Blog War: Counter- Counter Point: We’re screwed.

I am, apparently, deluded. So says the man responsible for the existence of this blog in the first place.

I should perhaps clarify my original post first. You’ll note that I said (among other things):

If you wanted to go this route (and I’m not even sure I would, I’m just brainstorming…)

To wit: I’m not sure I would protest vote. Even so, I laid out the conditions for which a protest vote would be useful. I’ll be entirely more clear on this point: If these conditions are not met (and currently it seems likely they won’t be.) Then your protest vote action is useless and meaningless.

Right now I see people saying they’re going to protest vote for Ted Cruz. Some dude on CNN last night said he’d protest vote for Paul Ryan. I’m sure we’ll see an uptick in write ins for Mickey Mouse too. I already outlined why I think protest voting for the libertarian is an exercise in futility in the original post. I also outlined why Ted Cruz is a miserable choice. And absent a unified effort you might as well be screaming at an oncoming train anyway. If you protest vote under such conditions all you’re doing is narcissistically soothing your own conscience.

Now then: to another point:

Sure, if you want me to admit it, the battle was lost the minute the last candidate dropped out of the primary.

I was #NeverTrump because I believed it was a precursor to #NeverHillary. Facts seem to be playing out in that regard. Go over to Fivethirtyeight. Click any option you want, go ahead, get Trump above a 40% chance. (Hate them if you want, but they’ve been accurate.) Real Clear Politics shows Trump up in one battleground state (FL).

We’re not heading for a mere loss here, we’re looking at the likelihood of a blowout. And nothing I can say or do can fix that. The candidate has no apparatus, no messaging, and no will to actual win (despite his constant talk about being a winner.) Which is to say, I agree with The Political Hat here.

I’m looking past that, to what comes next and brainstorming options. (Not that I will ultimately take those options because some of them won’t be viable given the way events play out.)

So, right now my protest voting option looks like it’s not going to play out either, there will be no movement of the party back to principles after Trump.

Well then, onto option B(uy Ammo).

3 comments to “Blog War: Counter- Counter Point: We’re screwed.”
  1. Cruz was never going to make it. And if you think the MFM have been going after Trump, it would be nothing to what they would have done to Cruz.

    Third party voting or write in votes always, always help the Democrats.

    We can muddle through a one term Trump presidency a whole hell of a lot better than we could another eight years of a rerun of Obama’s policies.

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  3. A recession is already baked in the cake, no matter who the president is. Only got out in 2009 by papering over the problems. The next recession will likely cause the Fed to destroy the dollar, and probably every other fiat currency. Invest in beans (canned food), bullets, and bullion, and maybe some pre-1965 silver coins!

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