The Morning Report 7/2/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday and the Antifa terrorist goon squad attack on Andy Ngo in Portland and other flare ups of violence leads the news this morning. The brave, real journalist sat down with Tucker Carlson and described what happened to him. 

…The journalist, who regularly covers Antifa activity in the Portland area, told Tucker that he put his arms up to “signal” a surrender, but that only caused demonstrators to be “more aggressive”… “Then they started dumping what I believe were milkshakes and eggs, throwing it at my face which blinded me so that I could not see,” said Ngo. “And I was kicked some more, punched some more. And all this time I kept thinking, where are the police? I could still see the county justice center in front of me, but no police ever arrived…”

The reason they never showed up is because far from being a disorganized rabble, the goons that were a red nether hair’s breadth from ending your life right then and there are the new “armed militant wing of the Democrat Party.” Antifa is merely the physical manifestation of what Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook et al are doing to us every minute of every day in the virtual world. This two-front assault on the republic is because, in spite of everything, we have rejected the globalist attempt to capture the republic once and for all. And that will not be tolerated. The media either ignores these acts of political terrorism or if they can’t, will excuse it and blame the victims. After all, we’re racists, bigots, Nazis, literally Hitler, concentration camp commandants, sub human and evil and as such are not to be accorded the privilege, if you will, of having a valid viewpoint let alone of being human. 

As I stated yesterday, the knuckle-duster-wearing fists that landed in Andy Ngo’s face are the direct end result of the campaign of dehumanization of conservative America-loving Americans that began long before 9:00PM on November 8th, 2016. It began over 50 years ago and continues to fester starting in the nation’s kindergartens. That is where the fight for our long-term survival and renewal begins and ends, and the situation in that regard is very much in doubt. For now, we have what amounts to a domestic terrorist group that is being allowed to function with impunity in many jurisdictions, most openly and egregiously in Portland, Oregon where the mayor, Ted Wheeler is ordering his police officers to allow masked black-shirted brownshirts to roam the streets at will. 

This is intolerable, but just as with the flouting of law and the abrogation of the Constitution by Leftists in Congress, the Judiciary and the unelected bureaucracy, how do you how do you use legal means to fight them? The President would be justified in sending in the National Guard to restore order to the streets when the police are either unable or unwilling to do their jobs. But you can imagine the reaction that that would engender both there and here. But this “AntiFa” movement must be broken and neutralized as was the KKK. The little rat bastards that for the most part seem to be wealthy suburban white kids still living at home are being led in some manner as well as being given aid and succor by one or more “Pied Pipers” if you will. Whoever the individual or individuals are, they must be rooted out, tried and convicted of domestic terrorism and fomenting insurrection, and then appropriately punished. If only we had an FBI that was not occupied with the same goal as Antifa in overthrowing this President. On a side note, the only Democrat that seemingly without equivocation says what happened to Ngo is dead wrong is candidate Andrew Yang. So kudos to him at least for that. Things are going to get interesting around the time of the party conventions and then the election next year. G-d help us.

Meanwhile, while Andy Ngo was getting pulped, Ron Wyden was busy Tweeting about his cat, two Facebook employees allegedly received packages of sarin, Joo-hating thugs are planning to disrupt a pro-Israel group’s conference, and AntiFa terrorists go after the mayor of Hamilton, Ontario at his home. 

On to the border where Chiquita Khruschev AOC is not only stupid but deranged as well. She shrieked at some Feds at the border while continuing to spew lies about poor little kids forced to drink toilet water in Konzentrazions-Lager 97, 422 (pace Rosie O’Donuts) but was rhetorically slapped down hard by CBP’s Brandon Judd, with an overwhelming majority of Americans opposing free healthcare for illegal aliens, along with the optics of what’s going on there and in DC it’s evident that the President has won the debate on immigration. Also, El Salvador’s prexy takes the blame for his two citizens drowning in the Rio Grande, this entire “concentration camp” bilge is straight out of Stalin’s pipe, and there is a massive surge of at least 35,000 African migrants heading north out of Panama. How the hell is that happening? I smell a load of rotting goulash. 

Democrat Scandal Sheet and Official Party Anti-Semitism: Turns out Hunter Biden did in fact do biz in China in 2013 thanks to a meeting set up by his VP dad, and Daniel Greenfield looks at how a guy who never held a real job in his life makes millions had over fist by being in DC. In the Joo-hate file, some rag called the Jewish Telegraph Agencydoes all it can to defend Rancida Tliban and an anti-Israel group messed up it’s non-profit filing and as result can’t make a profit. LOL, get fucked.

Politics: The Democrat Party, per Ol’ Yeller Levin gets its platform right out of the Soviet Constitution, three essays on Kamala-Toe’s racialism and segregation including first female black senator Carol Moseley Braun coming to Joe Bidet’s defense, Dems raked in big money from big labor, Mayor Buttplug had a big payday, Rabbi Fischer on the Dems really going after each other for the next debate, CNN lies again (shocked!) about why a cartoonist was fired, NY Times op-ed claims Tank Abrams was robbed (shocked!), and Italy slaps one million Euro fine on Facebook. Did they rub the fine with garlic?

Abortion: Finally, an uplifting story if not frightening in the first part of that headline.

Foreign Desk: Things are heating up in Hong Kong where actual anti-fascist protestors storm a government building and clash with cops to demand democracy, Iran ramps up uranium enrichment and essentially scraps the Obama sell-out, several links on Trump’s historic crossing of the 38th Parallel including Mike Pompeo hinting that Whoa, Fat!wants to make a really big deal, Kudlow high on PDT’s resumption of trade talks with the Chi-Coms, an unflattering analysis of their New Silk Road initiative and two essays on the “Palestinians” vis a vis Trump’s efforts and their own madness.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Un-indicted Islamic terror front group CAIR backing Bro-Fo Omar to scrap FBI terror database. 

Domestic News: Headline about Roberts hits nail on head, and the voters have only themselves to blame for California’s insane zoning problems.

The Economy: NY Post wants everyone to remember the Trump economic miracle for a long time to come, the Media want you to give credit to Obama, AFL-CIO use flawed data on so-called “income inequality” study (um, it’s not a problem, it’s a fact of life), and if you had any doubts about Mike Lee being a total fraud, here’s confirmation. 

Crime & Punishment: Minnesota hack judge denies due process to Golden Gopher grid-iron guys over college sex assault allegations and Bro-Fo has got some khat scratch fever.

Education: GOP’s serious counter proposals to college loan debt amnesty and Kamala-Toe hates kids and loves teachers’ union indoctrinators.

Red Greens: The changing climate actually reduced wildfire risk to 400-year low, French cops do to enviro-clowns what should’ve been done in Portland, solar farm threatens historic sites in Virginia (brilliant idea to put them where there’s lots of clouds and rainfall), Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan on the red tape from the red greens lawsuits preventing progress and prosperity, and an essay on the current crazy heat-wave in Europe.

Feminazism, Homosexualization, Transgender Psychosis: How homosexuality greases the wheels in making the State the parent, and how two HGTV hosts seeking to “normalize” homosexuality ultimately created a backlash.

Hither and Yon: Ugh, now Oreo goes SJW with a new “gender fluid” cream filling, Trump wants tanks on the mall for the 4th and he should get them, a look at the population shifts to and from the Rust Belt, and lastly Nike reportedly bows to pressure from angry scrub idiot Kaepernick who felt threatened by Betsy Ross Flag sneakers. Listen asshole, if you fell threatened by a sneaker depicting American history, what about your presence here in the country itself? You best de-ass with the quickness to Liberia, m’kay? 

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.