The Morning Report 7/8/19

Good morning kids. Start of a new week and as we bid farewell to the long holiday weekend there’s much to catch up on so let’s commence. The brewing, if not already upon us, Civil War 2.0 remains a lead topic as masked Antifa terrorist thugs attacked attendees at a DC “Demand Free Speech Rally,” where they knocked MAGA hats off bystanders’ heads, beat up newspaper vending machines and attempted to set American flags on fire as a symbol of their commitment to fighting fascism. I find that rather ironic, that is disgusting, considering the people and institutions they attack are in point of fact the exact opposite of dictionary-definition “fascism” and, with no visible means of support, are more than likely funded in some part by a man who was at one time a collaborator with actual 100% bona fide Nazis and made his money off of their victims. 

Despite the fact that these masked, black-clad neo-Brown Shirts are nothing more than a loosely organized rabble, they are nevertheless part and parcel of the same political mindset of all the little drones in the hive mind of Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest. Except the former does things the old fashioned way; with fists. At the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, I find the parallels between Nazi Germany and the American far Left – which in point of fact is now the mainstream – rather chilling. The party leadership, technocrats and governmental functionaries didn’t do the rounding up, shooting and gassing, but without their help, those who committed mass murder could not have done it. And just like in that time and place, you had a very large percentage of people who either cheered it on or were at best indifferent.

Sinclair Lewis wrote It Can’t Happen Here in 1935, not only because he saw early on the dangers of what was going on over there but because he was a witness to people like Huey Long over here (FDR doesn’t get a pass from me either). Yes, of course, there are many differences to then and now, but the one thing that remains eternal is human nature. While most people yearn to be free, there are those who crave power and control. That’s why America’s founding is so miraculous and our founding fathers so brilliant in the crafting of the Declaration and Constitution; and why the Left so hates them because it, and by extension we who cherish them, is the only thing that stands in the way of their desire for absolute control. By the way, that is the definition of the concept of American “exceptionalism.” It’s that America is the exception to every other form of government that came before it insofar as vesting political power in the citizenry and not in the government. And even with Trump, we are still teetering on the brink as a republic and a society.

Getting back to other headlines related to this, a theater canceled the screening of the pro-life flick Unplanned after threats of violence from pro-baby-killers, after kicking cops out of one of its franchises in Arizona, Starbucks apologizes, so rabid and insane is the Left that they actually doxx one of their own who was raising funds to help illegal aliens when they misinterpret a photograph of the woman, and Christian Toto on reliably Leftist house organ Showtime mocking the muzzling and persecution of conservatives. It can’t happen here, my ass. It sure as hell can. And is.

On to the border crisis where Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services is stating that, after the two-week delay caused by bureaucratic sabotage, ICE is ready to deport one million illegals with final deportation orders. Do it. Do not pas “Go,” do not listen to the courts and the media. Just do your duty. Elsewhere, as fiercely bald Corey Booker grandstands that he’s acting as a border coyote, a Democrat House backbencher is caught sending her staff into Mexico to coach asylum-fraudsters. The easy solution is to declare a moratorium on the granting of asylum indefinitely. Also, the citizenship question is not controversial, but its removal from the 2010 Census by Obama sure as hell should’ve been, and someone echoing my sentiments about John Roberts and the rogue judiciary, there’s a large caravan evidently of Cubans heading north towards the Rio Grande, which is funny since getting off that island for the average citizen is like escaping from Alcatraz or Devil’s Island (the Castro regime is retaliating against Trump for reversing Obama’s sellout and also causing their usual mayhem) and, of course, much of the blame for this madness rests squarely on the shoulders of Congress.

Clinton-Obama Coup and Mueller-Congressional Cover Up: Supposedly Horowitz will come after all, and with a lot of damning evidence and corroboration of same. Breath Status = [X] Not Held.

Democrat Scandal Sheet: You may have heard that over the weekend, the already convicted pedophile and close associate of the Clintons Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for sex trafficking, causing the daughter of Nancy Palsi, Christine, to tap dance, obfuscate and deflect what revelations about party bigwigs might come out, despite the media’s attempt to bury what could be bombshell revelations. Also, Fauxca-Has-Been is a filthy hypocrite.

Politics: Trump scores his highest approval ever in an ABC/WaPo which means you can add at least 4 points to their 44%, Trump compares Chiquita Khruschev to a Nazi sympathizer and the big-boobed boob actually took it as a compliment, the feud between her with her three fellow Maoists and Nancy Palsi is boiling over, funny how after spending 8 years at his side, Joey Bidet’s former boss is silent as the segregationist attacks fly, Moochelle is an angry fool and just feeding hubby’s already titanic ego, Joey Bidet is threatening to reveal dirt on his rivals, Victor Davis Hanson correctly assesses Bidet’s mental state, Kamala-Toe may have stuck the toe and her feet in her mouth over busing while playing Santa Claus to blacks with another housing market disaster, not to be outdone Bernie and Fauxca-Has-Been offer a trillion in free shit to buy votes, Dems and Google are thick as thieves and the College Republicans get slapped.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Amazon bans gay conversion therapy books, Christian gets booted from professional conference for not supporting homo marriage, Big Tech is Big Brother and needs to be defanged, and Tommy Robinson once again imprisoned for daring to speak the truth.

Guns: Eric Swallowswell spouts something about background checks, and yet everything he wants is being implemented in places like Chicago… with 66 shot and 5 killed. Winning platform, Eric.

Abortion: New Study shows dangers of abortifacients and Emily’s List throwing big bucks at 2020 Dem Congressional candidates.

Foreign Desk: Farsis go nuts as Yanks an Brits seize Syria-bound tanker, are the Iranians closer to getting a nuke, Russian sub disaster in the Arctic kills 14 sailors and hints at Ice Station Zebra for real, Russky apparatchik accuses NATO of fomenting revolutions, keeping Poland secure, Mauritania election highlights the real slave trade and not Kaepernick’s fever-dreams, on the NorK summits, two about Chi-Com imperial dreams, Venezuela’s death squads and the Jerusalem embassy move’s brilliance.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: A second “son of Hamas” gets deprogrammed from the “I-keeeeeel-you” lifestyle and exposes Turkish terror plots. Side note; go watch the documentary The Green Prince.

Domestic Desk: Even the UN calls San Francisco a third world shit-hole, defang the Deep State and Illinois Governor Pritzker doubles the state gas tax.

The Economy: Yet another record-breaking employment report for President Trump, the trade war with China is all about bringing industry back over here, and Fauxca-Has-Been tilts at windmills.

Crime and Punishment: Former Oberlin College prexy says just pay the fine and apologize (fat chance since he’s white, hetero and male).

Healthcare: Joe Bidet sez bring back the individual mandate.

Education: Teachers adding climate change indoctrination to curricula.

Feminazism, Transgender Psychosis: Scottish high school student expelled for daring to defy his overlords by speaking the truth.

Hither and Yon: US wins Women’s Soccer World Cup as Rapinoe acts disrespectfully het again, on the “woke” angle in sports, some Detroit festival charging whites double the price for being non-colored, patriotism is not racism and debunking the blood-libeling of the Betsy Ross flag.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.