The Morning Report 7/19/19

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and, all together now, what a week it’s been.For the first time at least in my lifetime, America witnessed the raw, naked, ugly, inescapable truth about who and what the Democrat Party is courtesy of a president who, also for the first time in my lifetime, had no trepidation whatsoever in pointing it out. In so doing, he has more than likely put himself firmly on the path to re-election, but more significantly, may have set in motion the fracturing and/or dissolution of the Democrat Party going forward. Even after 50 years of flooding this nation with foreigners who have not assimilated into our culture and the simultaneous brainwashing of at least three generations of natural born citizens who reject our own and their own culture, there is still a clear majority of Americans who are against what the Democrats are attempting to do to our country and their outrage at us for not willingly and cheerfully sticking our collective heads in their noose and begging for mercy. 

So now, we have the completely phony “controversy” of a crowd of Trump supporters spontaneously chanting “send her back,” referring to one of the four members of the now collective face of the Democrat Party Ilhan “Bro-Fo” Omar. The Democrat-Media Complex and their stooges in Con-servative Inc. are pointing to this as some sort of ugly display proving that it is Trump and all of us that are nativist, racist, bigoted, etc. while completely ignoring the fact that this was in response to the non-stop projectile vomiting of anti-American and anti-Semitic filth emanating from the cake hole of a likely immigration fraudster and daughter (or sister? wife? aunt?) of a Somali war criminal, and echoed by the other three in her gang, and, to my point, the rest of her party and base. 

When confronted about this by ABC stenographer Jonathan Karl, the President distanced himself from the chant and disavowed it, and that sent the usually even-keeled Rush Limbaugh over the edge.

…I’m fed up with it! I’m frustrated beyond my ability to deal with it. I hate the defensiveness. We’re never gonna get – – If a rally happens and the chant breaks out “Send her back, send her back,” and if panic ensues, the panic ensues because the people panicking obviously believe that means it can be proven that we’re racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. So we wish they would shut up. So knowing we can’t make ’em shut up, we try to distance ourselves. (impression) “Well, I certainly don’t agree with that chant. I think that chant – –

“I think that’s very unfortunate, uh, really, really sad. Uh, we don’t need language like that in our, uh, politics.” What a crock! It’s ultimately harmless. So much of who we are is harmless and good-natured and in good fun, and it gets tarred and feathered as racism, sexism, bigotry, and all of this. And now we have to end up being defensive and make sure that we say (impression), “I don’t support it. I’m not an advocate of that. I’m very sad that it happened,” blah, blah, blah. “Well, Rush, you know it’s true! A chant like that, the media’s gonna do this.” I know the media’s gonna do it. Why do we have to play planning on and act like we’re guilty?…

…We never learn this. Trump, somebody, whoever got to him, “Mr. President, you need to go out there, disavow.” No, because it’s never enough. Now Joe Biden’s out saying Trump didn’t go far enough. He needs to now denounce the KKK, he needs to denounce the white supremacists in his audience, in his voter base. (imitating Biden) “Mr. President, condemn, outright condemn those folks who came out of those fields, outright condemn the Ku Klux Klan, condemn the white supremacists, let me hear you say “I condemn them.” It’s never enough!

Besides that, you know how unnecessary this all was? I don’t see how Trump hurt himself! It’s The Squad people who are polling, like we told you, Ilhan Omar, 8% support among swing voters, independents. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 28% support among swing voters. Donald Trump is not perceived as the problem here. Donald Trump’s supporters are not perceived as the problem here.

They’re the ones making racist statements about their own party members! Trump didn’t say anything. When was the last time a Democrat politician was forced to disavow something anybody in their audience ever said or somebody in their voter base? Never!… 

Bingo. And as I was listening the one thing, among many, many, many things was the utter radio silence from the Democrat politicians and the propagandists when James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter, opened fire and almost massacred at least a dozen or more Republican Congressmen at a softball practice. As an aside, Hodgkinson apparently was in close communication for many weeks leading up to the attack with Dick Durbin’s office, presumably with Durbin himself and yet he has never been called to account for what he knew and when he knew it. Bad as that is, the behavior of the GOP, even after this, was to shut up, put their heads down and let this be swept under the rug. But a crowd chanting “send her back” is akin to Auschwitz?!

Meh, this too shall pass, as so many other seeming “gaffes” the President made, or that the media portrayed him as making, mostly because the Democrat-Media Complex is so utterly blinded by their hatred for him that they shoot themselves in the face before any real political consequences can happen to him. Is there any doubt that any of these four freaks or their allies are going to stay silent for the next 15 minutes let alone the next 15 months before the election? And speaking of which, despite the fact that we are in the opening phases of the 2020 race, the one thing that’s been missing in the news cycle this past week was any of the Democrats’ presidential contenders. “The Aristocrats!” Squad is, for all intents and purposes, the face of the Democrat Party. Disgusting as it is to have to endure them, their constant presence in the media, whether attacking or reacting to the President means they not only suck the oxygen out of the 2020 candidates, but will doubtless continue to drive any rational, reasonable voter into the arms of Trump. Inshalla.AMNESTY, IMMIGRATION, MIGRANT INVASION BORDER WALL, BORDER SECURITY

While tap dancing around the “send her back” chant, the President’s statement about love of country echoes the sentiment behind the chant, one of Nancy’s spark-of-humanity boys butchers 3 just as he was turning his life around, so much for the lie about separating families, and will Cuomo’s licenses for illegals be a bridge too far for Empire State voters? Probably not. 

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And in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, I give you Apollo 100 with “Joy.”