The Morning Report 9/6/19

Good morning, kids. The weekend’s here and the latest on Dorian is that although it’s still just skirting the coast, it’s now bringing tremendous amounts of rain and flooding to the Carolinas. 250,000 are without power, but so far no US deaths have been reported and presumably most have evacuated or at the very least are prepared to cope with the storm in situ. Stay safe, be prepared and get out if it’s heading your way.

HURRICANE DORIAN WATCHDorian’s Eyewall Nears North Carolina’s Cape Fear, 250,000 Without Power


Well, what have we here? Perhaps Walmart is now looking at what the geniuses on the boards of Dick’s and Gillette and getting cold feet in their decision to tell law-abiding citizens to FOAD? That said, per the story at the Washington Free Beacon the statement issued by the company is a hot mess of stammering incoherence regarding what types of ammunition will or will not be sold vis a vis for sporting guns or evil pew-pews and what’s what. As for me, I will be quite happy to watch their stock head into the shitter. Tucker Carlson was right when he said that this is the company that essentially destroyed small town Main Street all across middle and rural America who now are derogating the very people they both screwed over and rely on as customers. Fuck you, Walmart. Get woke go broke, inshalla.

Also, thanks to the Democrat-Left Mecca of squalor and misery San Francisco, their national leaders are being forced into doing a collective “hummina-hummina-hummina” when pressed on whether or not they agree with that shit-hole’s declaring the NRA a terrorist organization. Between this, the baby-killing and free healthcare for illegal aliens, I almost wish I hadn’t cut the cable so I can see the 2020 GOP and Trump adverts. Meanwhile, Chicago lets thugs with guns go free, yes the GOP should never ever cave on the 2-A (but usually do) and a thoughtful essay for those who still don’t get it.Walmart Partially Clarifies Statement on Ending Certain Ammunition Sales
National Democrats Dodge Questions on Whether NRA Is a “Domestic Terrorist Organization”
Chicago: A Hellhole for Parole, Free Bail and Violent Gun Felons
Why Republicans Shouldn’t Cave To Democrats On Guns
The Classical Tyranny of the Left’s Gun Policy


ICE arrests over three dozen illegals who aren’t your garden variety border jumpers but also war criminals and drug lords, Montgomery County sez how dare actual journalists cover our actual criminal malfeasance and insurrection, Feds nab Bangladeshi for bootlegging George Harrison albums and human smuggling but mostly human smuggling, and yes, just like defending the 2-A the GOP wins, or can win, by hammering away on open borders to suburbanites. Does that include Montgomery County? The world wonders…39 Arrested For Alleged Human Rights Abuses During ICE’s “Operation No Safe Haven V”
Officials In “Sanctuary” County Lash Out At Conservative Media For Reporting On String Illegal Alien Sex Crimes
Feds Arrest Bangladeshi National for Smuggling Illegal Aliens
Republicans Win by Hammering Immigration in the Suburbs


This.American Jews Are in Total Denial About the Democrat Party


Mad-Dog Mattis with a damning accusation against Frank Marshall Davis’ bastard kid, MIT Media Lab founder looks the other way at Jeffrey Epstein’s trail of tears and slime because money, and all kinds of Leftist dark money pouring into anti-dark money dame Sara Gideon’s coffers to help defeat Susan Collins.Mad-Dog Mattis: Obama Failed to Respond to Iran Bomb Plot on US Soil Because of Nuclear Deal
MIT Media Lab Founder Defends Taking Money From Jeffrey Epstein: We Thought He “Repented”
Liberal Dark Money Group Behind Maine News Site Attacking Collins (Sara Gideon = raging hypocrite = typical Democrat – jjs)


The optics would indeed be suboptimal if traitor Andrew McCabe gets indicted whilst campaigning for Dems, although they of course will turn around and scream political persecution, on the unprecedented nature of Comey’s wiretapping of Trump, this Paypal Jayapal commie now going after Trump on his properties, more on the story Ace covered yesterday on the FBI’s curious lack of curiosity about Rick Wilson vis a vis “muh kolluzhnikovs,” and Devin Nunes slaps Fusion GPS with a lawsuit for their bogus smears. Hope they get Oberlin’d out the ying-yang.Treasonous Bastard Andrew McCabe To Fundraise For Democrats As Justice Department Considers His Indictment
Comey Tickles the Wire
Top House Progressive: Judiciary Committee Now Looking to Impeach Trump Over His Properties (run with that, Paypal Jaypal – jjs)
Why Did the FBI Neglect to Investigate Hot RussiaGate Tip Involving Rick Wilson?
Devin Nunes Sues Fusion GPS Over False Media Smears and Bogus Ethics Claims


Claude Rains in French uniform raises an eyebrow.Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died Has Egregious History of Security Breaches


Kamala stubs toe and eats crow as Tulsi coffeecake surges, Bernie to crying baby: drop dead (which his what he has planned for millions of them in Africa), Toothy McBigTits has the same plan for middle America vis a vis the Electoral College and other anti-American outrages, Amy McGrath is just a coal miner’s fodder, and a mouthwatering if not highly optimistic forecast of Trump’s prospects in blue states.Kamala-Toe Harris Only Three Points Ahead of Tulsi Coffeecake After Ridiculing Her Poll Numbers a Month Ago
Bernie Sanders Tells Baby to Keep It Down at Campaign Event
Chiquita Khruschev AOC to Small States: Drop Dead (And What Small States Can Do to Stay Alive)
Amy McGrath Accused of Using Coal Miners as “Political Pawns”
In 2020 Trump Will Reduce the Blue Wall to Rubble


