The Morning Report 6/24/2019

Good morning kids. Start of a brand new week and we’ve got lots of ground to cover on multiple fronts so off we go. In the lead, a story that encompasses both the immigration and border crisis plus the insurrection against our President and the will of the people by entrenched, Deep State globalists. Yesterday, ICE was scheduled to conduct a massive 10-city sweep to nab illegal aliens who had exhausted all legal avenues to remain in-country and then summarily kick their collective ass over the Rio Grande. In the event, the raids were cancelled and postponed because evidence suggests acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan leaked the plans to the press and then the Dems shrieked in protest. That wouldn’t necessarily cause the President to back down but you can bet your sweet ass everyone who was sweating out an appeal has now gone to ground. It should be noted that there is no positive proof that McAleenan is the guilty party but his record as well as strong indications from several reliable sources that have worked with him, including Tom Homan, Trump’s candidate for Border Czar and now a Fox News contributor dropped strong hints that McAleenan is indeed the guilty party.

Whether it’s the attempt by the likes of Clinton, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Comey et al to figuratively (and even literally in some hearts and minds) cut off the head of the Trump presidency or whether it’s death by a thousand cuts from petty bureaucrats and apparatchiks like (allegedly) McAleenan who pull criminal stunts like this, there is only one way to describe it: insurrection that borders on and even crosses over into treasonous acts. If McAleenan is guilty, he should be arrested and prosecuted for interfering in the conduct of criminal investigations and aiding and abetting the harboring and/or flight of a fugitive. Add one count for every alien that was on the list to be nabbed and that should keep him rotting in jail for a few hundred years should suffice.

Wait, what am I saying? This is the country where Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and Hillary Clinton are free as a bird while Michael Flynn has his life in ruins and Paul Manafort rots in jail as a political prisoner, convicted of crimes that were based on no more than manufactured evidence and trumped up charges. At least the fingers are pointing with some speed at an apparent guilty party, but there must be punishment, swift and severe pour encourager les autres.

In other news within the topic, Nancy Palsi is gloating through her dentures about the sabotaged ICE operations and stating that instead of enforcing our laws, the President should issue a mass amnesty. Meanwhile, a cross section of politicians, including Mike Crapo (follow the link to CNS News for other examples), affirm Trump’s right to enforce the law. Wait, let that sink in. We now have to affirm the obvious while our domestic enemies claim that doing so is both immoral and somehow illegal. Elsewhere, the Anthony Quinn candidate Blotto O’Rourke declares we must give illegal alien women free abortions or it’s The Handmaid’s Tale, plus some depressing links about the growing ratio of Latinos to Caucasians in Texas and the drivers licenses for illegal aliens is all about swamping the voter rolls, as if we didn’t know.

Shifting back or sideways depending on your perspective, in the Clinton/Obama Coup and Congressional Persecution of Trump, yesterday, a cache of documents about Trump’s vetting process after the 2016 election were leaked, supposedly indicating red flag appointments that were ignored. No doubt, the agitprop media will spin this faster than a Farsi uranium enrichment plant doing the Stuxnet dervish boogaloo, so my reaction is meh. Meanwhile, John Podesta’s Center for American Progress Dissolution is pumping dark money into groups engaging in law-fare against the President, the globular cluster currently known as Jerry Nadler is a disgusting sexist pig and deserves censure (and a knuckle sammich) for his treatment of Hope Hicks, and James Clapper has got the fear of Barr in him. I hope.

Dem Scandal Sheet: Bro-Fo Omar is drawing a lot more unwanted attention regarding her sham marriages and immigration swindle, Chiquita Khruschev declines the offer to visit Auschwitz to face the truth and the hateful stupidity of her concentration camp drivel, and Democrats are steaming over the millionaire who exposed the tip of the iceberg of food stamp fraud. Meh, the whole program itself is a fraud. Lastly, in the Official Democrat Party Sanctioned Joo-Hatred, severely heterosexual Cory Booker won’t rule out meeting with Louis Farrakhan. We should arrange a nice lunch on the rooftop of Rockefeller Center. The Rainbow Room (nudge-nudge-wink-wink). Watch out for that first step, Cory‚Ķ

Civil War 2.0: Antifa Terrorists are putting up posters with Tucker Carlson’s home address on it and calling for confrontations while the Michigan GOP headquarters was defaced with anti-ICE graffiti. Well, when Don Lemon among others refer to Trump as Hitler, it’s no wonder that you get this as well as Dick Durbin-connected mass shooter James Hodgkinson.

