The Morning Report 7/4/19

Good morning kids. 

Just as we go to press, we have late breaking news that Justin Amash, who after openly attacking President Trump and joining forces with the coup by supporting Robert Mueller’s fraudulent report and generally helping to stonewall Trump’s agenda for the past two years, is collapsing in the polls has announced that he is quitting the Republican Party. Can you see my shocked face? That clears the way for the GOP candidate Peter Meijer who was challenging him for the nomination to take it outright. Hopefully he can win the general and be a much-needed ally in a hopefully Republican-controlled and pro-Trump House. As for Limpin’ LaDouche, LOL GF!

Now back to our regularly scheduled rant already in progress…

Thursday and Happy 243rd Birthday, America! Along with the abject insanity and knife edge that whatever remains of our republic, culture and heritage precariously dangles on, we have much to be proud of and grateful for. We have some fine essays on the subject at the end of the links if you want to skip ahead but, as usual, the beat goes on and so shall we.

First up we go to the crisis at the border where, as usual, yet another hack-in-black from Seattle has ordered the administration must give asylum hearings to the alien invaders within one week of their capture or release them. The excuse is the dangerous overcrowding in each of our 100,000 or more “concentration camps.” Daniel Horowitz in Conservative Review is spot on; we’ve gone from fighting the Redcoats to being subjugated by hacks-in-black who alternately use our Constitution as a shield or a cudgel before finally using it as toilet paper. I must sound like a broken record already but it is way past time to declare these rogue hacks’ decisions that encroach on the Executive Branch’s authority and responsibility to defend our sovereignty null and void. We can’t worry about what a future Democrat president will do because of that precedent because look at what the hell they’ve been doing since at least 2009. And more tellingly look no further than the daily bilge coming out of collective cake-holes of the 2020 candidates, the rhinestone cow-pies sitting in Congress, the propagandists in the media and the black-clad thug terrorists in the streets. We may get another 4 years of breathing space come 2020 but after that, all bets are off.

At least right now, whatever the rogue judges may do, the President must order the DHS, CBP and whatever law enforcement entities at the federal, state and local levels that are still loyal to the rule of law and the Constitution to ramp up apprehension and deportation of anyone and everyone who is on our soil illegally, regardless of how long they have been here and any other sob story cum mitigating circumstance is hurled in our faces. Yes, it’s all well and good to “fine” illegal aliens $500,000 for ignoring court orders to leave but most if not all barely have $50 in their pockets, Uncle Sugar’s in-kind freebie handouts notwithstanding. You broke our laws and the punishment is clear. And that goes double for citizens and corporations who hire these foreigners. In any case, it looks as if AG Barr is going to get serious on this issue by implementing a 10-year-old rule that would set precedent for the DoJ over immigration courts. No doubt Hawaiian Judge Buch M. Danno will protest and cast a Brady Bunch tiki-doll bad ju-ju on his head.

The President, quite justifiably has unloaded on the Dems for their engineering, escalating and failed obfuscating of this crisis. Elsewhere, despite all the blood-libeling of the President, DHS and CBP even Obama’s DHS chief Jeh Johnson admits that the goal of the Democrats is, in fact, open borders, Bro-Fo Omar defends Obama for doing what fact checkers have shown was far worse to detainees than Trump is doing, Cuck Schemer beclowns himself by calling for the removal of the head of the Border Patrol before he’s even started day one on the job, and not to be outdone, Chiquita Khruschev AOC’s brilliant 4-Point immigration plan’s second point is “climate change,” and lastly California is the petri dish of what this is all about; supplanting our natural citizenry with an invading, alien populace and making the former pay for it, willingly or not. 

Civil War 2.0: With the attack on Andy Ngo, the Left’s official position is that he and we are asking for it by daring to stand in the way of the hijacking of the republic by totalitarian forces.

