The Morning Report 8/8/19

Good morning, kids. Thursday and the big story continues to be the aftermath of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, specifically the ramping up of violent, anti-Trump and anti-Trump supporter rhetoric by the Democrat-Left-Media Complex as well as the calls for outright abolition of the Second Amendment and the disarmament of the citizenry. Unfortunately, the GOP is on board with this out of force of habit, hatred of the base, or whatever. To hell with them; the base is voting for Trump and Trump-ism, so if the GOP wants to cast its lot with the Evil Entity, so be it. May it disappear into the dung heap of history like the Whigs. I’m just hoping the President’s statements regarding gun control legislation were like his previous positions on amnesty; feints to put the onus on the Democrats and Congress in the eyes of the electorate. 

Meanwhile, the Left continues ginning up violent rhetoric and more against the President and the people. Joaquin Castro, the poisoned spawn of a virulently racialist mother (Maria Castro founded La Raza, IIRC) doxxed a list of San Antonio-area Trump donors no doubt in the hopes that some or all of them might be confronted with people “getting in their faces” as Obama and Waters once encouraged, and to send a message to people who might be thinking of donating to Trump in 2020. Ironically, the mongoloid-looking pinhead apparently managed to release the names of perhaps six of his own donors in the bargain. It would be ironic if one or all of them found their houses burned to ground. Ironic as in orgasm-inducing comedy gold. This is political terrorism, straight up. Should Castro not be held accountable for this? On top of that we have a movie that has the artistic pedigree of something cooked up by Josef Goebbels and Fritz Hippler, wherein a group of Deplorables is running around in the woods and being hunted for sport by Leftists, as well as posters popping up on Long Island calling for death camps for Trump Supporters. 

I understand that over-the-hill hag Rosanna Arquette has publicly thrown herself on the mercy of the Third World for the crime of being Caucasian. Whether or not this is merely a cunning stunt or if she’s truly gone off the deep end, it feeds into the blood libel of white people as evil ( I seem to recall the idiotic Dr. Suess-esque “prayer” at Obama’s 2009 inauguration from the Reverend Joseph Lowery where he hoped for a day when “the white will be alright”). And recall, gentle reader, that the line in academia for quite a while now is that racism is part of the white man’s DNA and cannot be expunged no matter how deep the acts of contrition and penance. Where have we heard this kind of “logic” about blood and race before, I wonder…

And it’s exactly that kind of mentality which the evil, white, racist, sexist, slave-holding Founding Fathers had in mind when they included the Second Amendment in the Constitution. Honestly, along with the patience, tolerance, good nature and peace-loving nature of most Americans, it’s the knowledge that most of us are armed to the teeth that is preventing “death camps for Trump supporters” from actually happening right now, James Hodgkinson, Antifa and all the rest of it notwithstanding. Sadly, I don’t think, for the reasons I stated yesterday, that there can ever be a de-escalation of this rhetoric nor a peaceful resolution to our differences. In order for that to occur, there must be some sort of common ground to build upon. That’s supposed to be our nation and heritage, but as the Left considers that every bit as evil as we are, I think you can spot the problem. 

The only glimmer of hope will take at least a generation if not longer, and that relies on controlling every aspect of our children’s and grandchildren’s education. Everything flows from that, and that is both the Left’s wellspring and last redoubt. Even a national divorce and splitting the nation in two will not work because, like its evil twin Islam, the Left cannot allow us to exist. To do so would negate their weltanschauung as in short order, you’d have America circa September 1945 side by side with at best London during the Dark Ages. They have to conquer us or wipe us out. 

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