Of Course the RNC Doesn’t Get it

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told Donald Trump in a phone call last week that if he doesn’t turn his flailing campaign around, the national party may shift its focus from his candidacy to down-ballot races, according to two GOP officials briefed on the exchange. (Emphasis added.)

Tactically, that may seem to be a sound decision. Factually it doesn’t matter, allow me to explain with something I pointed out 6 days ago:

and again just yesterday:

I tweeted that as I was channel surfing and saw Clinton on CNN giving a speech. I forget the exact words but to paraphrase she said “We need to elect someone who ran on a platform so I can go to congress and tell them this is what the American people voted for.”

Clinton isn’t trying to merely beat Trump, she wants to destroy him, she’s aiming for a 175+ EV margin of victory. The RNC attempting to cut it’s losses with Trump will only make that more likely.

Fact is, at that level of victory, with the power of the administrative state, it doesn’t matter if we hold the House and Senate. Nothing short of veto proof majorities will stop Clinton from doing what she wants. (And even then it’s unlikely.) While she’s busy using the constitution to roll blunts for her husband to “not inhale” she’ll refer repeatedly to her massive margin of victory as justification for her actions. The patronage for her favored groups is going to be never before seen. It is a fact among the media that the only elections that have consequences are presidential ones, so they’ll use that as their cover for ignoring everything she does.

This is the irony of the Trump movement, spurred along by groups angered at a spineless, ever compromising GOP, they have set up the conditions that will give cover to the GOP to surrender and compromise for at 4 more years. If the looming debt crisis and stagnant economy leaves us with a country at that point, probably 8 years. And after that there’s no going back, everything done will be so entrenched you couldn’t unwind it if you wanted to. (See: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP.)

My Co-bloggers will tell me “THIS ONLY PROVES YOU MUST VOTE TRUMP” but I’m reading the crosstabs and I see he’s losing badly among independents too, and he keeps shooting himself in the foot after sticking it in his mouth. Even if you generously award Trump the missing self-IDing GOP and give him a bump assuming that people are lying to the pollsters to avoid embarrassment, you can’t really overcome the gap he’s created. Which is a long way of saying “It doesn’t matter how I vote, everything is already over.”


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  1. Actually Trump is doing it all on his own by continuing to say ridiculously foolish things. There is a meme going around that he has said mean things and that’s the only reason people oppose him. Well, sadly, he’s also said things that are borderline racist, ignorant, unconstitutional, that incite violence, that have never been true, that aren’t true now and won’t be true in the future. In a nutshell, if Donald Trump did not want to win, what would he do differently, other than say, “Vote for Hillary because I don’t want to win.”? His incessant rambling about in search of a coherent thought type of speech is mystifying. Sometimes, I really wonder if any of his supporters would have voted for him if his surname was Triunfo (that’s Spanish for trump).

  2. Trump is an idiot yes. But pretending holding the senate means anything after a double digit presidential thrashing with a powerful hungry mad woman in power is delusional.

  3. Well I’m happy to read that you admit that Hillary will be a horror.
    There is no way that Trump would be that bad.

    A GOP House and Senate is only a speed bump if she is elected. However if she wins, the Senate goes Dem and do you think Chuckie Schumer will play nice the way McConnell does? Nah, didn’t think so.

    If Trump pulls this out, I see a GOP legislative branch hostile to him on immigration and trade as well as health care.

    Life presents tough choices. Sticking your head in the sand and sitting this election out or hopping aboard the Never Trump Train is not the answer.

  4. I think you mean “spurred” along, instead of “spurned” along. Spurning is a rejection, whereas “spurring” is driving the horse.

    …but to get off of my “spurred” high-horse and get back to the topic, I don’t know where this election will go. Watching Ohio go Republican locally and Democrat nationally is a disturbing trend.

    And we still have “non-conservative” Repubs in Ohio. Rest LaTourette’s Soul, but he was a diaper-fire.

    My vote counts, so I’ll just vote for the Giant Douche over the Turd Sandwich.

    -God help us all.

  5. I have spoken with people who claim to be Republicans, and I find having to bite back “You’re a fucking socialist you idiot!”

    The brand is dead.

    [And….spurned is fixed. Thanks]

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