Jeannine Pirro tells Seb Gorka she may be out at Fox for speaking the truth about Islam, CNN runs ads for the very items Dem prexy candidates rip during climate town hall; sort of like NBC’s having Holocaust sponsored by Easy-Off oven cleaner. Also, Daniel Greenfield rips the Left over their muzzling of Dave Chappelle, and two essays on that and other Leftist censorship.Judge Jeanine Acknowledges Suspension, Says She Is Worried She Could Be Fired
Dems Blame Airplanes, Meat, Business For Climate Crisis… CNN Immediately Runs Ads For Those Three Things
Greenfield: Leftist Gestapo – “No Laughing at Chappelle Jokes!”
This Week from the Ministry of Disinformation
Only the Press Could Get Away With This


Kamala puts big toe in mouth and Planned Parenthood employee exposes the ghoulish charnel house.Pro-Abortion Kamala-Toe Harris Tells Trump Admin: “A Society Is Judged Based On How It Treats Children”
In Court Hearing, Planned Parenthood Employee Admits To Trafficking In Baby Body Parts


Just breaking this morning is the reported death of Robert Mugabe, the man who almost singlehandedly turned Africa’s bread basket into a basket case of squalor, death, murder and racialism. You can thank none other than Jimmy Carter for interfering in the country’s 1980 election three times in order to steal the presidency from the popular and duly elected Bishop Abel Muzorewa, who along with maintaining stability in post-colonial Rhodesia would’ve been generally pro-west. Instead they got 30 years of Marxist hell on earth, which has now spread to South Africa and will no doubt kill it as well. Say hello to Hitler for us, Robert.

Elsewhere, the big news is the aftermath of the Brexit debacle. Some say Brexit’s completely dead but at least one link has a more optimistic view that sooner or later Bo-Jo and the British people will prevail. Also, more on Honk Kong’s withdrawal of the extradition bill and what lies ahead for that city, on future US Ukraine policy and Humberto Fontova with a Nelson Muntz laugh at stupid Yanqis going to Cuba and coming down with zika.Leftist Hero, Nation-Killing Thug Robert Mugabe, Ex-Leader of Zimbabwe, Dead at 95
PM Johnson Blasts Labour Leader Corbyn: “The First Opposition Leader Who Doesn’t Want Elections”
Explaining Brexit… Well, As Much as Anyone Can
A Fine Mess for the Moment (optimistic take on an eventual Brexit for Bo-Jo – jjs)
Hong Kong’s Withdrawal Of Extradition Bill Leaves Many Questions Unanswered
Before the United States Makes Any Moves On Ukraine, It Needs a Strategy
Fontova: Duped US Travelers to Cuba Infected by Zika Virus


Evidently quoting a Muslim Virginia state rep accurately constitutes Islamophobia and the story of a very brave man who went from Sunni true believer to supporter of Israel.Virginia: Muslim State Senate Candidate Cries “Islamophobia” When He’s Quoted
From Sunni-Islam to Defending the Jewish State


Homelessness in California goes from horrible to disastrous as the state government is “here to help,” bemoaning the muddle of current patent law and a good essay on defeating bureaucratic red tape.The “Simple” Homeless Solution
Are Patents Just Getting Worse?
Making Dishwashers Great Again


Kurt-Alert! A bellwether of a healthy economy.US Worker Compensation and Labor Costs Revised Higher


I saw Sirhan Sirhan open for Talk Talk, Mr. Mister, Sylvain Sylvain and The The at Live Aid in ’85…Sirhan Sirhan Goes Under the Knife


New York’s mass child abuse goes on.Under Assault: New York’s Private and Parochial Schools


Billy Squier hardest hit.Study: Vegans Have Higher Risk for Strokes


Forget China and climate change; Joe Bidet can’t even put two words together without hemorrhaging, Mayor Buttplug has a healthy ego, I see, Elizabeth Pemmican goes from green to blue, kill that damned Endangered Species Act, and Francis the Talking Pope talks dope.Joe Bidet Struggles to Explain Plan for Tackling China on Climate Change
Defiant Mayor Buttplug Insists Presidential Campaign Is Worth Killing the Planet
Senator Elizabeth Pemmican: “We Need a Blue New Deal as Well”
Save the Planet: Reform the Endangered Species Act
Environmentalist Pope Pope Issues a Warning



From which hole will Joe Bidet bleed from at this CNN joint? Also, Raymond Ibrahim on feminazi taqqiya sunrises.CNN To Host Town Hall On LGBT Issues In October
Ibrahim: How the Left Validates Islam’s Sexual Fantasies and Victimization of Western Women


Major league soccer gets in on the Kaepernick crap, truly a feel-good story out of the devastated Bahamas, new documentary about Fiddler On the Roof, and Victor Davis Hanson with an essay looking back on the anniversary of the end of World War II.Major League Soccer Team Bans Betsy Ross Flag, Calls It a “Symbol for Hate Groups”
The Power Of Minds
Hero Woman in Bahamas Saves Nearly 100 Dogs During Hurricane
Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles Piles On the Adoration
V.D. Hanson: The Ghosts of World War II

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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