The Morning Report 7/3/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and there are a few things that need addressing, especially in the wake of the vicious attack on journalist Andy Ngo by AntiFa terrorist thugs. Considering that Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler, a rabid anti-American stooge more than likely ordered his police to stand down if (more likely when) AntiFa terrorists engage in violence and that the Democrat Party leadership and the national media have refused to condemn the attack and have openly blamed the victim, the daily bilge coming out of Chiquita Khruschev’s pie hole was underscored by a revolting, yet revelatory outburst from bipedal bed-sore-on-the-body-politic Frederica “Flip” Wilson, and I quote:

“…people who are ‘making fun of members of Congress’ online ‘should be prosecuted..’

‘Those people who are online making fun of members of Congress are a disgrace and there is no need for anyone to think that is unacceptable,’ Wilson said during a press conference. ‘We are going to shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted’…”

The blithering dolt’s dentures must have slipped as I believe she meant to say “acceptable,” but that aside, I assume she is referring only to Democrats, of course. But all things considered, this raises alarm bells every bit as much, for me, as brass knucks to the face of Andy Ngo and bullets to the thorax of Steve Scalise. The tacky tyrant is advocating things that are making Patrick Henry and John Peter Zenger roll over in their graves, and on the very eve of the Revolution that was fought against the very thing she’s promoting. Circling back to Toothy McBigTits, yes darling, the USA is most definitely “headed towards fascism” and it’s you and rhinestone cow-pies like Frederica Wilson that are at the whip hand. 

Moving on to the border, in the wake of yesterday’s more or less capitulation by the administration on including the citizenship question on the 2020 census, we still have two links covering the issue. Perhaps they were written before the announcement yesterday, but they are still relevant, especially the overwhelming majority of actual Americans who wanted it included. The latest outrage du jour involves Border Patrol agents having a secret Facebook page where, horror of horrors, they are supportive of the President and rip the open borders crowd. Frankly, considering that Big Tech/Big Brother sees and hears everything these days, how secret could this page have been? Elsewhere, as we all know, the lies about “concentration camps” and child torture are just that as verified by Latino priests themselves and anyone with eyes to see and a brain to think, the administration is fining illegal aliens who refuse court ordered deportation, which is all well and good but how about hunting them down and trebucheting their carcasses down to Patagonia? Meanwhile, much as it pains him to admit it, even Fareed Zakaria agrees with Trump on asylum, every company in America should follow Dunkin Donuts’ lead, and severely bald and repulsive Cory Booker will essentially declare amnesty fur alles if he were king. 

Some Clinton-Obama Coup and Cover-Up news where the IG report is evidently complete yet we have to wait a few weeks so they can bury it, er, dot the “Is” and cross the “Ts”, and a former State Department official raised alarm bells of Hillary’s criminal e-mail practices yet miraculously survived a jog in Fort Marcy Park. Feh.

Democrat Scandal Sheet and Joo-Hate Files: Bro-Fo Omar clams up about her tax dodging and talk about chutzpocrisy and just in-your-face gall, Scott Israel, the disgraced ex-Broward County sheriff at the center of the Parkland high school shooting fiasco is, get this, filing papers to run again for sheriff. He deserves to run, from pitchforks and clubs in the hands of irate Broward residents. Meh, they’re mostly Democrat anyway and if Coonman and Poonman can survive their meshugas, Israel’s a shoe-in. No Joo-Hate today. I know you’re all disappointed.

Politics: Record-breaking donations for Trump and the Republicans means one thing: early night. Dennis Prager dee-fines dee Dems, Buttplug slammed by Lefty rag, Daniel Greenfield on the sad spectacle of Blotto Beto, Hickenlooper bemoans the Santa Claus Party and looks to be on the ropes, several essays on the bust-out racialism of Kamala-Toe, Mayor Buttplug and the rest of the Dems, and a warning about the normalization of “Democratic Socialism.” Vive l’academie. 

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Twitter doesn’t think AntiFa violates their rules of service, Cloudfare apologizes for screwing up Al Gore’s invention, CNN’s hideous defense of Kamala-Toe’s racialism, Michelle Malkin on the Ravelry SJW censors, and Jeffrey Lord reminds us about Bush 41’s Gulf War victory parade and other presidential politicization of July 4th in light of the geschrei over Trump’s July 4th military display. 

Guns: Fauxca-Has-Been is nothing if not predictable.

Abortion: Rand Paul with a shocking truth about GOP recalcitrance on stopping the funding of Planned Parenthood.

Foreign Desk: Euro-Peons eager to aid the Iranians in wake of abandonment of Obama nuke sellout, Trump’s NorK maneuvers are all about China, an opinion that the ChiComs got the better of PDT at the G-20, the Chi-Coms owe us $1 trillion but will we exert pressure for repayment, interventionists create agitprop for Trump to intervene in Syria, and Caroline Glick with some hard truth about “Palestinian” leadership.

DEE-Fense: the continuing fiasco of the F-35 and Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher is acquitted of murdering terrorists.

Domestic News: Bureaucrats persecute Kentucky eyeglass charity, Austin’s insane allowing of camping out on city streets, LAPD uses robots to clean up typhus-infested police station, and the debate over the living and breathing Constitution versus originalism.

The Economy: In the wake of Kaepernick strong-arming Nike, a look at the “woke” madness invading corporate boardrooms and Nike still employs slave labor.
Crime and Punishment: Anti-American ADL conspired to have a critic prosecuted for so-called hate-crime.

Healthcare: A victory at SCOTUS over big pharma and trial lawyers despite Thom Tillis and Chris Coons attempting to preserve the latter’s stranglehold on patent lucre. Fuck them both.

Education: Colleges are rabid indoctrination mills and epicenters of community persecution and more praise for charter schools.

Red Greens: More revelations about Bloomberg backing lawsuits via AG offices to persecute oil companies and New York’s “climate change” law will do nothing except fleece the public and ruin whatever’s left of the state’s economy.

Real Science: Interstellar cigar-shaped object is not a spaceship.

Feminazism: The real toxicity in so-called toxic masculinity.

Hither and Yon: Three essays on Nike’s caving in to Kaepernick, Christian Toto on Hollywood’s obsession with Robert Mueller, strong female film roles are not a recent phenomenon, Independence Day was really yesterday, why we need more monuments to our founders and a powerful essay and warning that circles back to my opening remarks vis a vis Andy Ngo and the Left. Read and heed.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.