Well, just as in real life, we at CJN seem to be in the midst of a bit of a contretemps about Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton, the 2016 Election and the state of the union today and going forward. That’s not a bad thing; it’s in keeping with the spirit of this website as well as the love of healthy, and perhaps heated discourse.

Co-blogger CBD states the case, and quite forcefully that while Trump is certainly a flawed candidate, the very real prospect of Hilary Clinton becoming the next President of the United States will utterly destroy that which the current Occupant of the Oval Office has not yet laid waste. On the other hand, we have TSRBLKE who has quite accurately noted that no matter who wins, our Constitutional republic has ceased to exist and so “we’re screwed.”

From my perspective, let me start off by saying that I was and still am a diehard Ted Cruz supporter. Out of all the candidates running, that is the serious non-RINOs, he was the closest to being a staunch, Constitutional conservative as you can get. And I’d go so far as to say it’s a travesty what was done to him at that convention, and dare I say a tragedy for the nation that he will not be the next president. But, that’s in the past and there’s nothing that can change that.

But back to the argument at hand. To prevent Hilary from becoming the next president by casting a vote for someone who in my estimation, since winning the nomination, is coming more and more unglued with each passing day, or acknowledging that fact voting for someone else to assuage one’s feelings that they’re “doing the right thing.” Now granted, it has become obvious that the nation is for all intents and purposes gone. The counterrevolution started in 1913 has been  completed, especially since January 20th, 2009 courtesy of the usurpation of power by the Executive and Judicial branches, with the illegal acquiescence of the Legislative. I might add that 45+ years of cultural rot and brainwashing at all levels of academia, plus the willful lying and propaganda mill coming from the media have effectively lobotomized the American people, cutting out reason, logic, collective memory and identity of the nation.

Donald Trump is a deeply flawed individual. He’s coarse, vulgar, does not appear to have the foggiest notions of the Constitution and how government is supposed to work. He favors economy killing Hoover-esque tariffs, a raise in the minimum wage, tax increases for the wealthy and punishing companies that relocate or staff offshore. He is a lifelong New York liberal Democrat (in fairness, those terms meant something completely different way back when) and boasts about “making deals” with people on both sides of the aisle that have been directly responsible for putting us on the brink. He also boasts about courting supporters of Bernie Sanders, a failure of a man who, despite the farshimmelt grandfatherly appearance, is a rabid Soviet-style Marxist to the core. Meanwhile, he ignores or disparages the conservative base of the GOP. The other thing is that there seems to be a cult of personality developing with his die-hard supporters, which is alarming. The slightest whiff of criticism sets off withering attacks, even constructive criticism brought on by such incidents as the Khzir Khan kerfluffle, which is only the most recent. And to top it off, this self-proclaimed outsider has surrounded himself with an inner circle of Gerald Ford and Bob Dole operatives. In short, this is NOT the guy I was wishing and waiting for for the past four long years.

So, all that said, should I write someone in or stay home in protest? After all, the nation as I’ve stated is screwed, right? WRONG. And here’s where I come down. Right now the number one goal is to PREVENT HILLARY CLINTON FROM BECOMING THE NEXT PRESIDENT. To go into the reasons why is hopefully not necessary. And there is only one way to effectively do that.

As painful a prospect as it is, the only real way to do that is to vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The Middle East is on fire, Islam is rampaging in Europe and gaining a foothold here, our borders are wide open, the military has been eviscerated, Putin’s Russia and the Chi-Coms are on the march and Iran is being delivered nukes and cash on a silver platter, while our traditional allies are alienated and spurned. Although Trump is a complete wild-card in every sense of the word, he doesn’t hate this country as founded. There are no adults in the room and he is sure to bring that with him if he wins. And if none of this is convincing, you should vote for him for no other reason than to make the Clinton’s and leftists’ heads explode.

I won’t go so far as to call people like TSRBLKE “delusional,” but the clear and obvious choice is for immediate survival. And that can only happen by voting for Mr. Trump. We can deal with what he may or may not do once in office.


4 comments to “Counter-Counter-Counterpoint”
  1. I’ll probably hold my nose (again) and vote for Trump.

    But I don’t have to *like* it.

    We *could* have nominated someone to vote *for* instead of making us vote *against* the Democrat again.

    Jeez, we fixed the problem of nominating the contenders who Obama could beat by nominating the one guy Hillary could beat. Because not politician, or something. Well, “not politician” has a lot of downsides, the least of which is not being basically organized to contend.

  2. I remember we all swore “never again” after McStains and then Mitt. The “Let It Burn” movement kind of fizzled.

    But you are right. It really stinks but there’s no tomorrow if this hideous harridan gets in.

  3. I’m right there with you J.J. Cruz fan here as well. Not thrilled with life long democrat Trump.

    But, Hillary is a nightmare. So NeverHillary! wins out with me.

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