The Morning Report 8/6/19

Good morning, kids. Tuesday, and in the wake of last weekend’s horrific double mass shootings, the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is using the not-even-cold bodies of the victims to wage what amounts to a terror campaign against the President and the American people. Yes, sadly, we’ve seen this show several times before over the past few decades, and it resulted in either nothing being done or an incremental seizing of our individual G-d given right to keep and bear arms, and then the story is forgotten until the next shooting. Lather, rinse, repeat.

But what we are witnessing now is completely different by orders of magnitude, and is pushing this nation closer to the brink. The Democrat-Left-Media Complex, its apparatchiks in the Deep State bureaucracy and the coastal “elites” who have benefitted from the 100-year project of fundamental transformation have been stopped cold by Donald Trump, or more precisely, a large swathe of the population who elected him that they regard with more disdain than dog shit on the bottom of their Manolo Blahnik’s. It goes deeper than merely having an unwashed, orange-complexioned self-made gavone from Queens take over the club; Trump has exposed them, their policies, their beliefs and their sacred cows as the frauds, failures and disasters that they are for everyone to see – all by doing the exact opposite of what’s been done for the past 60 years or more. And so, to crib a line from Network, “you have tampered with the primal forces of nature and you – will – atone!

But now that the myth Trump stole the 2016 election with the help, or at the behest, of Valdimir Putin now all but exploded, the only thing left to play is the race card. Kolluzhnikov or not, they’ve been hock’n a tchainik on this incessantly since his signature issue, sealing the damn border is of course inherently racist as it prevents hordes of illiterate, unskilled, Latin American peasants from invading us unchecked, unassimilated and registered Democrat. Plus, the Charlottesville incident where Trump’s words were twisted into a Media-generated blood libel that he supports the KKK further stirred the pot. And now, El Paso. Forget Dayton; the deviant in question is a rabid socialist, luddite, Malthusian and so down the memory hole this will go unless it can be spun otherwise.

Yes, gentle reader. If you were to listen to nothing but Propagandist Inc. and the DNC, America today is overrun with white, Christian, neo-Nazi nationalists armed to the teeth and ready to deal death to untermenschen at the slightest provocation, i.e. the words spoken by President Trump at any press conference or mass rally, which of course is the equivalent of Nuremburg in the 1930s. Now, let’s look at reality. According to actual government crime statistics and not those cooked up at the SPLC and ADL, there is essentially no organized white supremacist movement in the USA, period. What groups that there may be are so disorganized, unconnected and small in number as to be statistically insignificant in causing mayhem, let alone overthrowing the government and imposing a dictatorship. But, the media’s gonna media and the Democrats’ gonna lie. 

Unfortunately, the absolute hatred and loathing that has been ginned up cannot be, and will not be ratcheted down. It might have got lost in the sauce in yesterday’s links, but some of you did in fact notice the alarming story of Antifa members starting to arm themselves up and get weapons training. From the political side of things, the President’s remarks about hatred and “white supremacy,” which I think in addressing these incidents are completely wrong and actually buttress the myths about him and us, are being rejected by the Democrat leadership and presidential candidates. Not that I give two flying fucks about either group, but it raises the question yet again of how are we to find consensus or at least attempt to de-escalate tensions when they view us as an evil that must be eradicated. The words of Cory Booker and Blotto O’Rourke are tantamount to a declaration of war, or at least a confirmation that that is a state in which we find ourselves presently.

It is beyond disgusting and rage-inducing when for the past three years and longer we have been smeared as racist, violent, knuckle-dragging throwbacks by the Democrat-Left-Media Complex while at the same time the latter has exhorted their followers to get in our faces, not give us a minute’s peace and even worse. Just yesterday, Rand Paul is going to have to undergo surgery to IIRC remove part of his liver that was damaged when his neighbor almost beat him to death and protestors in front of Mitch McConnell’s home threatened to “just stab the motherfucker in the heart.” Do I have to mention the guy in New York who’s going to lose an eye because he dared where a MAGA hat in Manhattan, let alone James Hodgkinson, and so on, and so on, and so on?

Meanwhile, while all this is happening, Google is colluding, and eagerly I might add, with Red China to create systems of high-tech oppression/repression that are no doubt headed our way, if not already here. Hell, they’ve openly boasted that they are devoting all their energies to prevent the re-election of President Trump. And circling back to the massacres and the mad dash to really grab our guns, what happens when this “social credit” system flags anyone who buys a gun, or bullets, or donates to the NRA, or a Republican candidate? We already have banks that are refusing to do business with any firearms-related companies and dealers. What happens when they refuse to loan money to you if you refuse to bake the damned cake or shave a man’s testicles? 

In summary, this is all not going to end well. I think the President’s words affirming the premise of white supremacy and his signaling of wanting to do “something” about the shootings, vis a vis another gun control law, are exactly what the enemy wants. Unless he has something else up his sleeve that he’s waiting to reveal, it’s a Munich moment that really must be avoided. 

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 


NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.