The Morning Report 9/9/19

Good morning, kids. Start of a new week and with Hurricane Dorian moving away from Canada after hitting Nova Scotia with gale force winds, and the recent mass shootings out of the news cycle (though the effort to disarm the citizenry will never end), it’s more or less back to business as usual.

First stop is the border, or should I say over the border as we continue to deal with the consequences of unchecked mass migration and the non-assimilation of millions of illiterate foreign peasants far and wide. Along with erasing our national identity and culture, a large percentage of crime, violent and otherwise, is committed by these foreigners, much of it covered up and excused by the media and allowed to run rampant and unpunished by the so-called sanctuary cities, counties and states. When the bacteria who took the life of Kate Steinle – who was deported and came back five times IIRC – is let off the hook for her murder and then gets his gun conviction thrown out by a Leftist hack-in-black, it’s a travesty of justice and a warning sign about the state of our nation and the rule of law.

Montgomery County in Maryland has recently become the epicenter of what amounts to an epidemic of rape and violent assaults. Not coincidentally, it’s also a bust-out proud sanctuary jurisdiction. It’s funny, as in disgusting, how whenever Leftists are criticized for the disastrous consequences of their policies, shouts of racism or lack of funds are the result, along with casting aspersions on those bringing the charges. Such was the case with this failed state when they attacked Breitbart and the Free Beacon among others for doing the reporting that the agitprop media has thus far refused. Now, they’ve attacked administration immigration chief Ken Cuccinelli for putting the spotlight on them, with an assist from the media who have been smearing him since he ran against Terry McAwful for governor of Virginia (and nearly won except for GOP-e sabotage). But Cuccinelli is an immigration hawk and not given to backing down. He’s had enough of the lies emanating from that jurisdiction’s leadership and has challenged County Exec Mark Elrich to a debate. I’d say the odds are slim to none of that happening as no doubt Elrich does not want to have his ass handed to him by Cuccinelli in a public forum. Another aspect, reflected all throughout this post, is the Left’s campaign to delegitimize and dehumanize anyone critical of its policies and positions. To allow someone like a Ken Cuccinelli to share a debate platform is in their eyes giving them moral equivalency; kind of hard to do when 24/7/365 we are “literally Hitler.”

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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