The Morning Report 9/18/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and all I can say is, I like the cut of this Corey Lewandowski fellow’s jib, and wonder if he has a newsletter. The former campaign manager for President Trump was hauled before Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee, for the third time, for absolutely no reason other than to be harassed and used as a prop for the media. In the event, just the opposite occurred. Lewandowski held his ground and used snark and the truth (but mostly the truth) to smack around the likes of Nadler, Sheila Jackass-Lee, Hank “Tippy” Johnson and President for Life between the hours of 1:30:00 and 1:30:10 PM Eric Swallowswell. 

Nadler says he might hold Lewandowski in contempt, which, considering the dried pastrami-, bobka- and booger-flecked maw from whence it came, is ironic to a level that almost staggers the imagination. The corrupt corpulent creep opened up a can of worms by insisting on playing impeachment games and it’s blowing up in his flop-sweat bedewed visage. And with the NY Times’ sliming of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats have caught impeachment fever to the point where one wonders who the next Republican and/or Trump appointee is that’s going to have that threat hurled at them, hollow as it is. At least for the present, since the Democrats want to impeach the hell out of America as founded. In any case none of this plays well in Peoria. 

It only indicates the absolute emptiness of that Party with regards to any political platform, except OrangeManBad, AmericaEvil, Destroy! Yes, as disgusting as all of this is to endure and fun in a way to watch Roadrunner-like as the American Left Wile E. Coyotes itself off a cliff holding a case of lit TNT with a 50-ton boulder over its head, the fun and games have consequences. In the here and now, real lives are being messed with. I honestly cannot even imagine the atmosphere around Justice Kavanaugh’s dinner table every night. For what they are putting him and his family through is an inexcusable crime. Lest we forget Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn as well as Andy Ngo, the Covington kids and any one of us who have to bite our tongues at work, school or wherever for fear of blackballing, ostracism or worse.

And not that I want to totally kill a buzz, remember that after 2024, please G-d, President Trump will exit the Oval Office for the last time. Anyone who thinks that the Democrat Party is going to somehow magically revert back to it’s mid-70s to 9/11/01 Dr. Jekyll status is whistling past a graveyard of Killing Fields proportions. This country has been split in two. One day there will be another Democrat president and he/she/xer/xuxa is going to make the Obama 8-year reign of error look like a walk in the park. Jeez, I need a drink.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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