The Morning Report 8/9/19

Good morning, kids. Friday at last so let’s get with it and put this damn week behind us. At the risk of tooting my own horn, there are a few things that I’ve touched upon both here and in the comments section of other posts that others are picking up on. It’s not really an original or groundbreaking brainwave but it’s just noting the obvious. Now that the effort to remove or force President Trump from office via the Russian Collusion hoax has failed, and spectacularly so, the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is now creating a completely mythical “white supremacist movement” to gin up hatred amongst their traditional minority voters as well as shame the base into admitting their guilt and performing an act of penance by abandoning him in 2020. 

Despite the horrific shootings in El Paso and Dayton, where the former was actually half Ted Kasczynski-level enviro-psycho and the latter was a confirmed Antifa cadre, the base ain’t buying it and more alarmingly for the Left, neither are Blacks and Latinos. But the constant blood-libeling in the media is ginning up hatred that is manifesting itself in acts of both physical violence as well as political terrorism in the form of censorship by the Big Tech Social(ist) Media Monopoly. I know that over the past few months or longer, I’ve quipped in the comments about how now Christians and conservatives (both here and abroad) know what it’s like to be Jews. Sure enough, Earick Ward over at American Thinker has picked up on my brainwave: 

…Leftist pols and the media soon turned from attacking the president directly to maligning those who voted for him, or who were considering voting for him in 2020. The message: If you support this (white supremacist) president, you are, by association, a white supremacist.

A very similar tactic (read: lie) was perpetrated by Hitler and his propagandist Goebbels toward the Jews at the outset of the war. Jews were maligned as being the cause of strife for the German people. It is not so much the evil nature of Hitler’s and Goebbels’s actions that should concern us (as evil people have always existed), but the willingness of the German people to “buy in” to the lie.

While Hitler and his (Antifa-style) Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts) were all too willing to perpetrate evil against the Jews, it was the convincing of the German people that the (mis)treatment of Jews was not only justified, but necessary…

There are differences, of course, and I won’t get into them but the parallels are striking and significant. The one difference though is the American citizenry I believe as a whole, despite Leftist rot and decay since the 1960s, are decent, upright and just people. But if idiots like this sub-literate Kendra Cotton want to spew that Evangelical Christians are a “perversion,” this time around, perhaps the Crystal Cathedral gets a truck bomb driven into it. Not to be outdone, the equally repulsive shit-stain Tommy Lee is warning what will happen when a Democrat assumes the presidency. Yes, I’ve been pounding on this drum for a while as well, and despite the source, he’s not wrong. For all intents and purposes, a minority in this country hates it, hates us and wants us either under their thumb or dead, or both. Unfortunately, they have on their side one of the two national political parties, the entire media, a virtual lock on the bureaucracy, almost half of the courts and, for me, most significantly, the educational system from whence all of our troubles sprang.

But that said, we are still the majority of the population (the unstopped, uncontrolled invasion from Latin America and the Third World notwithstanding), and most significantly, we’re armed to the teeth. We know it, and they know it. Or they should know it. Hence, the all out push to disarm us, just as Hitler did in Germany, Stalin in the USSR and everywhere else a totalitarian Leftist gains control of a populace. Please understand, the last thing I want is bloodshed, or to witness and write about the growing violent dissolution of the nation. Barring the unforeseen happening, I don’t see how Trump does not win reelection. But as walking crab louse Tommy Lee states, eventually we will have a Democrat president, and that individual will more than likely be drunk on anti-Trump, anti-American Kool-Aid 100 times more toxic than what’s coursing through the veins of today’s Leftists. Unless some miracle happens, the situation in the long run remains very much in doubt. G-d help us and G-d damn them for bringing this down on us.