There’s No Good Way Out Of This

I keep telling you all, We’re Screwed. But no one seems to listen.

To pick on one of my twitter followers:

(To be fair I’m not sure the best case scenario under Clinton is better than Trump, but IIRC this dude #FeelzsomeBern so I went with a premise he’d at least accept.)

His reply though is…frankly wrong. Not just kinda wrong but country destroying wrong.

The best case Trump Scenario is that Trump gets bored after winning the election, doesn’t care much about governing, such that the bulk of everything falls to Ryan (and his aptly named “Ryan Agenda”) and the, likely GOPe, chosen cabinet. Under this model we get: tax reform, starting entitlement reform and maybe even some regulatory reform. (If Trump wins, the GOP will certainly hold the house and senate.)

This is actually parallel to what would have likely happened under Obama this term except the GOP held the house and senate, preventing autopilot from setting in.

The worst case scenario under Hillary! is that she pushes her disastrous tax and spending plan, making the problems of ObamaCare look quaint by comparison. Whole sectors of the economy will undergo turbulence (to put it mildly) and the debt crisis will at least start to come to a head. Also there’s likely to be something between stagflation and inflation at this point.

Meanwhile, world events continue getting even more tense, and the architect of: The Russian Reset, The schizophrenic approach to Egypt’s uprising (which put the Muslim Brotherhood in power resulting in a SECOND uprising), Libyan intervention, and the early set up of the Syrian civil war response (giving us the refugee crisis we have today) does…well does all this, again. Oh, and this time we have Iran in play.

I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, hell I’m not even sure that I won’t write in Mickey Mouse come November. But if you think Hillary Clinton represents a safe bet, take off your rose colored glasses and hand me some of what you’re smoking, because I’m going to need it for the next 4 years.

Pretending there’s a magic candidate who isn’t a risk of total disaster isn’t naïve it’s willfully ignorant.

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  1. This is precisely why I criticize Trump for his policy decisions, most egregious of which are raising the minimum wage and illiteracy on tariffs and free trade. I do it so that we can somehow collectively raise a unified voice to ensure that he moves in the right direction both to attract the disaffected conservative base to vote for him, and as a governing force once in office, please G-d. Unfortunately I get blasted for not getting on the bandwagon, or being a sore loser Cruz supporter, etc. ad nauseum.

    The structural damage wrought on our society and government because of the 100 year counterrevolution, climaxing with the past eight, will not be fixed in 10 election cycles, let alone one. It will require other means such as Article V, if that is even practical given the moving parts involved and the time, which we have precious little of.

    But to allow Clinton to become chief executive will be a national catastrophe which we may never recover from. Whoever does not see this is ignorant. Period. Full stop.

  2. I just don’t know how anyone who argues that Clinton is a preferable alternative to Trump can be argued with,

    The best case with Clinton is that she swaps out her Veep choice, takes Biden, and dies before taking office. As vile and nasty as Uncle Joe is, I don’t think he would be as destructive as Clinton or Obama.

    The people supporting Clinton are in essence saying that they want an openly criminal, and quite likely treasonous, person in the White House.

    I am sorry for being so nastily negative, but at this point, anyone supporting Clinton is either deeply stupid and uninformed, or so corrupt and evil, that they do not care as long as “their” side wins (pretty much the same people who are suddenly “concerned” about Executive overreach but who have been silent all the time Obama has been doing it).

  3. Meh, I don’t think we have to get to Uncle Jo-Jo to make it a best case scenario. Kaine and Jo-Jo are pretty much “generic leftists” preaching generic big government leftism free of morals.

    That doesn’t make Kaine GOOD, just basically the same.
    I’ve actually been speculating for about a year now that HRC won’t make it past 100 days anyway. I’m not sure she wants to do anything past win. Then she can claim her health was worse than she thought and step down.

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  5. God help us. If you can’t see what is right in front of your face, Hillary lovers, I cannot fathom what you are thinking. Also, Gary Johnson can kiss my ass. He should know what’s at stake here, but apparently he does not care, or is being paid off. The Ross Perot that elected the first crooked Clinton.

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