The Morning Report 8/13/19

Good morning, kids. Tuesday, and along with the Chevy Chase headline of Jeffrey Epstein Is Still Dead (conspiracy theories notwithstanding) and all that goes with it, there are some things happening that range from the ridiculous to the serious and all shades in between. The common thread running through all of them is the unraveling of the old order and its visceral, often violent reaction to having its authority challenged, and most egregiously, in its eyes, by the unwashed masses they’ve been lording over since the end of the Second World War.

Circling back for a moment to La Mort d’Epstein, writing in American GreatnessJulie Kelly opines:

“…The reason why conspiracies now can take root so quickly is explained by recent poll numbers: A July 2019 Pew Research survey showed that “about two-thirds (69%) of Americans say the federal government intentionally withholds important information from the public that it could safely release, and 61% say the news media intentionally ignores stories that are important to the public.

That indicates a massive failure not of the public, but by the very institutions we fund and have entrusted to promote the nation’s safety, well-being and prosperity. In a separate poll from early August, 57 percent of all voters said the media has done more to divide the country since Trump took office; only 16 percent said the media is trying to unite us…”

That’s because the government, and its mouthpiece and/or puppet-masters in the media have been exposed as liars, conmen and grifters to such an extent that the words they spew 24/7/365 can and do have potentially lethal consequences (see: Hodgkinson, James et al). And yet, in the wake of Epstein, as well as the mass shootings and every other policy failure and societal ill that has exploded in their faces they have the unmitigated temerity to blame all of us, the victims of figurative gang rape for dressing too provocatively. 

It’s gotten to the point where the leadership of the Democrat-Left-Media Complex actually believes its own propaganda. How else can one explain the projection in the things they say to the complete paroxysms of rage they fly into when they’re caught off guard?

Case in point, from the links we have Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whorehouse, famous for his deadly combination of halitosis and stupidity, threatening to pack the Supreme Court if they dare to actually uphold the Constitution and rule against New York City in a case seeking to overturn one of my hometown blue shit-hole’s many shackles on the Second Amendment. He actually accused the conservatives on the bench of, get this, “judicial activism.” Even from space, the chutz-pocrisy is so radiant it could damage your optic nerve. 

Then we have just this past weekend where the refined and scholarly great white dope of the Democrats’ Joey Bidet manhandled a young female reporter for exposing his paste-eating brain damage on camera in the question over how many genders there are. But wait, there’s more! Video has surfaced of none other than today’s prototypical fearless journalist CNN’s Chris Cuomo nearly committing an act of justifiable homicide in self defense when a random passerby called him “Fredo.” 

F – R – E – D – O.

As in the dim-witted brother of the Corleone family who couldn’t do anything right to save his own life. Literally. Aside from being related to verifiably mobbed-up parents who only makes a completely undeserved living as a result of his lineage, Chris Cuomo differs from Fredo Corleone in one key aspect; Fredo actually had a good heart and meant well. It’s funny; President Trump, his family, supporters, friends and nearly 60 million people who voted for him have been slimed and dehumanized as literally Hitler, white supremacists, racists, knuckle-dragging bigoted throwbacks, child torturers, misogynists, Islamophobes and evil incarnate from Cuomo and his ilk non-stop for over three years to the point of taking everything from sucker punches to bullets – and with nary a complaint. Not that we’d have an outlet to air our grievances were it not for the internet, and that is being denied us even as we speak. And yet this glass-jawed fraud gets rabid because he’s called Fredo. It’s pathetic, if not revealing.

Now from the ridiculous we go halfway around the world to our final example of the old order being threatened: Hong Kong. What started a month or so ago as protests over the ham-fisted attempt by the Chi-Coms to institute an extradition law that is a flagrant violation of the semi-autonomy given the city in the wake of the Brits pulling out, is now becoming a full-on pro-democracy movement. Hong Kong airport was brought to a complete standstill by upwards of 40,000 protesters filling the main terminal, resulting in the cancellation of all flights into and out of the airport. This was after a weekend where the protestors were greeted with teargas and rubber bullets. It should be noted that despite what government-controlled media, both in China and here, tell us, that country has some serious problems that could threaten President Xi’s plans for a thousand-year eggroll. And what the people are enduring there – and here – I think is just slightly more serious than being called “Fredo.”

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.