon? No. I am disgusted. And in another time, when the country is stronger and more resilient and more solidly grounded in our founding principles I will be right next to you, loudly proclaiming my disgust, and writing in some fine but unrealistic choice for president.

The problem is that we know exactly what we are going to get from Hillary Clinton, and it is a very, very bad thing. She will create a firmly entrenched kleptocracy, weaken our military even more, open the borders to the worst that militant Islam has to offer, and a host of other progressive/corporatist wet dreams that will be the death of America as we know it. Oh…we might struggle along for another generation, but the country will have become something unrecognizable.

I am willing to roll the dice and vote for Donald Trump, in the hope that he doesn’t have it in him to do as much damage as Hillary Clinton; the most crooked, and worst candidate in history. And that’s saying something…just look at our current president!


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  1. Even if Trump turns out to be Calvin Coolidge, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan rolled into one turducken of conservatism, one election is not going to cut the mustard.

    The system as founded has been turned upside down, mostly because for 100 years, we have elected people who, as predicted by the Founders, lacked the morality and ethics to follow the damn rules.

    That said, Hilary Clinton may be even worse than Obama. She all but admitted to her desire to destroy the 1st, 2nd and 10th amendments, as well as the rest of the Constitution, as well as saddle us with even more debts and deficits, all while selling our future and security to the highest bidder.

    Donald Trump has surrounded himself with operatives that epitomize the DC/GOP establishment. He shoots his mouth off and is sadly illiterate in our history, in the Constitution and in the free market principles which we so desperately need to stave off economic ruin and the societal collapse that will surely follow.

    But, unlike Clinton, Trump is NOT anti-American.

    Shorter Sefton, I agree with this post.

  2. Counter counter point: you weren’t #NeverTrump, this style of logic simply won’t appeal to them. Having been there I know.

  3. You are correct: I have not been absolutist. I simply fear for my country’s continued existence in the face of 16 years of progressive and kleptocratic assault.

    Anything is better than that! (Did I just say I am not absolutist?)

  4. “The problem is that we know exactly what we are going to get from Hillary Clinton, and it is a very, very bad thing.” That’s the seemingly inescapable decisive point.

    Friend Sefton rightly notes that one election will not turn the tide, but it may be a beginning.

    Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice by Wayne Grudem at Town Hall is a pretty good comparison of the two candidates and the likely consequences of the election of one or the other, in a context of civic moral duty.

    (H/t Bookworm.)

  5. Well then at least I am in good company with the people who voted for this bozo (Trump), being of the “naive and dangerous” type that is.

  6. If I understand you correctly then I must disagree.

    I am fully cognizant of the dangers of a Trump presidency: chaotic decision-making, off-the-cuff stupidity, irrational or simply no political philosophy, etc.

    I am deeply disappointed that my choice is not simply the lesser of two very bad candidates.

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