The Morning Report 7/9/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday and the big story is the reaction and fallout over the arrest of convicted pedophile and billionaire donor and pal to the Clintons and other major Democrats Jeffrey Epstein. Recall that just over 10 years ago, Epstein faced having to spend the rest of his life in Federal prison for sex offenses involving underage girls but somehow was able to skate on those in exchange for doing time in Florida as well as other conditions for what was described as “the deal of a lifetime.” It was so horrendous that Epstein was required only to sleep at the Palm Beach lock-up yet was free to go about his business, whatever that business was, during the day essentially unsupervised. Cops and prosecutors were stunned and livid. Democrats breathed a sigh of relief, as all was forgotten, seemingly forever. As an aside, there are a lot of unanswered questions about who exactly Jeffrey Epstein is and where all his billions came from since his CV as some sort of genius hedge fund manager has quite a number of holes in it and he and his associates have been cagey about that for a long time.

Back to our story, yes all was seemingly forgotten, except that earlier this year, a Florida judge stated prosecutors violated the law by failing to notify Epstein’s victims before the deal was struck and so the case surfaced again. And this past weekend, an unsuspecting Epstein was nabbed as he was deplaning his private jet at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey while at the same time the Feds were breaking down the door of his Manhattan residence to search for evidence. He’s now being held, presumably without bail, on multiple charges of sex trafficking involving underage girls. 

I’m glossing over a lot of the details because the salient question is, why now? The fact that the Southern District of New York is handling this provides the answer. With the Clinton-Obama-Mueller Collusion Hoax having collapsed, and the Democrat-controlled House investigations going nowhere, the SDNY is now the only real weapon left with which to try to decapitate the Trump presidency. The SDNY is going to try and get Epstein to rat on Trump. That is, they are going to force him to read lies from a pre-written script in open court to once again smear the President as either a pretext for impeachment or to destroy his bid for reelection. 

Look, there is no doubt that the President knew Epstein as both moved in the same circles. But, there is zero evidence to indicate Trump actively and willingly participated in having sex with child sex slaves or this would have come out in October of 2016 or even earlier. The Democrat-Left-Media Complex is playing with fire because in their zeal to get Trump, there is no way they can avoid seriously exposing a lot of Democrat-Left politicians and celebrities quite possibly as co-conspirators in child rape. At the very top of that list is Bill Clinton, who has now publicly moved to distance himself from his teeny-bopper procurer and by extension Hillary. Maybe the anti-Clinton faction in the Democrat Party is engineering this to purge whatever influence they have left and clear the path (Shining or otherwise) for them to wrest control. Meh, maybe that’s a fringe benefit or part of the calculus as a tradeoff to get Trump. For me, it smacks of desperation. They threw almost the entire apparatus of the Federal law enforcement and intelligence community at him along with almost every major and minor media outlet in the country and failed miserably, to the point that a clear majority of Americans now distrust the media and Congress more than ever, as the President’s approval numbers hit record highs along with the economy his policies ignited. Pass the popcorn.

Back to the border we go where despite the Roberts Court, the 14th Amendment gives clear standing for the President to ask the question of citizenship on the census, migrant invaders are still invading no matter what the media and statistics say, the NY Times and Rancida Tliban both spew lies about “mass atrocities” and “concentration camps,” even hack propagandist Martha Raddatz ain’t having any of Rancida’s bilge, the Koch/CoC Whores need foreign slave labor, and lastly even Mexico’s commie prexy’s poll numbers are skyrocketing since Trump’s border crackdown.

Dem Scandal Sheet and Official Party Anti-Semitism: Aside from the Jeffrey Epstein debacle/anti-Trump gambit, we go directly to Joo-Hatred where, not to be outdone by an aide who Tweets anti-Israel bilge, Fauxca-Has-Been herself is now publicly supporting “Palestine” from the river to the sea… that is a river of Jewish blood and sea of bodies bulldozed into the Mediterranean. 

Clinton/Obama Anti-Trump Coup and Mueller/Congressional Cover-Up and Persecution: Hand in hand with the renewed Jeffrey Epstein interest, Andrew Cuomo has signed some sort of bill allowing the Feds to see Trump’s New York State tax returns, but Margot Cleveland at The Federalist thinks Andrew Weissmann’s testimony before Congress is going to hurt the anti-Trump Left more than the intended target himself.

Civil War 2.0: Antifa lacks diversity and Christian Toto on the threats and violence against conservative voices in the arts, specifically looking at the movie Unplanned.

Politics: Still not tired of winning as on the heels of the ABC/WaPo poll with Trump at 44% approval, Rasmussen now has him at 50% since the July 4th weekend. Yes Dems, more flag burning, baby-killing, gun-grabbing, race-baiting, climate hoaxing and Joo-bashing will do the trick in ’20. Elsewhere, Joey Bidet allegedly goes off on a colleague over busing, Fauxca-Has-Been raking in the wampum, a look at the entrenched Dem incumbents who fear being primaried by the Maoists, what Kamala-Toe really thinks about the youth voters, several good links on reparations as well as the phony “white supremacist” bogeyman, Justin Amash ankles committee, profiling Mark Warner’s GOP challenger Scott Taylor, Marianne Williamson bubbling under, Salena Zito on a bellwether North Carolina race, Michelle Obama is a misshapen sack of racialism, bitterness, hate and flat out ignorance, and the disturbed, depraved Democrat dingbats.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Is Facebook’s planned cyptocurrency hot or hype, Daniel Greenfield on book burnings at your local library, and yes indeed, when it comes to real journalism, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Foreign Desk: Iran tensions still top the category with the Mullahs reportedly ramping up uranium enrichment and Michael Ledeen, an expert on that nation and the region, with a warning on not taking their 12th imam madness seriously, Anti-Trump Brit ambassador blasted and booted, two links on the Chi-Coms including a look at Hong Kong vis a vis our Independence Day, slavery in Nigeria and yet we have to endure Kaepernick, populism surge in the EU parliament, Cuba is paradise on earth, and Hamas Louse Sarsour pimps the “Jesus-was-Palestinian” bilge.

Domestic Desk: Oh Lord, I hope Anthony Kennedy is not advising Trump on SCOTUS picks, the next session at the high court has crucial school and religion decisions on tap, Boise seeks relief from the latter on its homeless crisis, while no one was looking Seattle was rounding up its bums, that one time someone succeeded in actually building a home in California and the graft and waste that is Andrew Cuomo.

Crime and Punishment: Back to Seattle where that hate crime epidemic is more like Eddie Murphy’s “Aunt Bunny.”

Healthcare: In France, l’etat c’est MORT. And I don’t mean Downey or Sahl.

Education: LA Teachers union teams with criminal thugs at BLM to make schools more dangerous, school choice ekes out a win in West Virginia and DeBolshevik spews lies about same in the rotten Apple.

Red Greens: Trump and a meteorologist slam Toothy McBigTits about “climate change” and her fact-free garbage, still waiting for phony wind and solar schemes to collapse, and Rabbi Fischer dismantles youthful useless idiots on the socialist aspect of all this (NB: American Spectator is now behind a paywall).

Feminazism, Transgender Psychosis: The soccer pay gap shows women making more than men, diversity kills in Australia, now air conditioning is evidently sexist, and four poor souls seeking help for their tranny delusions get crushed by the medical establishment who screwed them up in the first place.

Hither and Yon: Seinfeld hits 30 and the new Netflix offering Strange Things evidently is safe to watch and not anti-American.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.