The Morning Report 7/1/19

Good morning kids. First of July and 2019 is half over (how did that happen?!). There’s a lot going on so let’s get with it. In the lead is a serious flare-up of political violence vis a vis what is, so far, a lukewarm Civil War 2.0. In Portland, journalist (in the real sense of the word) Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa terrorists at a rally, first with the ever-popular milkshake and then with heavier objects which drew blood and caused physical harm. Ngo has been doing yeoman’s work over the past few years uncovering those involved in what is obviously an insurrectionist movement whose members openly employ terrorism and violence to silence political enemies and so, obviously, he has become a prime target. 

Insofar as political violence has ramped up since President Trump won the election should not come as a surprise. The attack on Ngo, as well as all the physical violence since November 2016, including the attempted mass assassination by Dick Durbin-connected James Hodgkinson, are not one-off events by lone nuts. They are the direct result of the political, media and cultural leadership of the Left’s nearly three-year campaign to delegitimize and dehumanize this President and by extension those who work with him and those who support him. At some point in the not too distant future, that list will include those who do not declare support for anyone an anything Democrat-Leftist, but I digress.

When there is a constant drumbeat of a stolen election, what happened in Portland shouldn’t come as a surprise. But even I didn’t think that execrable a human being and as miserable a president as he is and was, Jimmy Carter would sink so low as to openly declare Donald Trump illegitimate. Foolish on my part. And yet the media and Leftist politicians are either silent on this wave of violence coming from this movement or in many cases sing its praises. The Democrat-Leftist mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, has done nothing to stop it, and in fact has ordered his police not to interfere with the thugs and goons as they attack innocent civilians. I’m sure hickory shampoos, rubber bullets and teargas would abound if the latter were to have the temerity to raise their voices, let alone their fists, in self-defense. Meh, look what happened in Charlottesville, where an event made to look like “fascist alt-right Trump-inspired Nazis” (oddly enough, led by someone who only weeks earlier was a mid-level Obama organizer) beat up mostly peaceful Antifa goons, while one protestor was run over and killed in the melee. But the media had its narrative, even if it had to edit and butcher the President’s words sympathizing with the few legitimate peaceful protestors to make it appear he was supporting the KKK and Nazis. But I digress yet again.

Along with the bilge spewed by Carter, look at the other headlines in this section; the owner of that Red Hen Restaurant is proud of the server that spat on Eric Trump, a Manhattan Chik-Fil-A (yes, there is one in Midtown) was vandalized during yesterday’s so-called “Pride” parade and the New York Times published an op-ed that openly called for the harassment of Border Patrol agents. And then there’s the three-year campaign conducted by the Clinton, Obama, their Deep State underlings and now members of Congress to continue to try and harass and hamper this President and hound him and his family until the day he dies, which only serve to fan the flames of hatred and resentment. They have absolutely no problem with that even if it involves decent people being pelted with milkshakes, sucker punches, bike locks or even bullets as we have seen. And then there are our Big Tech/Big Brother overlords defining “hate speech” as anything that questions or criticizes Leftist dogma, and using it as a pretext to muzzle our smartest and clearest voices while intimidating the rest of us into silence. Elsewhere, the FBI is supposedly investigating Antifa for conspiring to buy weapons from a Mexican drug cartel to stage some sort of armed “rebellion” at the border. I seem to recall a not-a-smidgen-of-corruption Obama scandal called Fast and Furious. 

So, in short, we have perhaps up to one third of the country that is seething with rabid rage not only against President Trump, but thanks to 50-plus years of brainwashing from the schools and the media a hatred against their own country and heritage, a political party that now openly seeks the destruction of those two things and a willingness to pervert the criminal justice system (courtesy of fellow travelers embedded in the judiciary and law enforcement) in silencing opposition “by any means necessary,” as the saying goes, and a media eager to give them cover and legitimacy. That is a recipe for catastrophe.

We are one year away from the Democrat and Republican national conventions and 16 months from Election Day 2020. Even if their field of 25 candidates is willowed down to 10-15, the Democrats are in absolute chaos. Perhaps the first target of Antifa will be the Schumer/Pelosi/Biden-led old guard, especially if Biden miraculously recovers from the disaster of the debates and the long knives in the media out to get him and he gets the nomination. As for the GOP, the thugs are always itching to beat them up, so violence and intimidation at a GOP convention is SOP. But, if Trump is reelected, which as of this writing he stands a very good chance all things considered, then we may be in for some “interesting times” to say the least. 

Antifa by the way is not just confined to the US. There are people who identify themselves as such all over the western world. The question is, is there a leadership structure? Who are these individuals and most crucially, where are they getting their funding (Soros?)? However they are organized, they must be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not only for any and all charges right up to and including murder. They must be officially classified as terrorists and insurrectionists and dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately, considering our political class, that’s going to be a tough row to hoe. But this is a rapidly metastasizing cancer. If there are connections between them and say Mexican cartels, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to assume that there are more than likely connections to Islamic terrorists based here and abroad. (Recall the links between the notorious “El Rukns” gang of Chicago to Louis Farrakhan and ultimately to Moammar Qaddafi.). This is not healthy.

