The Morning Report 6/25/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday so here we go. First, to the border where in the wake of the President’s announcement that he has delayed his mass ICE operation to round up illegal alien dead-enders, ostensibly for two weeks as a “concession” to Congress to get serious on passing legislation to deal with the crisis, Nancy Palsi’s dentures are rattling out a victory cry in between disgusting lies about enforcing our immigration laws as “scaring the children.” First and foremost, let me just say, fuck you, lady. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to some brass tacks analysis at least from my perspective.

First, as I led with yesterday, if Kevin McAleenan did in fact leak the news of the operation, he broke all kinds of federal laws and must be immediately sacked, then prosecuted and then do serious prison time. Insubordination and insurrection that goes unpunished is a cancer. Second, why is the President even telegraphing his intentions about ICE and the CBP in the first place? Shouldn’t each of these organizations merely as a matter of course be enforcing every one of our laws already on the books and even ramping up operations to deport, not just those who’ve exhausted their appeals but anyone and everyone here illegally? That is a rhetorical question. I would hope that his touting these ICE raids is not political grandstanding. In the event, there may be things going on behind the scenes that could allay some fears since late yesterday, Mexico announced that it is now sending 15,000 of its troops to its southern border to stop future migrant invasion caravans from entering and heading to the Rio Grande.CORRECTION: They are being deployed along the border with the US to prevent the migrant hordes from crossing the Rio Grande. 

Mr. President, this is not only the singular issue that got you elected; it’s the most important one to voters and really to the life of this nation going forward. It is every bit a national security and battle front as is with Iran, China or Islamic imperialism. In fact, it could be argued that the last two if not all three are even intertwined with the invasion from south of the border. High time we treat it as such.

But of course, we have a Lindsay Graham amnesty for migration swap getting a boost with the two-week delay and Palsi Pelosi going on about some House bill that will completely take the handcuffs off the invaders and put them on us as the former jump the border. This has got to stop. There can be no parlaying with the Democrats on this and really on any other thing. They are an anti-American subversive criminal organization and should be treated as such. At the bare minimum, they are not to be compromised with since giving them even an inch is lethal to whatever vestige of the republic exists, but I digress. I mean, this crooked old bint spewed out “what’s the point” of enforcing our immigration laws? And then there’s Eric “nuke ’em high” Swallowswell doing the “they’re gonna put y’all back in chains” blood libel about Trump caging illegal alien kids. Lastly, a good essay about mass unchecked immigration across the globe as a form of reparations for all the evil and ills that western civilization unleashed on the world. Feh.

On to the Clinton/Obama Coup to Take Down Trump, Sebastian Gorka reexamines the so-called “Norway gaffe” in relation to the actual documented crimes of the twin towering turds of tyranny, Margot Cleveland on Hope Hicks’ testimony as yet another truth-nuking of the collusion myth, and with the Clinton Bought-and-Paid-For Steele Dossier trashed, is the Intelligence Community Assessment next to be relegated to the science fiction section?

Democrat Scandal Sheet: The party that is known for its tolerance and diversity just promoted a fine upstanding woman who is also well known… mostly for racist and homophobic slurs. In the Official Democrat Joo-Hatred files, the US Holocaust Museum rejects Chiquita Khruschev’s vile vomitus about concentration camps and the big-boobed-booby seemed to backtrack, before blaming Liz Cheney for her ills. She really is a quintessential leftist. Lastly, note to Cory Booker – it’s Afro-Sheen, not Sheenie.

Politics: The Intercept’s Ryan Grim looks at the rise of populism on both sides and what that means for big money interests and the establishment in 2020, will radicalization work for the Dems? Meh, they always were radical; it’s just that Trump made them drop all pretense. Donald Bolduc does a Rooster Cogburn to Jeanne Shaheen’s poor man’s Ned Pepper, hell yes the Dems are plotting to steal 2020, Gavin Threesome blames America first, last and always, Styrene Steyer looking to buy Virginia, Miami Dems getting nervous about the open anti-American campaign crazy talk, and Victor Davis Hanson with a fine outing about the always-rickety alliance of disparate grievance groups cracking up at the seams.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: The big story here is the Project Veritas investigative report on how Google is actively using its tentacles to sabotage Trump in 2020 and even future Trumps from ever having a shot. CNN’s interview with this nutter Trump rape accuser goes off the rails and the NY Timesdefends its caution about this Carroll psycho to a readership that wanted it splashed across page one in bold letters, SCOTUS gets it right about the big crucifix case but how sad that it even was a case in the first place and lastly the media is out to sabotage any prospect of Saudi-Israeli rapprochement. 

Guns: Say no to these penguins; “Nuns Against Guns” is a fraud, Marxist front group.

Abortion: Somehow sanity prevailed in England where the disabled woman won’t be forced to kill the baby.

Foreign Desk: The Iran situation tops the news where the President announced another round of sections, even ones that specifically target Ayatollah Khamenei himself. Of course, Iran borrows Khruschev’s shoe on loan from Gavin Newsom to pound the table while Secretary of State Pompeo does the Kissinger shuffle to corral allies, and Caroline Glick accurately hones in on why the Middle East is such a powder keg – Obama. Elsewhere, three essays on the Chi-Com long- and short-term threats, the Tories troubles in picking a leader, and lastly a must bookmark essay from Rabbi Fischer on the utter myth of “Palestine.” Part 2 tomorrow, I assume.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Daniel Greenfield on the Syrian Muslim refugee who plotted to blow up a black church. Funny how this is nowhere to be found in the media.

Domestic News: Oregon GOP legislators on the lam from rogue Marxist governor. See the link in the Red Green section about this as well. Trump not shy about declaring a SCOTUS nominee in 2020 if that arises, two essays on recent SCOTUS decisions, and another DeBolshevik decriminalizing scheme about as effective as you’d expect.

Crime and Punishment: It’s good PR, but Country Time Lemonade is doing right by the kiddies.

Education: Bernardo Sandersnista’s insane youth vote buying scheme to pay off over $1 trillion in student loans, despite Janus, most teachers have no idea about how they can opt out of union dues payment, and this Richard Carranza who heads NYC’s Board of Ed is beyond belief.

Red Greens: Oregon set to go full luddite. See the associated link in Domestic News.

Feminazism, Transgender Psychosis: 51% say junk-tuckers should use the bathroom that corresponds to the bits they were born with and psychiatrists can’t understand why freakazoids can’t scare up a date. Scare being the operative word. Lastly, women’s soccer and a look at the so-called “wage gap.”

Hither and Yon: Dennis Prager on nationalism and part two of fighting and winning culture war.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.