The Morning Report 8/12/19

Good morning, kids. Brand new week and a brand new meme that is the latest in the endless parade of attempts to smear the President, but more tragically and tellingly exemplifies the depths to which our self-appointed power elite have plunged the country. As the title of Will Chamberlain’s piece over at Human Events plainly states, Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Stinks:

…Usually, Occam’s razor suggests that the “conspiratorial” explanation for a shocking event is the less likely one. Not so here. Assembling an innocent explanation of Epstein’s death requires assuming a staggering amount of incompetence on the part of MCC Manhattan staff. Despite a near-miss on July 30, they would have had to innocently give their most infamous and high-profile criminal defendant the means and opportunity to kill himself, and in doing so, utterly fail at their most basic responsibilities…

Daniel Greenfield over at FrontPage Mag both rages and laments:

…Epstein’s death was perfectly timed. His death ends the trial and buries all the remaining grand jury evidence in a file cabinet somewhere in Civic Center. And good luck ever getting to that cabinet.

Various authorities have promised to dig into the circumstances of his death and his crimes. But with Epstein gone, there will be no legal limits on them and no way to know where the truth lies. They can and will be able to present whatever claims and documents they like to the public. The lawyers for the victims will work to recover funds from the estate. But the truth has passed beyond recovery.

The truth died on the top of a prison skyscraper whose administration and guards flagrantly violated their own rules, removing Epstein from suicide watch six days after a supposed suicide attempt, leaving him alone in his cell, and failing to check on him until it was too late. Blame will be passed around. Conspiracy theorists will cash in on it for years. And the questions will remain unanswered…

Fact: Jeffrey Epstein enslaved and pimped underage girls for the Globalist political power elite for decades. 99.999% of passengers on the “Lolita Express” were of the Democrat-Leftist bent all the way up to and including none other than ex-President Clinton. And that’s why he got away with it, until a month or so ago when a judge ruled that his victims could indeed take him to court, resulting in new charges being filed against him and thus effectively sentencing him to death. Whether it was by his own hand or if he had a little help from his fiends is the question.

Aside from the circumstances that resulted in his demise, the mystery of how he became billionaire many times over still lingers. More tellingly, beyond sating the despicable sexual appetites of truly despicable human beings who lord over us on a daily basis, what other secrets was Epstein privy to in that regard that might have made him a threat to their hold on power? The cynic in me is justified in believing that once again, the Deep State got away with murder, this time quite literally. But, on a positive note, it never would have happened had it not been for the election of Donald Trump.

No, I do not mean that Trump and Putin had Epstein whacked at the MCC, which if you listen to the balloon juice being spewed by odious dolts like Joy Reid is what you’ll be hearing from now on. I mean that his election thwarted the Globalist attempt to get away with figurative murder: the sabotaging of a political campaign and the organized coup to remove him from office. Yes, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper and all of their subordinates and the propagandists who ran air cover for them will more than likely never be truly punished. But, crucially, they have all been exposed. And not just them but their entire racket that is a cancer on our republic and the notion of accountability to the people. That in and of itself is a victory, hard as it is sometimes to see it when turds like Strzok and McCabe are now suing to be reinstated and playing the victim, or when self-righteous bastards like Comey or Mueller play their little word games to slime us and our President.

At the risk of mixing metaphors, justice delayed is justice denied, but I believe one day that the truth will out. What damage to the body politic in its delay is yet to be determined, but damaging it will be. Since November of 2016, the enemy has been officially exposed, and they are not going to surrender the power they feel is their birthright. Ultimately the ball is in our court, whatever they may throw at us politically or otherwise.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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