The Morning Report 6/27/19

Good morning kids. Thursday and, of course, the Democrat Debate, which was the moral equivalent of a NYC performance artist known as “the yam-shooter,” happened last night and we will get to it in due course. But the big story remains the border crisis so let’s get to it. After rejecting the House version of a border bill, the Senate, despite the absence of all seven Democrat Senators running for President, overwhelmingly passed a bi-partisan bill that actually addresses the crisis,. Yet Nancy Palsi, always eager to whore for the cameras about cruel Republicans throwing the elderly off of cliffs or taking food out of the mouths of school kids, and this time allowing children to drown in the Rio Grande has rejected the Senate bill. Of course she did. The salient point to remember about the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is that they are not here to solve problems. They are here to either exploit or create problems with which to bash their political opponents and America in general in order to accrue more power, reduce our freedom and rob us blind. Look, if they actually solved problems, they’d be out of a job. It’s a hustle, it’s a sham, it’s a scam. (now go get Gamble and Huff to write a song with that title for the O’Jays). Always was, always will be. Besides, all the millions of black and brown babies they killed in utero – and now seek to kill ex utero – have to be replaced somehow. I mean, the dead can only vote Democrat so many times, right?

Scanning the links, Jim Jordan tells us that TSA agents are being dragged away from groping airline passengers to the southern border where they can presumably grope migrant invaders, but if military personnel who are not empowered to stop illegal border invaders what good will TSA agents be?, CBP informs us that apprehensions are up 140% over last year, Breitbart cites 20 times they’ve highlighted deaths at the border during the Obama reign of error and no one cared at all, Dem candidates pressured by the radicals to support decriminalizing border jumping (they were not disappointed), and finally the deaths at the border are, of course, tragic but ignoring the real cause, inviting people to come by zero enforcement of immigration laws, is the real cause. And the real solution. Enforce every damn law already on the books, deport anyone and everyone here illegally, cut off Tio Azucar and punish businesses and individuals who profit off of cheap foreign labor.

Clinton/Obama Anti-Trump Coup and Mueller/Congressional Cover-Up: With Robert Mueller now set to testify in July, the question is will this attempt by the Dems to use his lanky carcass to continue to spew the lies of Russian Collusion with Trump succeed or blow up in their faces? As we all know, Mueller completely ignored rules and ethics by hinting at criminal behavior and smearing of innocent parties instead of just keeping his yap shut and simply declaring “we have no case to prosecute” period. He will of course, with the help of Jerry Globular Cluster Nadler and Schiff-For-Brains, continue the outrageous vile tactic of insinuating that despite not having evidence to indict the President (which they can’t), we know he’s guilty of something and neither he nor his supporters can prove their innocence. Okay, assholes. Run with that. Because the moment Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Go-Go Gohmert et al get that microphone, they are going to grill the shit out of Mueller about his knowing that the Dossier was a crock of shit, his knowledge of the DoJ using it to get FISA warrants, what Team Obama knew whilst huddled in the bunker as Soviet artillery rained down on them in the dying days of their second “Reichhhhhhhhh-uh!” etc. etc. The only question is, how many times will Nadless wield the gavel to silence them with bullshit points-of-order? This will be interesting to say the least. And lastly, Margot Cleveland at The Federalist tells us that legal eagle Sidney Powell, attorney for victim of Democrat political persecution Michael Flynn, thinks that the special prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence when they went after her client. Bombshell if true, and all things considered, no need to even speculate.

Dem Scandal Sheet and Officially Sanctioned Anti-Semitism: Even Andrew Cuomo thinks Chiquita Khrsuchev AOC is an asshole, remember in 2009 when Obama broke Federal law by convincing Arlen Specter to switch parties because Pat Toomey was going to effectively primary him? It seems that current Dem prexy candidate Joe Sestak wanted to run too but Obama offered him a job in the regime if he stayed out. Funny how the media has amnesia about this. Also, DNC holds fundraiser in the home of Lumber Liquidators founder, despite the company forced to pay millions for selling cancer-causing Chi-Com made flooring. To paraphrase Clemenza talking to Paulie Gatto, “‘Liquidate.’ That’s a bad word for you to use!” And, the totally heterosexual he-man Cory Booker is so macho, he wants a pro-Farrakhan front group to support him on reparations. 

Civil War 2.0: You’ll be happy to know that the jag-off who spat at Eric Trump was put on leave. Also, his employer says he cannot go out and play with the other bartenders and has cut off his TV privileges for a whole week. Hurrah for justice.

