The Morning Report 7/31/19

Good morning, kids. Back from a magical 10 days in Rome and Umbria, marred only by a young co-ed exchange student from Colorado who accosted us in Perugia, collecting donations for, you guessed it, the Marxists. After enduring several interminable minutes of pablum while trying to gently enlighten her about those 150 million victims and counting of her heroes, I saw that it was not sinking in. So I insinuated, as politely as I could that she best de-ass with the quickness from my presence lest she find herself swallowing her own teeth. Mercifully, the clueless schmuck backed off. The striking thing was that she seemed brainwashed, with a creepy, pasted-on smile and glazed eyes that made my long ago encounters with Moonies and Hare Krishnas come off as rational. Pitiful and sad, as well as frightening, given the state of “education” in this country.

A big grazie mille to Misanthropic Humanitarian and CBD for covering so admirably in my absence. Figures that something huge like the public dismantling of Robert Mueller happens when I’m not around. Oh well, there’s plenty to riff off and rant on so here we go. Once again, the President finds himself in a “controversy” where common sense and decency dictate – that is the Dem-Left-Media Complex’s playbook – that he must apologize. I’m of course speaking about his attacking one of the worst blue shit-holes in America, Baltimore, MD and one of its longtime overlords Elijah Cummings which was in response to the latter’s smearing and slandering of both the President and his administration. True to form, Trump wasn’t having any of it and unlike any other Republican president in my lifetime he fired back with both barrels. You’d think that after almost three years of playing Wile E. Coyote, plummeting from a thousand-foot cliff holding ten sticks of dynamite with the fuse lit with a one-ton boulder following you down, you’d learn something. But no. Paraphrasing the immortal words of the Road Runner, “Meep-meep,” mo-fos. 

From their own anti-Semites who are now the face of their party to insane multi-trillion dollar green new deals to open animus to the flag to post-natal infanticide, and all the rest, President Trump has forced the Democrats to not only expose themselves but to actually double and even triple down in defending themselves. And right on cue, here comes next iteration of the Acme Sure-Fire Trump Annihilator. Al Sharpton. As Stacey Matthews over at Legal Insurrection notes:

…It’s like clockwork.

President Donald Trump tweets out criticisms of someone or something. Democrats hop on the Twitter machine and left-wing cable news networks to denounce his comments and defend the object of his ire.

It’s a deliberate strategy on Trump’s part. He designs it to get liberals on record, taking positions on public figures or issues that are unpopular with most mainstream Americans. Democrats take the bait almost every time…

Bingo. And if it wasn’t deliberate during the first few months of the administration, it sure as hell is now. Donald Trump is playing the entire Democrat-Left-Media Complex like a Stradivarius. Rush Limbaugh stated the other week that Trump essentially created a shotgun marriage between Nancy Pelosi and Chiquita Khruschev AOC. Now that the Democrats actually have to defend the policies that make everywhere they rule hells-on-earth for the people who live there and reflexively cast their votes for them, they are forced to defend and promote sick, anti-American crackpots as mainstream leaders in their party. And just in time for the next round of nationally televised Democrat debates where the so-called “moderates,” will be forced to do the same in front of all America. Check and mate. AMNESTY, IMMIGRATION, MIGRANT INVASION, BORDER WALL, BORDER SECURITY

Shifting to the immigration and border crisis, CBP chief with alarming stats about amnesty fraudsters as well as the ability to effectively determine who’s who, establishmentarian GOPers just as culpable in wanting to destroy the nation and a look at citizenship and American identity.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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