The Morning Report 9/24/19

Good morning kids. Tuesday and both the latest attempt to take down President Trump and the ongoing stench stemming out of the original Clinton/Obama coup attempt top the headlines. Based on an alleged “whistleblower’s” testimony about the President colluding (there’s that word again) with the Ukrainians to go after Bidet and his staggering failure-of-a-doofus progeny, the story is not only beginning to fall to pieces but it’s starting to explode hugely in their faces. The truth about Joe Bidet’s threatening to withhold $1 billion in foreign aid to that country if they did not drop corruption charges against the son as well as other shady yet extremely profitable dealings with the Chi-Coms are coming out. Yes, it’s of course due to President Trump and allies like Rudy Giuliani bringing it to the attention of the public, but the theory du jour, is that the Democrat-Media Complex itself is talking about it in an attempt to take out the old paste-eating kiddy-groper themselves. 

Whatever the reason, it matters not a whit to me. On a granular level, they know that if Joe Bidet did win the nomination, as he seemingly was on track to do, he would get smacked around so hard over this as well as being number two (figuratively and literally) in the Obama 8-year Reign of Error. Meh, they get rid of him and the other alleged leaders of that pack the shrill, shrieking HOA chairman or the farshimmelt, alta-cockercommie would lose to Trump by even greater margins. I should think the Dems have got to realize that they in all likelihood are going to lose to this President. The only question is by how large of a margin. That being the case, the usual move is to put a lox of a candidate up against the champ so that you don’t risk the electability of your bench. See Walter Mondale 1984. Then again, look at that bench. It’s either Trotskyite or Maoist, and the Maoists are dragging the Trotskyites even further to the Left to remain viable to a more and more insane base, even as growing numbers of disaffected registered Dems are recoiling in horror by what they are seeing and hearing. If they aren’t fully hopping on board the Trump train, they are at a minimum staying away from their own candidates. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

On a more strategic level, it’s yet again another glittering example of the absolute corruption of a major political party and virtually the entire media to attempt to destroy this President. And if they think they can do it to him – which they almost did – they know they can do it to anyone. From Masterpiece Cake Shop to Paul Manafort to the Covington Kids and of course the IRS persecution of the Tea Party, QED. And speaking of which, see Daniel Greenfield’s piece in the First Amendment section wherein House Dems are yet again going to sick the IRS on their political enemies, that is you and me. 

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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