The Morning Report 6/28/19

Good morning kids. The weekend is here and miles to go before I plotz so let’s get with it. We’ll get to all the idiocy of Dem Debate Night 2 in a moment but the big news was Nancy Palsi caving and whipping House Dems to pass the GOP Senate’s version of the border crisis bill. The estimable Jeffrey Lord over at American Spectator gives her way too much credit, I think, for having a conscience but on the salient points of this issue he is dead on target. For months, the Democrats have shrieked that what was going on on the border was a “manufactured crisis” created by President Trump. The agitprop photo of the illegal alien father and his infant daughter lying face down in the Rio Grande was not faked (though the corpses were probably staged/rearranged to look sexier for the cameras), but it did not stop the Democrat-Left-Media complex from standing on the corpses to try and strong-arm the President and the GOP from caving in and passing some sort of amnesty bill. They failed, and spectacularly so. Whatever Palsi really feels about those two dead people, they are, or were, as ever and always Democrat political pawns. She bungled this and got totally owned by Trump, and correctly calculated that to continue would severely damage her party’s prospects at the moment the 2020 presidential race kicks off. 

And then there’s the Shining Path Maoist contingent led by Chiquita Khruschev who will lead us to paradise on earth no matter how many Central American toddlers she has to drown to do it. The Queen of Corona, last seen crying at a fence down by the schoolyard (sans Julio) made yet another in an unending line of pronouncements that lacked logic and coherence, but said with feeling, which is really what it’s all about:

“Under no circumstances should the House vote for a McConnell-only bill w/ no negotiation with Democrats,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Hell no. That’s an abdication of power we should refuse to accept. They will keep hurting kids if we do.”

That’s right, chica. Passing a bill that uses money from the pockets of the American taxpayer (you’re fucking welcome [sarc]) that actually feeds, clothes, houses and gives medical attention to foreign children, who for the most part are unwitting political props of both your party and their own cruel parents is “hurting” them. Go with that, and take it straight to Hell. You’re not a joke; you’re a cancer. But I digress. In any case, it turns out that the latest naked-and-napalmed-Vietnamese-girl-du-jour had been warned about the dangers of crossing the Rio Grande and he ignored it. As a commenter wrote “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” Meanwhile, Obama’s own ICE chief openly stated that it was his boss and not President Trump who is to blame for setting up cages for illegal alien kids. And before leaving this topic, while Toothy McBigTits is loathsome to be sure, at least she’s honest about open borders. But your pals and mine in the GOP-e led by Mittelschmerz Romney have been flipping and flopping on border security with the American people harder than a two-ton tuna on a pitching trawler deck. Build the dang fence, my ass. If we just had one of Rosie O’Donuts’ 100,000 concentration camps, I know where I’d stick that backstabbing son of a bitch and everyone like him. 

Speaking of which, John Roberts’ decision yesterday to not permit the citizenship question on the 2020 census has led to the President deciding to delay the whole thing for now. We’ll have more on that in the Domestic News section. Chip Roy, who is so far proving himself an outstanding acolyte of this President and the Constitution is urging Trump to just go nuclear on the rogue judiciary and play the part of Andrew Jackson to Roberts’ John Marshall. Amen. Lastly, the ISIS terrorists caught at the border were evidently not on the FBI’s terrorist watch list. Well, they’ve been way too busy trying to overthrow the President and persecute innocent American citizens so cut them a break, right?

Nothing new in the Clinton/Obama Coup so to the Democrat Scandal Sheet and Officially Sanctioned Joo-Hatred we go, where in the Day-Ending-In-“Y” Dept. yet another Democrat backbencher, Donald Norcross from Jersey, is hit with an ethics complaint for taking bribes from Qatar. The complaint stated he pocketed too little and didn’t kick it up to the underboss, right? Feh. And the great Daniel Greenfield with a rant and warning about the trivialization of the Holocaust as a means for Holocaust denial. Spot on.

Civil War 2.0: Betsy DeVos gets verbally abused by Colorado Teachers’ Union droogs and the slap on the wrist, which is effectively a pat on the back, for spitting on Eric Trump. 

Dem Debate Night 2 was every bit a vulgar display as the first night. Breitbart live-blogged it so check out the blow by blow (phrasing!) description. The lowlights include Kamala-Toe beating up on Joe Bidet for coddling segregationists, “climate change” is now “chaos” and not mere crisis, Joe Bidet actually gives the advice to the GOP we’ve been screaming for them to do for ages an everyone is all in on healthcare for illegal aliens. That caused the President to give a swift, and brutal, reaction.

