The Morning Report 8/14/19

Good morning, kids. Midweek and the big story that’s getting short shrift is the unrest in China. It has implications beyond the geopolitical and economic that hit very close to home, as you’ll see. Despite Chi-Com police and security forces predictably responding to the demonstrators over the weekend with teargas, rubber bullets and clubs, upwards of 40,000 took over the Hong Kong airport and shut it down. Latest reports have riot police storming the terminal while anti-terrorism forces have massed outside the city. 

Before continuing, here’s a public service announcement for the Democrat-Left-Media Complex and the GOP-e: This is why we have the Second Amendment. I’m not saying that even if a good portion of the citizens of HK were armed to even a fraction of the extent as most Americans, the Chi-Com regime wouldn’t respond with force to crush these protests. But it might have caused them to think twice about enacting wildly unpopular laws that are in complete contravention to the city’s semi-autonomy that would have led to the situation they now face (meh, what am I saying? We’re armed to the teeth and look what our government has done for the past 50 to 100 years).

Despite Beijing’s innate bellicosity and imperialist dreams, aided and abetted by American stupidity in the form of granting them most favored nation trading status (Carter), handing over extremely sensitive defense technology that boosted their military capabilities by decades (Clinton) and lebensraum to illegally claim all of the South China Sea as territorial waters and a free hand in Africa and elsewhere (Obama), China today has serious internal problems that could present a mortal threat to 70 years of total Communist control. Even with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, thanks to the hideous one-child policy and the cultural imperative for male offspring, China’s replacement birth rate is now in negative territory. Their real estate market, which the government sank a tremendous amount of money into, is wildly overinflated and headed for a correction. The post-Cultural Revolution and post-Tiananmen Square generations have become exposed to and fully embrace western consumerism, and thanks to the internet and the opening of travel to the west and study abroad, a growing disdain for authoritarianism. There’s also the threat of jihadist terrorism from Uighur Muslims and the even greater threat from a growing population of practicing Christians that worship something other than the all-powerful State. There are also reports of serious labor unrest and protests in places like Shenzhen and Guangdong that are getting almost zero coverage from the media.

And to top it all off, you have Donald Trump who has thrown a wrench into the Globalist plan of decapitating the United States as the world’s economic and security superpower and delivering its head on a platter to the Chinese dragon. Despite the headlines about the American economy set to take a dive because of Trump, it’s the Chinese that blinked on tariffs and just last week devalued their currency, which will only have the effect of making their own people suffer. 

So Hong Kong is a flashpoint that has the potential to touch off all of the aforementioned and cause serious damage to the regime, if not bring it down entirely. That said, when totalitarian regimes are threatened, they usually lash out elsewhere to distract the people from their misery. Taiwan? South Korea? Some covert meshugas that they could deny being involved in that would cause us pain? Remember that Google is in their back pocket and the OPM hack a few years ago. Plus we have Google openly boasting its goal of preventing the re-election of Trump and even Democrat presidential candidates telling the Chinese to hang tough against our President in trade/tariff talks until he’s defeated in 2020. Normally, I’d call that treason, but this is the Democrat Party, which is now a de facto seditious/treasonous entity. Just like the Chi-Coms devaluing their own currency these fools and saboteurs would rather see Americans suffer if it meant furthering their own political advantage (hello Bill Maher and Richard Engel). 

It will be interesting to see what the Democrats have to say about Hong Kong, as well as their reaction to whatever policy position comes from the administration regarding the crisis. No doubt, it will be to blast it. Interesting to note that the protestors have chosen as their talisman the Stars and Stripes, just as the protestors in Tiananmen Square had a replica of the Statue of Liberty 25 years ago. If that’s any indicator, you can predict just who and what the Democrats will support.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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