Democrat Scandal Sheet and Officially Sanctioned Joo-Hate: Trump is so evil and crafty, he slipped Hillary tainted borscht to get her to make a Russian oligarch pay the guy who wrote the dossier that proved Trump colluded with Russia. Sounds like the words to the Passover classic “Chad Gad Ya.” And speaking of Jooz, a CNN stooge jumped to the defense of now openly anti-Semitic Congressional candidate and former CIA typing pool reject Valerie Plame.

Politics: As the parade of psychos also known as the 2020 Democrat field heads to Iowa, Victor Davis Hanson notes that the bust out honesty is going to sink them faster than Rosie O’Donuts at the far end of Guam, surprise surprise – looks like Team Pelosi dug out Al Franken’s Buick from storage and now Melinda Katz is leading the Marxist candidate Tiffany Caban in the Queens, NY district attorney primary, two contradictory essays on the fortunes of tovarich Sanders although it certainly looks like the bust-out commies are just about ready to completely subsume the party, Kamala-Toe taking heat from the Sikhs for civil rights mopery, Son-of-DeBolshevik pens revolting, if not unsurprising anti-cop screed, Democrat plans for SCOTUS if they win and two contradictory essays on the state of political affairs in the American electorate.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Eight times the media lied about no border crisis, underscoring the incredibly stupid part of the stupid party, CNN’s fake news about a Trump/Military rift over the 4th of July celebration, and a look at Big Tech/Big Brother and their muzzling of our voices.

Guns: Needles, CA tells Newsom to FOAD and declares itself a 2-A sanctuary city.

Abortion: Ohio hack-in-black halts heartbeat bill and GOP lawmakers push for HHS transparency on when government is paying for abortions with Obamacare (thanks, McStains!).

Foreign Desk: Three links on the Iran nuke deal sell-out and current situation, a look at Britain’s terrible housing crisis and the Council of Europe knuckles under to the Russkies.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Warnings about a possible July 4th terror attack either in NYC or the Capitol. The Islami-kazes are big on anniversaries and aside from Independence Day there was also some big Muslim victory hundreds of years ago on this date. Maybe that’s why VP Pence cut short his New Hampshire trip and came back to DC? Nice coincidence that the city will have tanks on hand for blowin’ and showin’. G-d forbid. Also, James Comey = Jamal Qom-i? A look at the disturbing Islamic influence at the FBI. 

Domestic Affairs: Friend of the blog Jim Varney over at the Washington Times looks at deficit hawks outraged by the lack of outrage about our out of control debt, and Flint, Michigan’s corruption runs thicker than its undrinkable water. 

The Economy: Good news, bad news and good news where major tech giants reportedly are looking to ankle China, our trade deficit is still out of whack but at last we are energy independent.

Crime & Punishment: Jersey hack judge gives teen rapist a slap on the wrist (let me guess; the kid’s name is Muhammed Kennedy-Smith?), and a look at patent laws that are essentially toothless against bootleggers and knock-off purveyors.

Actual Science and Tech: Tennessee scientist is seriously searching for proof of other dimensions and parallel universes. Can we find one without Socialists and Muslims?

Feminazism and Transgender Psychosis: Mother of the 11-year-old Harry Reid wet-dream is out of her skull, and if they aren’t punching you in the face in Portland, they’re rolling around on the floor in drag with your kid.

Hither and Yon: Daniel Greenfield on the SJW’s ignoring “this is library!,” Betsy Ross was a great American for damn sure, Tom Holland all in on destroying another film franchise, and a look back at the legacy of Lee Iacocca who passed away a few days ago at 94.

Finally, we celebrate the 243rd birthday of America with a bevy of links including the maligned and blood-libeled Thomas Jefferson and his cohorts sowed the seeds to end slavery, the war to dismantle our heritage, the words of Silent Cal on this day in 1926, the meaning of freedom when the Bicentennial coincided with the miracle Entebbe rescue mission, and finally the good Roger Simon on counting our blessings and celebrating to, paraphrasing a commenter, “smile and strike fear in the hearts of killjoy Leftists” on this great day. Trump is president and have a nice big glass of schadenboner and celebrate. ‘Murica, bitches. Still here.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.