Elsewhere in politics, reaction from Debate Night 1 is still on tap with three articles on the shameless “Hispandering” with all that Spanish lingo being thrown around. And it’s not making the so-called swing voters jump for joy, Lefties. And no doubt just like Night 2, Night 1 featured everyone trying to out-Santa Claus the others with free shit for everyone… everyone who votes Democrat and pays no taxes, that is. Tulsi Gabbard seemed to draw the attention of viewers as well as the ire of some of the moderators, DeBolshevik gets slammed for quoting Che Guevara and continues his tired yet dangerous schtick of all the money in America is in the wrong hands (Jooz, amiright?). Meanwhile, this Saikat Chakrabarti puppet master is ramping up the attacks on the so-called blue-dog Democrats or what’s left of them after 2016-18, Cory Booker talks about beating bullies (or beating off), Eric Holder holds out his hand after the gerrymandering decision, Iowa Dems pissed at the DSCC and Seth Moulton sez gerrymandering caused Tank Abrams to tank. Dude, you have no shot in hell so stop making a play for fatso to get in your back seat, m’kay?

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Big Tech/Big Brother’s attempts to muzzle America continues as four companies look to crush Project Veritas, an essay on the Ravelry persecution/banning of conservatives, Christian rugby star persecuted for expressing his opinions gets big donations, and Big Tech/Big Brother’s existential threat to our freedoms. 

Guns: Federal judge fast-tracks California gun registration suit citing state violated due process protections.

Abortion: Dem candidates on night one strangely silent on abortion rhetoric, except for tanned Bert Kwouk stunt double Julian Castro who wants abortion for men too. Lastly, socialized medicine means taking the “choice” out of abortion. Just look to merry old England last week.

Foreign Desk: Farsi generals threaten to use the comfy chair on America, NorKs pissed at US exposing their sex trafficking biz, “Palestinians” miss golden opportunity to fleece us out of another $50 billion, Sadiq Khan is a sad-dick con, Boris Johnson gets the Trump treatment from nosy neighbors, a look at India’s perspective in US-Indo defense relations and Putin and the next incarnation of Russian imperialism.

DEE-Fense: Tom Cotton blasts Dem amendment to funding bill looking to handcuff Trump in the event that Iran does strike first.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Trinidad is the hot new Club Med I KEEEEL YOU!

Domestic Desk: Several links to the SCOTUS decisions and all around, the pundits are bashing Chief Justice Roberts. The New York Post’s editors are being charitable to him claiming he’s only trying to maintain balance or the seeming political neutrality of the court, or some such rot. It’s not the SCOTUS’ place to remain neutral and certainly not Roberts’ job to be referee where on one day (more like 10 days) the Left gets a win and on another the Conservatives. Your job and sworn duty is to uphold the friggin’ Constitution. And that means the Left is going to lose 100 out of 100 battles since every damn case they bring to the court is meant to undercut and diminish our freedom and that sacred document. Of course he knows this, but he’s in bed with the globalists. At least, miracle of miracles, he voted correctly to stay out of state’s legal political processes and preserve gerrymandering. The Left went apeshit over this because since 2010, they are at the lowest ebb of political power at the state level than they have ever been, and so can’t redraw the political map. Pennsylvania before the midterms was a disaster, and from what I understand underhanded, but of course John Roberts was there to see that they got away with it. Prick. Lastly, an essay on reclaiming the republic by dismantling the administrative state. Love to see that happen but with the Roberts court, that is a very tough row to hoe. Meh, if Trump were to dismantle Marbury, it would go a long way. 

The Economy: Reports indicate Trump and Xi might have struck a deal on trade, a look at the trade conflict and ways around it, and Ford tells Alabama to fuck off and die you redneck, inbred, backward hicks.

Crime & Punishment: Gibson’s Bakery is going to fight for all $33 million in punitive damages against Obergruppenfuhrer College and the fourth NYPD cop this month takes his own life. Bill DeBolshevik I’m sure will regale us with the comforting words of Che Guevara, no doubt. Sheesh.

Healthcare: GOP’s response to Medicare for All national health and even the Democrats hate their own ideas on this.

Education: A millennial rips others wanting their debts excused, reimagining law schools and Larry Elder on Chiquita Khruschev getting a pass on her free shit for everyone garbage.

Feminazism, Homosexualization, Transgender Psychosis: Shocking in a good way poll shows youths souring on LGBTs, J.K. Rowling gets attacked by the cultural revolutionaries, Boston “Straight Pride” Parade looks like it’s a go. Good, make them oppose it and throw it back in their faces as being bigoted. Lastly, when homo suicides go up, blame religious people. 

Hither and Yon: Louis C.K. weathers the SJW storm, stop calling the tyrannical totalitarian left “progressive,” Reagan biographer speculates on rumored love-child, a look back at the man who predicted we’d win the cold war and Woodrow Wilson’s disastrous Treaty of Versailles on its centenary. Wilson begat in many fundamental ways the cultural and political rot which has put the republic on a knife-edge. Hope he’s rotting in Hell.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.