The Morning Report 9/19/19

Good morning kids. Before we begin the daily dumpster dive, a point of personal privilege if you will in marking the third anniversary of this column. A big thanks to Ace for allowing me to do this, to the Cobs for their support and encouragement and to all of you commenters for your daily birthday wishes and making this place what it is. And when you can figure that out, you win a cookie. Basta cosi so lez-be-on our way.

The Kavanaugh smear continues to top the list for today. Despite the complete lack of any evidence to back up the current and all previous claims that the associate justice was a serial rapist and/or sexual abuser of women, the real story here is the SOP of the Democrat-Left-Media Complex: it’s not about guilt or innocence but the seriousness of the charge. Of course, it’s the Democrat-Left-Media Complex that is the sole arbiter of who is guilty and innocent, and they who bring the charges, but I digress. 

In the real world, this entire episode is an obvious, orchestrated smear campaign wherein all of the conspirators are hardcore Leftists that are connected via Democrat Party apparatchiks, the new media donor class or some combination of both. In point of fact they are intertwined to the extent as to be one in the same. The objective in trying to politically assassinate Justice Kavanaugh is an extension of the ongoing attempt to overthrow the 2016 election and erase all trace of Trump. Aside from the economy, his greatest success and what will hopefully be his lasting legacy for at least several decades beyond 2025 (please G-d) will be the realignment of the court towards more originialists and Constitutionalists. Just last week, Trump’s 150th nominee was confirmed, and that is a staggering blow to the Democrat-Left. Since a corrupt judiciary is one of the main fonts from whence the Democrat Left draws its power to subvert the will of the people, it cannot be allowed to stand. And so, the media will now have that asterisk next to his name along with the prefix “accused rapist” on any story covering a SCOTUS decision going forward. Especially involving women’s issues, primarily if Roe v Wade is ever overturned.

The question is, will Justice Kavanaugh buckle under this? In this case, I mean throw a decision to the Left even if he knows its wrong. Despite his having already sided with the Left on two issues (which may or may not be an indicator of anything), they have renewed the effort to destroy him. So buckle could mean resigning from the court to spare himself and his family from the abuse, or quite possibly physical harm. We have seen the mostly peaceful acts of the Democrat brownshirts-in-black as well as Dick Durbin-linked James Hodgkinson.

All of this is meant to send a message not only to Kavanaugh but anyone who might consider accepting a nomination from Trump on SCOTUS or even a lower court for the next one to five years. They were already trying to torpedo Steven Menashi’s confirmation to the DC Circuit when the latest Kavanaugh smear was unleashed. As the last link states, the NY Times’ retraction doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. For them, as Rush stated the other day, it’s high fives all around; mission accomplished.

What we’re seeing is disgusting but it’s not surprising. Because anytime the Left wins an election, legitimately or otherwise, or some decision goes their way, legitimately or otherwise, it’s always “the people have spoken,” “the Court has spoken” or “our Democracy works.” Funny how that’s never the case when they lose. Time to abolish the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, impeach the President, Justice Kavanaugh and white male Christians, etc. ad nauseum. 

I think that what they are attempting to do here will ultimately fail in the eyes of the public. They see through this for the cheap smear that it is, and that is mostly because this President has utterly exposed them because they have attempted the same thing on him since July of 2015. The big question is will Kavanaugh hang tough? Indeed, will all of us who have teachers, employers and our peers as well as the professional goon squads and pressure groups arrayed against us hang tough as well?

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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