The Morning Report 9/16/19

Good morning kids. Let me start off a new week by stating I am so sick and fucking tired of the Democrat-Left-Media Complex. I mean, Brett Kavanaugh? Supreme Court JusticeBrett Kavanaugh? Again? Really? Just go fuck yourselves. I guess I could end my column right there and be done with it but there’s a lot going on and in point of fact despite blood shooting out of my eyes like the paste-eating waste-of-space goniffing hair-sniffing kiddy-diddler, this insanity is, to put it mildly, not going to help their cause. But still, they persist.

Look, I get the fact that they have gone completely insane, as everything they have thrown at President Trump to destroy him before and after the fact of his election has failed, and spectacularly so. But to now revisit one of their most catastrophic failures to call for Justice Kavanaugh’s impeachment based on a 100% debunked lie is really the bitter end. This comes barely 48 hours after Jerry “the Hutt” Nadless saw the shadow cast by his tadger of a schvantz and started the impeachment process against the President. Although now he is trying to do some sort of backtrack because all he wanted was to give the impression of starting the process to appease his base. Yes, he too is a big fat target of the so-called “Justice Democrats.” But was double-dog dared and went a bit too far, because impeachment is a distinct turn-off to a very large majority of the electorate. More on this garbage in a moment, 

In any case, from what I have seen, every major big-mouth big-wig in the Democrat party including the presidential candidates is now calling for Kavanaugh to be impeached. Plus, I see that Maxine “Mikvah” Waters belched up that we might as well throw Trump in for good measure. Fine. Go for it, schmucks. Because all during the initial attempt to both high- and low-tech lynch Kavanaugh, the public immediately saw through it as such even before all of the so-called “evidence” and “witnesses” were debunked. After he was sworn in, many of us thought because of his first few decisions on the bench that he might be willing to go Left just to stay in with the in crowd and keep himself and his family away from the slings and arrows, figurative and literal these days. But by doing this, with his ass firmly planted on that bench, I would think he’s not going to take kindly to this and is going to be motivated to move a bit closer to Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch. 

Also, they’re not exactly endearing themselves to Cocaine Mitch vis a vis the next vacancy or vacancies that might crop up in the next 14 months. By the way, last week the President’s 150th judicial nominee was confirmed, and this disgusting, infantile display is not going to exactly convince McConnell to slow the pace.

Well done, Democrats. Keep fucking that chicken. Hmm, my mood seems to be improving.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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