Politics: Blue on blue action as Mayor Buttplug gets ripped by Black Lives Matter thugs and heckled by others at a hometown town hall in the wake of a police shooting that resulted in the death of a black man, Rabbi Fischer cuts the Democrats’ 2020 aspirations to ribbons, David Harsanyi calls out Joey Bidet as a flat-out segregationist, NY Post editorial board on the Sandersnista/Fauxca-Has-Been fight and other things, Joe Sestak becomes Dem candidate 23 (or is it 24?), a warning about the Dems and Pennsylvania, the latest Trump rape accuser is a code 10 wackadoo, a great essay on the inverse proportion of politicians’ knowledge about a problem to the sanity of their plans, Margot Cleveland at The Federalist on what to look for when Trump live-Tweets the Dem debates, and while the Dems may never win back Trump voters, we still have a GOP that will sabotage his potential disciples who want to run.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Online knitting community conducts anti-Trump supporter purge, two GOP reps make noise, one calling to revoke Al Jazeera’s Congressional press credentials and the other with a bill to defund PBS, a WaPo affiliate labels segregationists as Republican, and the downside of banning flag buring with a look at the EU’s totalitarian edict on the practice.

Abortion: De Bolshevik ramps up baby-killing to eleventy-leven and a UK judge forces a woman to kill the kid.

Foreign Desk: The Iran situation still leads the pack with a bevy of stories including Secretary of State Pompeo traveling to the region for talks with the KSA, GCC and others, and at least a half dozen other links praising him for not pulling the trigger. Yet. The withdrawal from that nuke deal sellout and the ramping up of sanctions will cause them to crumble from within. There is no need to risk potentially ruining his chances at re-election and more crucially risking our blood and treasure in yet another war that in order to win means a full – and I mean “full” – commitment to win by killing and destroying on a massive scale. No. Trump is playing this perfectly so far. The reactions from enemies foreign and domestic I think bear this out. Also, last week, the Krauts were our allies and this week evidently not. Elsewhere, Men wearing burkas are douching Londoners with acid, the Boris Johnson follies, the undergirding element of Christianity that elevated the Hong Kong protests (and Christianity scares the shit out of the godless mongoloid Chi-com tyrants), and lastly, South Africa goes mad with the killing of a white farmer. I defy anyone to read or hear about this in the state-run agitprop media. Tragic.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Daniel Greenfield with the story about how the killing of two Muslims over a parking dispute by a raging leftist atheist got etched in stone as an anti-Muslim hate crime.

Domestic Desk: Elena Kagan goes nuts as SCOTUS hands down huge property rights win, and health workers want court to tell unions to stop shaking them down for dues.

The Economy: A look at Fed interest rate policy, Geoff Norman on the sad sorry tale of eternal ethanol subsidies, and the delusion of cheap goods vis a vis free trade and tariffs.

Crime and Punishment: Clarence Thomas rips Brett Kavanaugh in a dissent about capital punishment.

Education: If academia ever was great, a look at what killed it.

Red Greens: Go nukes, and the summer snows of “global warming.”

Feminazism, Homosexualization, Transgender Psychosis: Fauxca-Has-Been wants reparations… for homo couples. Umm, bondage is not the same as slavery, toots. Also, stating the obvious about the nature of men and women can get you fired from the faculty lounge.

Hither and Yon: Christian Toto on Roger “Maxine” Waters’ new album that’s light on the Joo-hate but heavy on the Maduro love, Chik-Fil-A to open in Seattle; that’s like sending in the mitzvah tank to the front of the Finsbury Park mosque. Also, a look at the shenanigans of the Tampa Bay Rays’ owner trying to swindle two cities in a bid to dump the team, the rise of the anti-globalists sees a concomitant rise of the embrace of collectivism by the mind-numbed masses, and finally my good friend and brilliant author Harry Stein takes an in-depth look at how journalist Eugene Lyons’ chronicle of the leftists of the 1930s is startlingly relevant to today’s political situation. Do give it a read.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.