The Morning Report 6/26/2019

Good morning kids. Midweek and you’ll be happy to know that with the insanity at the border, Iran goading us into attacking them and lighting up the Middle East, Chi-Com and Russian mopery, dealing with the aftermath and attempted cover-up of the attempted overthrow of this President, and the concomitant Democrat obsession in doing anything and everything to utterly destroy whatever’s left of what they haven’t savaged since 1913, Mitt Romney and Joni Ernst have gone on record that their top priority is… fully investigating the latest rape-allegation-du-jour against the President, now from this E. Jean Carroll.

The fact that CNN, which is the de-facto house organ of anything and everything anti-Trump, during an interview by Anderson Cooper had to cut away from her when she declared rape to be a sexual turn-on, should put the nail in the coffin of this borderline psycho fraud (NB: she has ties to the Lisa Bloom of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe infamy). That is if the parade of liars, whores and frauds who pelted candidate and President Trump with rape allegations since the summer of 2015, including the piece de resistance Sloppy Daniels and her former creepy porn shyster soon to be incarcerated felon Michael Avenatti didn’t end this once and for all.

But, no. Mittelschmerz and his Iowa remora think that this – T.H.I.S. – is the issue of the day that must be thoroughly investigated lest the foundations of the American republic crumble into the dust. In my own words, get fucked and go to hell. Romney is a bitter, jealous has-been. The guy couldn’t eve beat McStains in ’08 and when he finally was anointed in ’12 did worse against Obama after four years of disaster than McStains when we had yet to experience the madness. But, that was his job. Preserve, protect and defend the Deep State Globalist Enterprise by acting as the Republican stooge. And of course get paid quite well, like the whore that he is. Meh, that’s an insult to hard-working whores everywhere. And don’t think that I haven’t noticed the deafening silence about this from far too many in the GOP-e. Despicable.

Now, on to the trivial matters despite the national crisis demanding full attention by Mitt ‘n Mutt. At the border, all of the 2020 Dem hopefuls are fully on board with some sort of total amnesty ahead of tomorrow’s debate-cum-clown show, with Fauxca-Has-Been upping the ante by demanding decriminalization of illegal border crossing. VP Pence has hit the nail on the head that because of Trump, Mexico has done more to seal their border in 10 days than in the previous 10 years, Chiquita Khruschev is shrieking about the cruelty inflicted by us on the poor little illegal alien kiddies while at the same time denying funds to actually help them and cheering on Wayfair employees for walking out on the company selling beds to the CBP for the kids to use. Paradise on Earth, people, even if it short-dicks every kulak in Kiev. That said, with the McAleenan kerfluffle still unresolved, the acting border chief has resigned due to the “concentration camp” non-scandal, Chip Roy boxes the Dems in with Obama’s own proposal, Mexico confirms we warned them about ISIS south of the Rio Grande, media hot and horny to use dead kids as agitprop just like in Lebanon and Gaza, Rosie O’Donuts proves fire can’t melt stupid, and the immigrant truck driver who plowed into and killed a group of bikers is a prime example of a failed bureaucracy. Yes, amnesty and open borders please!

Clinton/Obama Coup and Mueller Cover-Up: Robert Mueller is going to testify in open hearings next month, and the so-called “black cash ledger” used to throw Paul Manafort in political prison may be as factual as the Steele Dossier. I can’t even.

Dem Scandal Sheet: No wonder Sandersnista’s aide is hot and horny for college debt forgiveness.

Civil War 2.0: Eric Trump is lucky he wasn’t facing down another Durbin-connected James Hodgkinson. One day, one of these vermin are going to spit on the wrong guy. Meh, in a grander sense, isn’t this really the story of the Democrat-Left vis a vis America?

Politics: Get you popcorn ready for Thursday’s mass shit-show, Mayor Buttplug is under attack for his woefully poor performance in the South Bend police shooting, WaPo now pumping out hit pieces on Joe Bidet, Good Roger Simon on Trump and the black vote, will suburban moms flip Texas to the Dems, California is going to purge inactive voters from the rolls (and replace them with illegal aliens, no doubt), CPUSA seemingly set to subsume the Democrat Party, demands for Dems to release their secret SCOTUS list and Salena Zito ponders the fate/direction of Trumka and big labor.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Several links on the revelations and fallout from the Google expose by Project Veritas, why does Trump expose himself to the leftist MFM, on CNN’s disastrous ratings, two edged sword of SCOTUS and the WW1 crucifix ruling and Daniel Greenfield rips into MSNBC.

Guns: Boston Rabbi proclaims Jews with guns kosher, and study shows guns used in crimes are obtained shortly before the crimes are committed.

Foreign Desk: Iran dominates the headlines, with Senator Barasso stating Trump can attack without Congressional approval (hmm, not sure on that one), a definite call against war vis a vis the Saudis and what Iran’s bluster really means. For me, they desperately want to goad Trump into a war as the sanctions are having a severe effect on them. Elsewhere, new sanctions on Chi-Com supercomputers, Spengler is going wobbly on tariffs, UN Rights flunky wants ISIS terrorists protected (six feet of dirt on top does wonders), Caroline Glick spot on about Mohammed Morsi and part two of Rabbi Dov Fischer’s exploding of the myth of Palestine. Go back to yesterday’s post and bookmark part one and this.

DEE-Fense: The failure to adequately deal with PTSD in our vets.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Islamic subversion right here at home and another look at this phony Islamophobia-caused triple murder.

Domestic News: Stephanie Grisham tapped to replace Sarah Sanders as White House spokesman, Chiquita Khruschev’s “Fight For $4,500!” gets dumped again, California woman wins huge settlement against feral state CPS that seized and abused her toddler, San Francisco is officially insane, and Randy Newman’s follow up to “I Love LA” will be “Bring Out Your Dead.”

The Economy, Stupid: Come July, we will have the longest period of growth in US history and Obama will take a break from the Cote d’Azur to take credit, socialist “woke-ness” breeds the poverty they claim to be curing and how to beat the Chi-Coms in the 5-G race.

Crime and Punishment: Ohio’s cap on punitive damages will cut the payout to Gibson’s Bakery (and no doubt embolden Oberlin and the Left), and a troublesome decision by Justice Gorsuch who joined with the left on violent criminals.

Education: Two essays including David Harsanyi on the madness of Sandersnista’s college tuition bailout.

Feminazism, Transgender Psychosis, Homosexualization: Yes, we can stop drag queen reading hour to the kiddies, a tranny who spoke out against teaching this bilge to kids makes an Antifa goon go nuts, and making LGBT a protected class will indeed destroy first amendment protections on religious liberty. Except a certain religion of peace, no doubt. Good times, people.

Hither and Yon: Clint Eastwood on the boycotting of Georgia over its abortion law: “LOL, get fucked!” Lastly, Christian Toto on the importance of a Dice Clay and Roseanne duo.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.