The Morning Report 5/07/2019


Good morning kids. Tuesday and there’s a story in the links that although not a part of the big news items really is at the core of what the latter is really all about: the dissolution of the civil society and the American republic as founded. Adam J. Sedia, was a respected lawyer living and working in heavily Democrat Lake County, Indiana. He thought he had a good shot at a judgeship but then in rapid fire his nomination was revoked and he lost his job at a firm where he was to that point well regarded and respected. Why, you may ask? He was outed as a conservative.

…This whole ordeal has taught me three lessons. The first I already knew but had not yet experienced. While Democrats always circle the wagons around their own, Republicans will fall over themselves to throw their own under the bus. I had seen it in national politics, and learned the hard way that it holds true on the local level as well. I also learned that to the Left, its enemies are not human. The anonymity and persistence of the mailings put myself and my family in grave fear for our safety. I cannot describe the sleepless nights, the caution exercised every time we stepped out of the house. I made police reports, but without an actual threat, all they could do was document the mailings. None of that mattered. All that mattered was power politics and stopping me at all costs — simply for my personal views…

And here is where we are as a nation in terms of political discourse. It took a little over 50 or so years, to get where we are as a result of the virulent anti-American infiltration of academia from pre-school through post grad. And that beget at least 2 generations of citizens brainwashed to, at a minimum, have some doubts about the ideals and ideas of our founding. From there, they went on to populate not only the halls of government, media and the arts but the board rooms, assembly lines (what’s left of them), mom and pop stores (ditto), farms and every corner of our society. Forget the fact that every grand social experiment the Democrat-Left has instituted in this country and abroad has failed miserably at a cost of trillions of dollars and millions of wasted lives, the fundamentalist/brainwashed mindset still persists wherever you turn.

Despite the lies pumped and pimped by what is inarguably a gigantic Leftist propaganda machine, its politicians and political party are bereft of any policy ideas and cannot win an honest debate on a fair and level playing field. No, they’re going to clear the damn playing field and silence all dissent. Just like Dick Durbin’s BFF James Hodkinson literally did.

Leftism, like its evil kissing cousin Islam, is an unreconstructed, totalitarian cult that can only thrive by wiping out any and all voices that dare challenge its dogma “by any means necessary.” Therefore, we who oppose even so-called mainstream “liberals” or “Democrats” are not merely wrong. No, that would afford us an undeserved status of legitimacy and even humanity. Look at the rhetoric hurled at us, not merely from the so called hard left fringes but from the mainstream, mostly because the hard left is now the mainstream. And when you have cover not only from the propagandists but from corrupt officials in government and law enforcement, you can do virtually anything to any of us with impunity. And G-d help us if we dare raise a voice let alone a fist in self-defense.

From what has been done to President Trump, to the Covington kids, the silencing of voices by Big (Brother) Tech, the push to blackball any individual who once worked for the President seeking a job in the private sector, the labeling of us as “deplorable,” and on and on and on, is it any wonder that Adam Sedia has had his life turned upside down, or that a Berkeley college student got sucker-punched in the face, and another got a bike lock to the head, or that Republican lawmakers barely escaped being massacred on a softball field? And now, this backbencher Democrat Brian Sims, fresh off of harassing and verbally abusing an elderly woman for the horrible, unspeakable crime of being a pro-life protestor has offered money for personal information about some pro-life teens for the purposes of doxxing them. G-d forbid I or any of you should write or declare openly my thoughts about an appropriate response to this jag-off. It’s bad enough that conservatives who out themselves in Hollywood may never find work again. But when total political intolerance either infects or cowers everyone else, we’ve got ourselves a situation. This cannot stand. Something has got to give.

Moving on, Nadless Nadler is set to hold AG Barr in contempt of the contemptible Congress for refusing to be insulted and berated. The assistant AG told Nadless he has no right to any of the un-redacted Mueller report or notes, Swallowswell is barfing up impeachment and two links on the Dems moving on to the next phase of the coup and Trump’s real crime was being elected.

Amnesty/Immigration: Good news and bad news vis a vis administration policy, the NY Times sez fund the border wall (what’s that about?), jihad from the south and all Guatemala wants to live here. If only they had teachers there to brainwash kids into hating America like they do our own kids.

Dem Scandal Sheet and Joo-Hate: Flint water crisis was a total government cock-up, and Daniel Greenfield points the finger at whence the Dem-Joo hate emanates.

Politics: Trump riding high in Gallup, Socialism way down in Monmouth, several links on the Joe Bidet grope-a-palooza show, Chiquita Khruschev puts foot in chompers, De Bolshevik in a holding pattern, the Charlottesville blood libel still has legs and Salena Zito on Virginia.

First Amendment: CNN is a total shit-show, Facebook is a cancer on free speech and corrupt as hell and the death of the local paper.

Guns: Cory Booker dodges bullets and exploding the myths of the AR-15.

Abortion: Georgia is a peach and Alabama has a “Jones” for infanticide.

Foreign Desk: Ramping up sanctions for Maduro supporters,Code Pink-o protests real Venezuelans in DC, carrier battle group sails towards Iran, three about the Chi-Coms vis a vis trade/tariffs, Hop-Sing blustering and challenging them in the Spratlys, Israel blasts Hamas cyber HQ, Muslim Brotherhood terror status long overdue, and Trump has a phone pow-wow with Jap PM Abe.

Domestic News: Disturbing report about Arizona SWAT team abducting kids, Phil Murphy is a slug, and two links about out of control spending and the debt despite the good economic landscape.

Red Greens: UN sez world has a fee-vah and the only cure is to send all our money via Western Union to cover all modalities, and remain blessed.

Hither and Yon: Trump awards Tiger Woods Medal of Freedom, Los Angeles dedicates Obama Boulevard, and “The Aristocrats!” of abortion jokes.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.