There Is No Way On God’s Green Earth That Hillary Will Bow Out

Say what you will about the drunken, neurologically impaired harridan with the blood of at least four Americans on her hands….She is tenacious and driven and will never, ever voluntarily give up her shot at being president. She will have to be driven out by a concerted effort from the entire Democrat party, and that simply will not happen. Unless she collapses with a major illness, or actually dies (can she? Doesn’t she have some arrangement about that?), she will be competing for the White House until the last vote is counted and changed in her favor.

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  1. Joe Biden is supposedly waiting in the wings. He has weaknesses but overall, I think he would be a better candidate than Mme.Atrocious.

    Tend to agree that she will not give this up. And way, way too dicey for Democrats to be seen as not being supportive of the historic and courageous first woman candidate in her time of tribulation.

    Also, I would not get too high on this. These things go in waves. Trump had a good week, just as he had a lousy one after the Dem convention. He will have other difficult weeks. And the media will now feel even more justified in redoubling their efforts on her behalf.

    After all, we cannot let the sexist deplorables who simply can’t deal with a strong, powerful woman trample over good people again.

  2. Agreed. She is will not give up her place in the history books. If she fails to get in the White House, it will be far better to have failed because of an illness (and the narrative will be of her heroic battle) rather than be defeated by Trump.

  3. Oh, I agree that this is probably going to be a blip. A startling one, but ultimately it will mean nothing.

    I think that the election will come down to turnout and ground game….so we are fucked.

  4. That may be the only out. If her internal polling shows a loss, then she may suddenly become too ill to continue, and gracefully bow out to become the Grande Dame of American progressive politics.

    I was hoping that her last gig was going to be as a fluffer in a Tijuana bawdy house, but I will probably be disappointed.

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