The Morning Report 8/1/19

Good morning, kids. August is here. Already?! The big story this morning was round two of Detroit, Schlock City, or the Democrat Debate with the alleged top tier candidates. Depending on whom you read, Joe Bidet either got the paste beat out of him or managed to stay afloat despite horribly mangling his closing pitch, while Tulsi Gabbard, the broad with the cheesecake bod but a coffeecake face, supposedly won the night by smacking around Kamala-Toe Harris and being the least deranged out of the lot. And that’s not saying much. For those keen on self-abuse, I posted Breitbart’s live blog if you really feel like wading through sludge. Of note were Julian Castro’s utterly laughable whopper giving credit for the Trump economy to Obama, which is interesting in that the entire Democrat-Media-Complex has insisted for the past two-and-a-half years that we are in a depression. Also, bloated blonde fraud Gillibrand belched up the first thing she’d do when elected is to “Clorox the Oval Office.” As Ben Roethlisberger’s cap lock would say, it’s funny, considering your ties to the NXVIM sex slavery cult. Also, Joy Reid among the other propagandists went ape-shit over the candidates attacking Obama and his policies instead of Trump. She must think Michelle “America sucks because I had a $300,000 a year no-show patronage job” Obama is going to jump in. Plus, the usual madness about white privilege, climate doomsday predictions, socialized medicine and open borders, among other things that most American voters find repulsive.

As for me, I cannot see any one of these pathetic examples of humanity beating Donald Trump in 2020. To have to endure the continued libeling and trashing of him and by extension all of us is painful in the extreme, but if it means allowing them to expose themselves, their party and what they intend to do to this republic (that is, finish it off for good) to as many people as possible, then so be it. Strong medicine. Plus, you have the bonus of watching the first president ever to ram it right back down their throats twice as hard. I’ll cope.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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