The Morning Report 7/18/19

Good morning, kids. Dragging this Thursday morning after a nice dinner across the river with fellow cob CBD, so blame him if I’m not my usual perky acid-tongued self. Anyway the big story is the continued self-immolation of the Democrat Party courtesy of the “The Aristocrats!,” “The Four Marxisteers,” call-them-what-you-will, aka “The Squad.” Beyond the initial lies about “concentration camps” and torturing children and the President’s justified retaliatory strike in defense of ICE and CBP, the Wrecking Crew have ignored the time-honored first rule of holes maxim and as of this writing have broken through the Continental Crust and should be halfway through the lithosphere by lunchtime. 

As repulsive as it is for us to have to endure the torrent of raw sewage emitted from these dangerously deranged crackpots, they have exposed the Democrat Party and the Leftist-Globalist enterprise to destroy America as founded for all to see. Intentionally or not, it’s all because of Trump. No, not because he’s a big, fat, orange meanie and a “racist,” but because he instinctively defends this country and its people to the hilt as he would if his own family were personally attacked.

I think what has happened, and no doubt will continue to happen for the next 15 months has the potential to not only wipe out the Dems in the 2020 election, but could have the effect of splintering it altogether. And Nancy Palsi, Cuck Schemer and every one of the 10,000 presidential candidates and the two Democrat dogcatchers from Yuma not running have no one else to blame but themselves for this. That said, much of what we’ve seen has been festering at least as far back as perhaps the 2004 election and certainly by 2008 with Obama, that is the most strident anti-Americans attaining important positions within the party and movement. Of course, 50-plus years of brainwashing courtesy of the American educational system might had a hand in all of this as well. So when Trump “stole” the election from Hillary by “colluding with Russia,” they went over the edge with the rhetoric. But it’s far too late to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Nancy Palsi could have stood her ground and looked like the adult in the room by publicly telling the Four Fungi to cool it. But Psych-Out Chakrabarti doesn’t play second banana (or is it an apple, CNN?) to some broken down crooked machine pol. Not when there’s a glorious socialist revolution to be won! But I digress…

Well, it’s more likely that Nancy couldn’t rebuke them without pissing off the base since to do so would give the appearance that she is defending OrangeManBad. And how could she do that since she and her underlings openly declared they were going to impeach Trump the moment they won the midterms. Speaking of which, the non-“Let’s Stay Together” Al Green’s motion to start impeachment proceedings was tabled indefinitely. Funny, but I thought the Congressional Black Caucasians were rushing to Pelosi’s defense only a day or so ago and yet this creepy looking stooge who looks like a very tanned version of Engelbert Humperdink’s grandfather did the one thing she desperately hoped to avoid. Total circular firing squad. 

Despite idiots like John Son-of-a-Postage-Stamp Kasich’s bullshit about civility or whatever, even those on the Left are admitting that Trump won this whole thing hands down, and they’re absolutely panicked about it. There was, in fact, polling done on Sunday or Monday and Trump’s approval among Republican voters actually increased and significantly even after his “racist” America, love it or leave it comments. His rally in North Carolina further underscored it with the crowd shifting from “lock her up” to “send her back.” After reciting a litany of horrid quotes about Bro-Fo and company, Trump actually brought up the Somali slag’s dubious sham marriage to her brother and the fraud she perpetrated to come to the land she utterly loathes. And the wailing and rending of garments on the Lido Deck of Kristol’s ship could be heard far out to sea.

Yet with everything crashing and burning all around them, what did Bro-Fo and Rancida Tliban do? Co-sponsor a bill promoting the anti-Semitic BDS movement. Perfect. 

We’ll circle back to politics with more related links but first…AMNESTY, IMMIGRATION, MIGRANT INVASION BORDER WALL, BORDER SECURITY

To the border we go where the House votes to hold William Barr and Wilbur Ross in contempt over the citizenship question on the census that’s not going to be on the census, the drug trafficking coming north, 19 out of the 22 MS-13 animals indicted of a savage murder were – surprise! – here illegally, CBP agents are getting assaulted and no one iis doing anything, and Democrats openly promote flouting of the law.