2012 Polling Fantasy Redux?

ballot-box-voteI remember well, because I was one of the deluded that the polls were, quite frankly, bullshit. Of course Romney was going to beat Obama….his economic record alone would doom him to defeat. Not to mention the catastrophe that was ObamaCare. Or the never-ending apology tours he was so fond of. That they were neck and neck was simply the leftist press massaging and manipulating their polls.

Except…the polls were mostly correct, and Obama did beat Romney. Was there fraud? I have no doubt that there was. Did it affect the results of the election? I don’t know, and nobody else does either.

So here is my advice to trump supporters, of whom I am one: Don’t fall into the same trap so many of us were in during the run-up to the last election. Trump is behind in the polls….there is no way to massage that to make it a positive. Work hard and do two things: First, get your candidate to run a real campaign, and two, pretend that he is just another candidate and get into the trenches. It is true that”All politics is local,” even if the man who said it was a crook.

One comment to “2012 Polling Fantasy Redux?”
  1. As a guy who has gotten into the trenches and opened his check book I can’t. I will bring myself to vote for him. I will ask others to vote for him. But, that’s about it.

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