Moving on, the other big story that broke yesterday was President Trump making history by crossing over the demarcation line at the 38th Parallel into North Korea to greet Whoa, Fat!, becoming the first sitting US president to set foot in the hermit kingdom. The meeting, post the G-20 confab and meeting with Xi-Jinping, saw a commitment to further talks to denuclearize North Korea and the Korean peninsula as a whole. Obviously, things like this are negotiated way in advance but Trump stepping into North Korea was, from what I gather, an almost spur of the moment decision. Naturally, every Democrat candidate and their handlers in the Media are blasting this as some sort of stunt. And some are even calling Trump’s glowing words for Kim tone deaf considering the latter’s nation’s horrendous record of human rights abuses. Look, I get that. But we have to recognize we live in a generally horrible and dangerous world and sometimes we have to deal with horrible and dangerous nations and do things that might be considered unsavory in the interests of our security as well as checking the advance and advantages of our geo-political rivals and enemies. In this case, China. Doing nothing is not an option. The NorKs would go on doing what they were doing at home and abroad. Taking them off the chessboard, so to speak, gives us leverage with the Chi-Coms as well as further isolates the nuclear ambitions of Iran, with whom they were very much in bed with. If things pan out over time in a positive way, there will be time to sort out and deal with the human rights abuses and other atrocities. For now, it’s an historic moment that should be applauded and encouraged. Well done, Mr. President. More on this when we return to the Foreign Desk in a moment.

Moving on to the Immigration and Border Crisis, we have four essays that deal with the muddled SCOTUS decision on the citizenship question on the 2020 Census. As I alluded to on Friday, at this point it’s time for the Executive Branch to once and for all smack down the Judiciary when they overstep and usurp power. Yes, it does set dangerous precedent for a future Democrat president. But what the hell is going on in DC anyway? We have nothing to lose really as the Democrat Party is for all intents an purposes a hostile, anti-American political entity that alternately uses/abuses the Constitution as both shield and cudgel as it sees fit with the ultimate goal of shredding it entirely. Also, Tom Perez claims health insurance for illegal aliens isn’t a handout, Stephanopoulos asks a real question of Julian Castro, Da Nang Dick even concedes the president has to enforce immigration law, but if that’s the case then what’s with Sanctuary Cities?, House Dems introduce bill to flood us with more Latin American peasantry, and the border crisis hypocrites on parade.

Clinton/Obama Deep State Coup and Cover-Up: A look at how the GOP should cross-examine Mueller.

Democrat Scandal Sheet and Official Anti-Semitism: A city in Bro-Fo Omar’s district nixes the pledge of allegiance, the questions Bro-Fo is oddly reluctant to answer, and Maggie Hassan kept her constituents in the dark about a data breach despite raking companies over the coals for doing the same thing. Meh, she and her underlings doxxed Republicans so for her, this ain’t no biggie, right? Sheesh. Lastly, a Holocaust survivor rips Chiquita Khruschev AOC a new one for her callous and stupid remarks.

Politics: Top fundraiser abandons Joey Bidet, Republicans funding wacky Marianne Williamson to keep her in the debates, Home Depot’s Bernie Marcus puts money where his mouth is for Trump while big Wall Street hedgefunder dumps dough-re-mi for Dems in Virginia, first it was collusion, then obstruction and now its “ethical,” and three essays on the insanity of the Democrats.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Several links dealing with Big Tech/Big Brother muzzling including Reddit site quarantines pro-Trumpers yet leaves violence-promoting anti-white racists and Daniel Greenfield on Big Tech’s war on us, Christian Toto reminds us how CNN’s Kamau Bell praised the Antifa goon terrorists yet hurled obscenities at Tucker Carlson with zero repercussions, and howls of laughter erupt as Trump humiliates Jm J Acosta in Japan.

Guns: Study shows students nine times more likely to be injured during active shooter situations in gun free zones. Gee, who knew.

Abortion: A lesson learned the hard way.

Foreign Desk: Along with history, new press secretary Stephanie Grisham was allegedly roughed up by NorK goons, effort to hamstring Trump vis a vis Iran dies in the Senate, Euro-peons doing all they can to prop up the Farsis, German Intel tells us what we already knew, Chinese tea leaves on the future, Maduro’s goons torture a Venezuelan Navy captain to death on suspicion of being anti-Maduro. No word yet from Bernie or Toothy McBigTits on this.

DEE-Fense: Iranians hacking/cyber-attacking US government databases. A game of Stuxnet would be most welcome.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: French people plan to skinny dip in protest of the burkini.

Domestic Desk: On the rolling back by SCOTUS of the administrative state (meh, abolish the EPA and show me), and continuing State Department PC madness vis a vis language school for diplomats is an abysmal and dangerous failure. Thanks, Obama!

The Economy: Kamala-Toe has jobs, jobs, jobs, mostly for Indians offshore, and electric vehicles make you feel inferior, at your expense.

Crime and Punishment: Gibson’s Bakery slams PR effort by Oberlin to obfuscate the crimes and Minnesota’s reputation as “nice” belies some ugly truths.

Healthcare: Massachusetts elevates assisted suicide.

Education: Showdown in NY schools over forced vaccination, showdown of 2020 Dems and parents over forced busing instead of charter schools, three essays, including from friend Geoff Norman, on the student loan debt payoff madness, and San Francisco attempts to Stalin-airbrush George Washington.

Red Greens: More on the renewable energy scam.

Feminazism, Homosexualization, Transgender Psychosis: California passes law putting junk tuckers, including rapists who may “untuck-it”, into women’s prisons, and even Gallup shows the wildly exaggerated numbers of homos in the US.

Hither and Yon: Related to that last piece, survey shows most Dems believe the boob tube, several good essays on the descent into cultural/political madness, the story of a Brit law student who burned a 20 in the face of a homeless man and its sad revelations about society, and nearly 20 years after his death, a look at JFK Jr’s legacy in relation to his erstwhile magazine George.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.