The Morning Report 9/17/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday and the fallout from the now completely debunked smear round two of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh continues. The salient point made by Rush Limbaugh yesterday and underscored by David Harsanyi in the links below is that, to paraphrase and combine the two, the revelation that the NY Times smeared Kavanaugh and now hangs its head in shame misses the point, mostly because they are not hanging their head in shame. Far from it. Limbaugh: 

… More than likely what’s gonna happen here, the purpose of this is to discredit everything Kavanaugh does from this day forward on the bench. Let me explain to you how that’s gonna happen. The Supreme Court has a ruling on guns, the Supreme Court has a ruling on abortion, the Supreme Court has a ruling on anything, and the majority is conservatives, and Kavanaugh joins the conservatives. Every story about Kavanaugh, “Brett Kavanaugh, US Supreme Court justice who sided with the majority here, is often accused of sexual abuse and rape over the course of his college life.” That’s gonna be in every story reporting on Kavanaugh’s every ruling. Mission accomplished, is what this is!…

… The point is that we’re not talking about journalism here, folks… We’re talking about perhaps the leading edge of the spear here in the Democrat Party attack apparatus. This, I believe, is a coordinated-timeline attack. It’s all part of the overriding Democrat Party strategy to get rid of Donald Trump and to punish anybody that he appointed or that he worked with for all kinds of reasons. A) to get rid of the vestige of anything to do with Trump, and to try to create a reality where Trump really never existed. “This was just some mistake. The 2016 election shouldn’t have happened.” They’re just trying to rewrite history, and at the same time they’re sending a message to any other judges that Trump might choose, “You might not want to do this, because we’re waiting here to destroy you…”

And now Harsanyi:

Sure, it’s about partisanship and peddling books and selling newspaper subscriptions, but in the end, Democrats’ smearing of Brett Kavanaugh is also about delegitimizing the Supreme Court – the only institution that will inhibit the progressive agenda no matter who wins elections.

Conservatives justices aren’t merely wrong, they’re nefarious and racist and extremist, you see, so virtually anything Democrats do to try and stop them is now rationalized. In this world, the accused, rather than the accuser, bears the “burden of proof.” In this world hucksters like Michael Avenatti are turned into experts and major news outlets will eagerly repeat and spread slander as news…

… Excited journalists were instead smitten by the professionalism and “principles” of The New York Times article. Headlines about “new allegations” were blasted across the media landscape even after the correction. The important thing to them is that journalists can keep framing Kavanaugh as a problematic justice and Democrats can keep using the word “illegitimate” to describe his seat…

The coup to take out candidate Trump and then President Trump is exactly the same as this, or more to the point, this is merely an extension of it. On the granular level, the courts since perhaps the time of Marbury and most definitely since the FDR administration were where the Left went to ram down our collective throat all of their insane policies that never stood a chance at the ballot box. And once ruled the law of the land, it was forever etched in stone. So now that the courts are gradually realigning themselves back towards justices who swear loyalty to the Constitution and not the Communist Manifesto, plus a detectable undercurrent of popular revulsion for the purveyors of same, there can only be one recourse for the Left: De-legitimization. And that goes hand in hand with the ongoing de-legitimization of American history, western civilization, the Scottish Enlightenment, Judeo-Christian morals and values and all that goes with it. 

Whether the Left’s leaders see and understand their 100-plus year slow motion hijacking of the nation is possibly slipping through their grasp or truly believe their own agitprop about the evil of America is irrelevant. The end result is still the same; a growing threat of lawlessness up to and including the use of violence to maintain the power they have and perhaps attempt a grand coup. 

From shooting unarmed lawmakers at a softball field and nearly beating them to death on their front lawns to confronting them in restaurants, threatening their families and children or smearing them to such an extent as to virtually ruining their careers and livelihoods, the Left has declared war on us. And, gentle reader, they are coming for you. Masterpiece Cake Shop, Memories Pizza and now “social credit scoring” are the tip of the iceberg. They will not leave us alone. We will be made to cheer them on and woe to anyone who stops applauding first. We are all Brett Kavanaugh now. High time we wake up to that fact. 

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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  1. I enjoy the morning report on Ace of Spades, but it is good to know of a back up. JJ Sefton, thanks for all the
    hard work you do to help us see how yesterday went, and how it may go today, tomorrow, and beyond.

    fch sends

  2. Part of the Iranian attack on Saudi oil is to get the Dems in Congress to impeach PDJT. We the deplorables are the real enemy, but he is in the way. So Iran is willing to take the hit to enable domestic enemies to proceed.

    Dem Party = friends with enemies of the US like Iran and China.

  3. Chris Coons looks to be banging a war drum on this. We are going to have to topple that regime. But that said, I do not think we should do it with our boots on their ground. But Iran must fall. And the Dems are going to go forward with impeachment no matter what but it will cost them dearly.

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