The Morning Report 8/5/19

Good morning, kids. Monday is here and, as you might have anticipated, we’re loaded with links as, yet again we have not one, but two mass shootings to deal with. First and foremost, prayers for the victims, and their families and friends. No doubt that that honest and heartfelt expression will cause the Leftists to foam at the mouth with rage, and in doing so, it reveals what I believe is a root cause of these incidents. More on that in a bit. Of course both of these shootings are being politicized to the hilt to bash us and the President, especially since he and we are riding high due to a roaring economy, the collapse/exposure of the Deep State coup and the rejection/mockery of the Democrat policy madness from cities, state houses and the presidential primary contenders.

Let me try and unpack this as best as I can. The El Paso shooter allegedly left behind some sort of manifesto in which he rails against open borders and the subsuming of America by foreign invaders from south of the border. But, Tim Jones at American Thinker 
is reporting that the shooter was also a Ted Kaczynski-level radical environmentalist. No doubt, the Dem-Left-Media complex will embargo that little detail while pimping the first. And while we’re on the subject, it turns out that the Dayton shooter was a full-on Trump-hater, and Bernie and Fauxca-Has-Been booster. They may not be able to memory hole this story but you can bet that they will be spinning this faster than Iranian centrifuges on a Stuxnet bender. 

A few observations: whenever a mass-shooting occurs, the Left proclaims loudly and with certitude that it is the tip of the iceberg of organized, white, racist evangelical, religious totalitarians hell bent on taking over the country and killing all non-white Christians. Naturally, there never was nor will there ever be any evidence to support these assertions, the SPLC and ADL propaganda notwithstanding. Whatever organized white, neo-Nazi hate groups that do exist are so few in number and so disorganized as to make them virtually harmless and irrelevant. Except of course politically, when it comes to Democrat fundraising. The fact is, horrible and evil as these incidents are, they are indeed the acts of deranged lone wolves, and immediately disavowed and disowned by any sane person.

On the other hand, there are Omar MateenNidal Hassan and Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, and their ilk. Unlike the Dem-Left-Media Complex, I think you can see the giant 100-ton asteroid in the room, which you are no doubt racist and Islamophobic for mentioning. Funny how Islam, which is a racist, nihilist, absolutist totalitarian political ideology dressed up as a pseudo-religion, motivates a rather large percentage of its adherents to kill the non-believers and more alarmingly an even larger percentage to cheer it on or excuse it as an understandable response to being oppressed. By the way, how quickly the Left forgets that 3,000 Americans were killed on one morning and not a single fucking shot from any firearm was fired. 

Then, we have Islam’s incestuous (nudge-nudge wink-wink) kissing cousin, the equally g-dless progressivism/socialism/leftism that seeks to create its version of paradise on earth every bit as repressive and soul-crushing as their unreconstructed seventh century allies. So, I guess the words and deeds of the Dayton gunman as well as James Hodgkinson two years ago – for which Dick Durbin has yet to be held to account – are that of deranged lone wolves, and have no bearing on anything. Yes, calling the President a Nazi and accusing him of running concentration camps, torturing children, having celebrities and even elected officials goading people to confront and even physically assault him and his supporters is absolutely kosher. But, protest an abortion clinic or even the dismantling of Confederate monuments (hell, the Founding Fathers) and you’re asking for it. Remember: their violence is speech, our speech is violence. Lord, how I hate these people. 

Lastly, let’s look at these mass shootings in context to what happens on a nightly basis in places like Chicago, South Central LA, Philadelphia, New York and, yes gentle reader, Baltimore, Maryland. The Dem-Left-Media Complex is not only silent about this but in fact is complicit by defending blood-sucking, thieving bastards like Elijah Cummings. Well, hell, they have to. The Democrat Party thrives on keeping a vast underclass miserable. Yet between abortion and the disastrous social policies it inflicted on black America since 1965, they now have to import a whole new underclass from south of the border to replenish the constituents it wiped out. From Bruce Thornton at FrontPage Mag:

“…Finally, the Democrats’ habit of using mass shootings as fodder for their partisan political message is despicable. If they really cared about crimes against “people of color,” they would have long ago been talking about the violence of blacks against black people in the cities they run. It’s shocking moral idiocy that a party continually harping on “racism” ignores the fact that more blacks are murdered in one year than were killed in the whole history of racist violence from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Act…”

This brings me to my last point on this. For me, mass shootings are a symptom of the rejection of morality, ethics, family, decency and citizenship that were among the bedrock principles that built this nation. So it’s no coincidence that for the past 50 years, feminism, free love, do your own thing, moral relativism, and a rejection of traditional family values among other things morphed into open warfare on those people and institutions identified with the aforementioned. (i.e. white, Judeo-Christian, monogamous, heterosexuals). And who led the charge? The Left. And why? To destroy America as founded and replace it with “paradise on earth” for which the Almighty and All-Powerful State would make you eternally happy, or grind you into the dust trying.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.