First Dem Debate: If any average American saw this display, all I can say is the optics for the Democrats were sub-optimal. Highlights/lowlights included Julian Castro saying men can have babies, a Greek chorus of open borders uber alles, Cory Booker proud of his perpetual blue shit-hole Newark, a microphone malfunction and the curious lack of attacks on Joe Bidet. Breitbart covered the whole sorry affair and you can scroll through their recap. The always-erudite and cutting Daniel Greenfield summed it up best:

On a sweltering night in Miami’s Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, a 90-year-old building slightly older than Joe Biden, 9 candidates with no shot at anything and the tenth, the first fake Native American candidate, gathered to humiliate and be humiliated on national television.

On a set designed to look like a cardboard cutout White House, 10 cardboard cutouts of candidates, hoping to sit in the real White House, frantically searched for their 15 seconds of fame, while ignoring moderator questions and going over time… 

…9 politicians with no future met up on a stage, made promises that they don’t understand and will never be able to keep, recited simplistic talking points, and doubled down on every radical position. And the tenth, Senator Elizabeth Warren out-radicalized them all. The losers would almost all clamber back into the Iran nuclear sellout. Almost all of them wanted to ban guns, borders, and the economy. None of them had much in the way of a plan.

All of them had rhetoric. And that’s all the loser debate amounted to…

Also, Rabbi Fischer cuts them all to ribbons and President Trump with the final word: “Boring!”

Politics: Sandersnista now doing a Hillary impression, minus the fainting, about 2016, two links about Mayor Buttplug’s disastrous handling of the shooting in his own city, two links, including John Stossel, on the Dems’ 2020 platform of doom, NY Times now with a hit piece on Joe Bidet, Alabama voters say “no ‘mo Moore!,” a local race in Queens NY has a bust-out radical pimped by Bernie and Big-Tits ‘n Teeth in a squeaker for DA, Humberto Fontova talks reparations and the hideous vapidity of Danny Glover in relation to his love of Fidel Castro (see the related link on Che in the culture section) plus two other links on this subject, Alexis de Tocqueville more prescient than ever vis a vis totalitarian socialism, and in praise of Ron DeSantis as perhaps a harbinger of Trumps to come.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Reddit now censors a very popular pro-Trump site, Dan Crenshaw blasts Google execs, Aussie rugby star sacked for being pro-Christian, California Republicans seemingly all-in on Big Brother/Big Tech, and the media’s role in brainwashing Americans to love totalitarian socialism and reject the founding.

Abortion: New poll indicates Americans by and large repulsed by the latest ramping up of baby killing laws.

Foreign Desk: Victor Davis Hanson high on Trump’s handling of the Farsis, Obama’s sell out to the Farsis with that JCPOA puts us in a bind in how to deal with them, Kushner’s pipe dream of Israeli-“Palestinian” peace goes up in smoke, Moscow sends warships to Cuba as a warning about Venezuela, what the hell is with Germans and poison gas?, US lawmakers warn Krauts about Russky pipeline deal, massive pig ebola epidemic offers leverage against Chi-Coms, 69 years after the Korean War broke out, where do we stand with the NorKs, and Brexit still popular.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Jersey judge gives ISIS recruiter a slap on the wrist, Pakis pressure UN to muzzle anti-Muzzy voices, and when two lesbians are assaulted by you-know-whos, blame whites, westerners and capitalism first, last and always.

Domestic Desk: Judicial nominee is sub-optimal and a look at “re-streeting” the dreadful, failed, socially engineered housing projects.

The Economy: Three takes from three Dem candidates. All are nuts but at least Andrew Yang raises an interesting question about massive changes to the nature of work and what it will mean to those whose jobs are obsolesced. His solution is still horrid.

Crime and Punishment: Abolish the friggin’ FBI already, and the new Broward sheriff fires two more hack deputies over the Parkland shooting.

Education: Note to Bernie; student debt is the responsibility of the student who borrowed the money, if the government gets involved in this, it will be a disaster (it already is thanks to Obama’s takeover of the industry), Walter Williams decries the sorry state of black education, and two essays on the madness on campus.

Red Greens: The climate fascists have been defeated in Oregon, for now. Frightening example of the lust for power and complete disregard for the will of the people.

Hither and Yon: Students love Che Guevara, but wait until they hear Che’s feelings about homos and blacks, Christian Toto on Showtime’s agitprop anti-FNC Loudest Voice and finally the 110th Annual Congressional Baseball Game. Will Dick Durbin provide a demonstration of the Hodgkinson Rifle Team?

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.